Healthcare Base

Reach Healthcare Institutions and Healthcare Professionals across the Globe

Healthcare Base is a data solution for healthcare marketers, sales teams, and recruitment agencies who want to reach healthcare institutions, and the people working in the healthcare industry. Our Healthcare Base is unsurpassed in terms of reach and places hundreds of thousands of key healthcare executives at your fingertips. Avention Media’s healthcare email list can massively extend your marketing coverage in the healthcare industry across the globe. Our Healthcare Base covers all healthcare divisions such as Hospitals, Healthcare insurance, Pharmacy, Hospital Management, Medical Suppliers, Equipment Manufacturers, Medical Billing Software, Mobile Healthcare, and Publications amongst many others.

How Avention Media’s Healthcare email list will help you in increasing your ROI:


  • Grow ROI by reaching your target audience with our accuracy rate as high as 95%.
  • Increase your sales with the help of our highly responsive list, curated and maintained for high precision targeting.
  • Regular SMTP and NCOA verification in order to keep data fresh and active.
  • Data scientists at avention media, gather the data only from reliable and trusted sources to avoid any errors minor or major.
  • Avention media always makes sure to comply with all the laws and regulations to maximize your deliverability.
  • Our healthcare email list is 100% verified by our data experts frequently to avoid redundancy or any inaccuracy.
  • Get a customizable list of healthcare personnel from avention media based on your requirements to reach your target audience.
  • The data gathered by our experts undergoes multi-tier verification and opt-in process to maintain high accuracy and authenticity.

Healthcare Base Covers All Healthcare Industry Divisions:

  • Clinics
  • Dentistry
  • Emergency Department
  • Hospital Management
  • Hospitals
  • Material Management
  • Paediatrics
  • Pharmacy
  • Publications

Our Healthcare Base Can be Customized by below selects:

  • Company size
  • Revenue Size
  • Geographic Locations
  • Industry
  • SIC Code
  • NAICS Code
  • Job Titles/ Functions
  • Technology Used
  • Assets Size

Avail our Targeted Healthcare Email List Based on Specialities with Counts:

Healthcare SpecialtiesTotal No of Counts Available
Physicians Email List2.9M+
Nurses Email List970,000
Hospital CEO Email List10,800
Pharmacists Email List35,900
Dentists Email List850,000
Hospitals Email List750,000
Chiropractors Mailing List22,600
Cardiologists Email List12,900
Registered Nurses Email List14,950
Hospital CFO Email List12,900
Hepatologist Mailing List13,950
Urologists Mailing List15,900
Radiologists Email List14,850
Veterinarians Email List11,900
Neurologist Mailing List9,950
Pathologists Mailing List12,100
Acupuncturists Email List18,950
Audiologists Mailing List17,900
Gastroenterologist Mailing List24,950
Hospital Administrators Email List11,935
Orthopedic Nurses Mailing List23,940
Dermatology Nurses Mailing List22,900
Public Health Nurses Mailing List38,128
Internal Medicine Email List12,900
OB/GYN Nurses List4,950
Medical Surgical Nurses List2,089
Medical Nurse Practitioners List3,378
Home Health Care Nurses List7,858
Nurse Managers Mailing List7,358
Cardiac Care Nurse Mailing List24,348
Clinical Nurse Specialist Mailing List9,248
Athletic Trainers Email List4,278
Medical Assistants Mailing List8,980
Healthcare SpecialtiesTotal No of Counts Available
Medical Supply Distributors List11,848
Surgeons Email List370,000
Plastic Surgeons Email List14,700
Otolaryngologists Mailing List5,900
Nephrologists Mailing List8000
Neurology Physicians Mailing List18,000
Anesthesiologist Mailing List12,600
Oncologists Mailing List22,900
Chiropodist Email List4,950
Prosthodontists Email List2,900
Geriatrician Email List3,950
Psychologists Mailing List15,900
Diagnostic Imaging centers list14,850
Primary care physicians10,900
Rheumatologist Mailing List9,950
Physical Therapists Email List12,100
Pulmonologist Mailing List8,950
Dermatologist Mailing List17,500
Geneticist Mailing List14,950
Physiatrists Mailing List17,700
Hospital Administrators Email List23,940
Social Workers Mailing List12,900
Holistic Practitioners Mailing List18,128
Licensed Social Workers Email List12,900
Medical Executives Email List14,950
Paramedics Mailing List2,089
Opticians Mailing List3,378
Reflexologists Mailing List7,858
Perfusionist Mailing List7,358
Orthopedic Surgeons List4,348
Ambulatory Surgery Centers List19,248
Nutritionists Mailing List14,278
Nurse Practioners Email List18,980

*Due to the frequent updates to our Healthcare Email Lists, the counts may vary accordingly. Contact for recent counts *



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