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About the client

A well-known medical device manufacturing company based out of USA has been exclusively dedicated to the manufacturing of medical devices for the healthcare industry using cutting-edge technology and strictly adhering to the complaint standards in the state.

Problem statement

The medical device manufacturing company had the need to generate qualified leads, and at the same time they wanted to monitor the contact database and track whether they are eligible to meet the desired outcome and improve business ROI.


The company had a database of key decision makers in the industry but the challenge they faced was that the database was not targeting the geographical location. Thus, making it difficult for them to reach their potential prospects.  Additionally, it affected the business ROI.

To address this challenge the company opted for Avention media’s email database and appointed us as their partner to collaborate on the project.

  • Inaccurate database: The company’s healthcare database was inaccurate. The marketing campaigns using existing data did not meet the end goals and resulted in poor business ROI and wasn’t generating any leads to the business. The client wanted to monitor the database and add relevant data to improve ROI and generate more leads.
  • Poor lead generation: The database did not consist of geo-location of the potential prospects that could get possible leads to the business.  The client was facing a challenge in addressing the key issue that was hampering the marketing goals and the business objective.
  • Low ROI: With the poor database and less to no leads to the business that resulted in low ROI, the client was keen on getting things on track and working towards the progress of the business while improving ROI.


  • Data segmentation:  We discussed with the client about revamping the database of customers. Later we segmented the existing data according to Name, geographical location, healthcare sector, professionals, and key decision makers in the field.
  • Data appending: Through data appending we added the most relevant and accurate data and removed all the inaccurate and incorrect data to maintain a clean database in the existing database.
  • SWOT analysis:  We conducted SWOT analysis of the company to get more insights about the problem to tackle it with ease and plan appropriate marketing campaigns using email marketing to reach potential prospects, generate leads, improve ROI, and build loyal customer base.
  • Strengths: Technically advanced products, free replacement, and installation, 24/7 customer assistance.
  • Weakness: Lack of brand recognition, no lead generation, poor customer database.
  • Opportunities: Utilize social media marketing, email marketing and others, and source relevant and accurate databases of the industry.
  • Threats: Competition, and poor marketing strategies.

With SWOT analysis we got deep insights about the company, and we effectively applied email marketing to reach the potential customers to build loyal customer base and generate leads with our responsive healthcare email list that helped the client to stay connected with the relevant industry and leaders in the top management to expand business and promote their products. 


  • With the very first email marketing campaign, the overall engagement increased by 25%
  • The CTR was 15%
  • The CTOR was 8%
  • The segmented email marketing campaign help boost leads by 12%
  • LinkedIn outreach helped increase engagement by 10%
  • The client is enthusiastic to collaborating with Avention media for the next 3 quarters


“We are very happy at how this collaboration with Avention media has worked for us. While the idea was to modify data and add relevant data to the business database and roll out campaigns with the updated customers contact list to reach the right audience. To generate leads with our very first engagement was not something we were truly looking at.  We are pleased to continue the collaboration with Avention media for email marketing campaigns for the next 3 quarters. We highly recommend their data management services”



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