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Email Database of CHROs, HR Directors, HR Managers, and Other HR Executives

Our HR Email List, HR Mailing List, HR Directors, and HR Manager Email List is premium, accurate, and will target your right audience. You can reach the right and potential people and improve your revenue, sales, and ROI. We can help you in delivering your message to your prospects and nurture your sales. Using our HR email list, you can easily connect to the list of HR executives of top leading industries. 

You Can Customize HR Executives Mailing List Using Below Selects:

  • HR First Name
  • HR Last Name
  • Geography
  • HR Email Addresses
  • Revenue Size
  • Industry
  • SIC Code
  • NAICS Code
  • And Much more.!
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Avail our Targeted HR Email List Based on Specialization with Counts:

HR CategoriesList of Email Addresses Available
HR Directors List8,500
HR VPs List12,500
CHROs List6,800
HR Managers List15,900
HR Specialist List5,700
HR Consultants List8,900
HR Assistants List12,500
HR Coordinators List9,900
HR Generalists List4,950
HR CategoriesList of Email Addresses Available
Staffing Contact Database List11,400
Benefits Manager Email List7,500
Chief Learning Officers List16,900
Compensation Executives List5,500
Incentive Human Resources Email List4,700
Training Human Resources Email List8,400
Recruitment Manager Email List11,500
Social Media Recruiter List13,900
HRIS  Generalist7,350

*Due to the frequent updates to our HR Executives Mailing List, the counts may vary accordingly. Contact for recent counts *

Expand Your Reach With Avention Media’s HR Executives Email List

Looking for the best List of Human Resource email list? Avention Media is here, we can provide you the most accurate HR email address list. HR will help you in recruiting the new talent, managing internal disputes, maintaining payroll, training, etc. HR will help you in achieving new heights and be a competitor in your own sector. With our HR Professionals list, you can easily connect to the HRs of top leading industries. Our HR Contact List is extensive, verified, and help you in gaining international coverage.

Every company has different priorities related to our HR Professionals , HR Directors List, so to follow your priorities we add a little more to our services by providing a customized HR email list to expand your reach towards your prospect. You can get access to HR’s of different industries through our HR email list. It will narrow down your search of HR of different industries and will ease your work of choosing HR’s as per your convenience and specific requirements.

Avention Media guarantees faster delivery also as a comparison to other list providers. Our HR Executives Email list will definitely increase your progress rate with marketing campaigns on different platforms like social media.

Our well-trained and experienced team of data analysts work in close collaboration with all the clients to deliver highly precise and also customized HR email database. Our HR Executives Mailing List are exclusively designed to facilitate your email marketing, direct marketing, telemarketing, and other multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Our HR Directors, HR Managers List is maintained regularly to make sure that the info is 100% accurate and up-to-date. Be it Email Marketing, spam , Telemarketing, or Fax marketing, the proper accuracy in our data helps you to scale your sales also as specialize in your multi-channel marketing campaigns far better . Our list of HR helps you to get maximum visibility and response during a short span.

Advantages of our Human Resource Executives Email List 

Our list of HR email database has many advantages and features such as-

  • Our HR mailing list is detailed and authentic. It collects data from various reliable sources such as government records, company conferences, business directories, yellow pages, public opinions, etc
  • Our database of the HR email list is updated every week, it is fresh from errors and duplicate so that it will reduce bounce rates.
  • Our Verified HR email list includes HR Directors , HR Professionals and HR Managers List that has detailed information which includes First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Email address, Phone number, Fax number, SIC code, NAICS code, Employee size, etc.
  • It will help you in expanding your market reach and target audience.
  • We get 12 million verification messages sent every month to validate the HR email address list.
  • Our data is SMTP and NCOA verified to keep data fresh and active.

Avention Media’s HR Email Database Covers All Human Resource Job Titles that Includes:

  • 1st Shift HR Representative
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Administrative Manager
  • Applications Specialist​
  • Assistant Director, Employment
  • Assistant Director – Benefits
  • Assistant Director of Human Resources
  • Assistant HR Manager
  • Assistant VP of Human Resources
  • Associate Director of Human Resources
  • Benefits Administrator
  • Benefits and Work Comp Manager
  • Benefits Coordinator
  • Benefits Counselor
  • Benefits Specialist
  • Benefits Officer
  • Category Manager, HR
  • Chief Happiness Officer
  • Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Chief People Officer
  • Client Facing Human Resources Specialist
  • Compensation Analyst
  • Contract Recruiter
  • Coordinator, Administrative Services
  • Coordinator, Talent Acquisition
  • Director of Employment
  • Director of Employment and Recruiting
  • Director of Employment Services
  • Director of Talent
  • Director of Talent Management
  • District Human Resources Manager
  • eCommerce Recruiter – HR Coordinator
  • E-Learning Analyst
  • E-Learning Coordinator
  • E-Learning Director
  • E-Learning Executive Director
  • E-Learning Manager
  • E-Learning Specialist
  • Employee Relations Leader
  • Employment Supervisor
  • Employee and Labor Relations Consultant
  • Employee Benefits Account Manager
  • Employee Benefits Law Specialist
  • Employee Relations Associate Counsel
  • Employee Relations Consultant
  • Employee Relations Manager
  • Employee Relations Specialist
  • Employee Retention Manager
  • Employee Satisfaction Manager
  • Employment Law Specialist
  • Executive Recruiter
  • Functional Leader
  • HR Administrative Assistant
  • HR Generalist – Specializing in HRIS, Reporting and, Compliance
  • HRIS Analyst
  • HRIS Manager
  • HR Manager Multi-site
  • Human Resources Administrator
  • Human Resources Advocate
  • Human Resources Adviser
  • Human Resources Analyst
  • Human Resources and Safety Coordinator
  • Human Resources Assistant
  • Human Resources Associate
  • Human Resources Business Partner
  • Human Resources Champion
  • Human Resources Clerk
  • Human Resources Coach
  • Human Resources Consultant
  • Human Resources Compensation Coordinator
  • Human Resources Coordinator
  • HRD/Training and Development Administrator
  • HRD/Training and Development Analyst
  • HRD/Training and Development Manager
  • HRD/Training and Development Director
  • HRD/Training and Development Specialist
  • HRD/Training and Development Supervisor
  • HRD/Training and Development Vice President
  • HR Director
  • Human Resources Generalist
  • Human Resource Information Systems Coordinator
  • HR Manager
  • Human Resources Manager/Architect Employee Relations
  • Human Resources Officer
  • Human Resources Payroll and Benefits Specialist
  • Human Resources Representative
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Human Resources Team Leader
  • Human Resources Technician
  • Job Posting Specialist
  • Manager, Programs and Processes
  • Manager IS Risk and Compliance
  • Manager of Career and Employee Relations
  • Ministers of Culture
  • Organizational Development Specialist
  • Organizational Development Administrator
  • Organizational Development Analyst
  • Organizational Development Manager
  • Organizational Development Director
  • Organizational Development VP
  • Payroll Processing Specialist
  • Plant Human Resources Manager
  • Recruiter
  • Recruiting and Sourcing Coordinator
  • Recruiting Interviewer
  • Recruiting Manager
  • Recruitment and Assessment Specialist
  • Recruitment and Social Media Coordinator
  • Retirement Plan Counselor
  • Safety Compliance and Recruitment Specialist
  • Safety Coordinator
  • Senior Benefits Manager
  • Senior Employee Benefits Consultant
  • Senior Employee Benefits Manager
  • Senior HR Specialist
  • Social Media Recruiter
  • Staffing Consultant
  • Staffing Coordinator
  • Talent Acquisition Consultant
  • Talent Acquisition Manager
  • Technical Recruiter
  • Trainer
  • Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator
  • Training Coordinator
  • Training Coordinator – Multi-Unit
  • Union Organizer
  • Union Relations
  • Vice President of Diversity
  • Vice President of Human Resources
  • Vice President of People
  • Vice President of Talent Management
  • And more!

Frequently Asked Questions on HR Email List

What is HR Email List?

It is a comprehensive list of human resource officers from across the globe, compiled by data engineers from various sources.

How reliable is your HR Mailing List?

Our customers’ testimonials prove the fact that we at Avention media are absolutely particular about the reliability of our HR email list, we strive to provide only the best to our customers.

What are the sources of your HR Email Database?

Data miners and engineers at Avention media, gather and compile data from legitimate sources like online and offline business listings, yellow pages, and etc.

Where can you find the accurate and verified HR Email Addresses?

Voila! Avention media is the right place to fulfill all your email list requirements. Connect with HRs across the globe with our accurate email list. Write to us at or feel free to call us on (888) 317-9410.

Why choose Avention Media for HR Email List?

Because, we provide you an email list that is fresh, valid, updated, and with a high accuracy rate. Our data experts verify the list regularly over constant intervals.

Is your HR Mailing List compliant with CAN-SPAM and GDPR?

We make sure that all our email lists and details are compliant with CAN-SPAM, GDPR, Anti-spam, and all the other applicable laws.

What is the format of your HR Executives Mailing List?

Any format you prefer! We can provide you the email list in a wide range of formats – CSV, Excel, .docx.

What are the customization options with your HR Executives Email List?

The list can be customized based on your preference and choice, you can customize your list based on Name, email address, geolocation, company name, and the list goes on.

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