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Reach the Top Property Lawyers, Corporate Lawyers, Construction Legal Firms, Family Lawyers, Real Estate Law Firms across the globe

Our Attorney email list will narrow down your search for finding legal professionals. Legal executives will help you and your clients in criminal and civil litigation and other legal proceedings. Legal executives will manage and advise the clients on legal transactions. We can provide you a list of Attorneys which will help you in promoting the law related products and services.

You Can Customize Attorney Mailing List Using Below Selects:

  • Attorney First Name
  • Attorney Last Name
  • Geography
  • Attorney Email Addresses
  • Revenue Size
  • Industry
  • SIC Code
  • NAICS Code
  • And Much more.!
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Avail our Targeted Attorney Email List Based on Specialization with Counts:

Attorneys CategoriesTotal No of Counts Available
Personal Injury Lawyers Email List18,500
Divorce Lawyers Mailing List12,600
Bankruptcy Lawyers Mailing List10,800
Law Firms Mailing Lists35,900
Environmental Attorneys Law Firms List15,700
Family Attorneys Email List18,900
General Practice Attorney Email List22,600
Government Lawyers Email List12,900
Immigration Lawyer Mailing Lists14,950
Civil Rights Lawyer Mailing List14,950
Attorneys CategoriesTotal No of Counts Available
Intellectual Property Lawyer Email List10,000
Tax Attorneys Mailing List2,600
Medical Malpractice Law Firm List10,400
Administrative Lawyer Email List15,900
Medical Malpractice Attorney Email Lists9,400
Contract Lawyers Email List6,200
Corporate Attorney Email Lists10,900
Civil Litigation Attorneys Mailing List11,400
Copyright Legal Firms List7,800
Criminal Lawyer Email List7,800

*Due to the frequent updates to our Lawyers Email List, the counts may vary accordingly. Please contact for recent counts *

Boost Your Marketing Efforts With Reliable Attorney Mailing List:

Our Lawyers Email List to target your audience and soothe their future expectations too. Our Attorney email list contains global leads that will maximize your networking on a global scale. It will guarantee to sort your business problems and marketing campaigns. Our Lawyers mailing list will introduce an innovative approach for communicating with the prospects. Avention Media’s Attorney Email Addresses will help you to channelize marketing campaigns. Our Lawyers email database consists of more than 300,000 potential contacts.

At Avention Media, our  Attorney Email Addresses is actionable and responsive that has proven a high rise in sales across the world. The details we add to our Lawyers mailing list are full name, email address, job title/specialty, email address, direct dials, NAICS, SIC, OCC codes, organization affiliation, geographical location, years of experience, social media profile, fax numbers, etc. we can also offer customized b2b database as per the required demands of the current trend. Our Lawyers Email Addresses will enable a multi-channel email marketing campaign and serves effective marketing strategies. Our lawyers email list data is gathered from reliable sources such as disciplinary agencies, bar associations, bar examiners etc. We deliver our email addresses in the utmost time which is easily downloadable in various formats like .csv or .xls. Explore your marketing solutions with us. 

Benefits of purchasing Attorney email list from Avention media

  • Expand your customer base with our extensive email list that contains details of your target audience.
  • Save a lot of your precious time spent on searching the relevant addresses of your prospects.
  • Save big on your marketing budget with our budget-friendly attorney email list, purchase an efficient email list at an inexpensive price.
  • Now generate more leads than ever by aligning our mailing list along with your marketing strategy.
  • With an accuracy rate as high as 95%, you will experience a hike in response from your prospects.
  • Improve your brand reputation and establish new business relationships with individuals and organizations on a global level.
  • Avail a tailor-made email list customized exactly based on your requirements, handpick from a wide array of details or select our pre-segmented database.
  • With a plethora of contact details of your prospects offered in our database, you now have the power to promote your brand on multiple fronts.
  • Due to the high number of interested people in our email list, the rate of response from your email list is quite high.
  • The database is incubated with the help of using advanced data science techniques and tools for mining and management, which helps us develop an authentic database.

Frequently Asked Questions on Attorneys Email List

What is Attorney Email List?

It is a list of various details including email addresses, of thousands of attorneys,  from across the country and globe.

How reliable is your Attorney Mailing List?

You can rely on us completely, we are well experienced in providing email lists and we strive to provide only the best to our customers.

What are the sources of your Attorney Email Database?

Our data experts at Avention media gather all the details from reliable sources like online and offline business listings, yellow pages, directories, webinars, newsletter registrations, and so on.


Where can you find the accurate and verified Attorney Email Addresses?

Find the most accurate and regularly verified list of attorneys at Avention media. Our data experts have compiled a reliable and highly accurate list of attorneys.

Why choose Avention Media for Attorney Email List?

Because we are the best in our business when it comes to the reliability and accuracy of the email lists we are at par and much ahead of our competitors, with constant verifications and validation, sourcing the data from legit sources.

Is your Lawyers Email List compliant with CAN-SPAM and GDPR?

Yes, we make sure that all our email lists and details are compliant with CAN-SPAM, GDPR, Anti-spam, and all the other applicable laws.

What is the format of your Lawyers Mailing List?

Any format you prefer! We can provide you the email list in a wide range of formats – CSV, Excel, .docx.

What are the customization options with your Attorney Email Database?

Our main objective is to cater to our customer’s requirements, we provide you with a customized list based such as – Name, email address, Phone number, geolocation, job type, company name, and various other factors. Contact us to know more.

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