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Persuade Customers Through Social Media Marketing

Avention Media brings to you the best social media appended data list that can help in building a meaningful customer relationship, simultaneously increasing brand awareness with improved lead acquisition and retention. 

Identify the right audience, expand your prospect base, and become successful at your social media marketing campaigns with Avention Media’s professional social media appending services. 

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Why Choose Avention Media’s Social Media Appending Services Over Others?

Avention Media’s master database has gathered profiles from prominent social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and much more. Social media appending services can help your business grow voraciously as 75% of customers rely on online platforms to make their purchasing decisions. 

We, Avention Media, offer a social-verified contact list, which makes your task effortlessly easy and legitimate. By conducting social media marketing, you can cut down on direct mailings, which are expensive as one has to spend on printing and postage. You can also update your single-channel customer influences to multi-channel customer influences. 

We verify and monitor customer profiles and customer info automatically and manually to enhance its reliability. Build trust and understand your customers better, generate more inbound traffic, higher engagement, and conversion rates with Avention Media’s social media appending services.

Not all customers are available at the ends of other channels of marketing (direct mailings or email marketing). Since you deal with a range of audiences, it is essential to make your presence across various platforms, the prominent one being social media. Locate responsive B2B and B2C contact with Avention Media’s social media appending services. Build a strong customer relationship by opting for two-way communication, which is easily facilitated by social media. Connecting customers through online platforms increases the chances of conversations that are trusted by the consumers and helps in the brand building.


Get your customers’ social media profiles just by their name or postal address or email address or contact number through Avention Media’s social media appending services. At our company, we run the received clientele details through a well-organized master database to produce accurate media profile names. 

If your company is unsure of conducting marketing campaigns through social media, append contacts of potential clients to learn their social media activity and then decide whether to conduct a strategic campaign online. Identifying customer profiles helps you analyze consumers’ brand affinities, interests, lifestyles, and influences and plan an advertising strategy accordingly. Social media marketing will bring you close to prospective customers, found through friends associated with similar interest. You can identify influencers within the network to target and affect new customers. To aid your needs, get accurate social media users’ profiles by subscribing to Avention Media’s social media appending services. 

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