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Enterprise Resource planning also known as ERP is a software system that is used by companies to manage their day to day business processes such as finance, supply chain management, inventory control, planning, risk management and so on. Companies that use ERP can simplify the workflow and increase productivity. 

ERP systems collect shared business transactions from different channels and centralize data into one by eliminating duplicate data that is easily accessible by the team members while streamlining the process and improving efficiency.

In the current date, ERP has become an indispensable tool for businesses and industries of all sizes for managing their everyday business activities in the organization.

How Big is The ERP System Market?

The global ERP market is expected to grow from USD 81.15 billion in 2024 to USD 238.79 billion by 2032, with a CAGR of 14.4%. Factors such as-increased efficiency, reduced operational cost, and centralization of data have influenced the growth of the ERP market globally.

Over 217,245 companies use ERP with Microsoft Dynamics holding the market share of 25.43%, Workday and SAP ERP with 14.94% and 10.76% of market share each. More than 70% of large companies use ERP software and about 53% of companies using ERP have experienced positive ROI after implementing ERP in their business processes.

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    Who Uses an ERP?

    Companies that use ERP software have greatly benefited. Integration of ERP business processes offers multiple applications for collecting, storing, analyzing data and making real-time decisions within the organization. 

    ERP Modules

    Which Companies Are Using ERP?

    List of Companies that use ERP by revenue:

    Amazon.comwww.amazon.comUnited StatesSAP ERP$514 billion
    Coca-Colawww.coca-colacompany.comUnited StatesSAP ERP$41.322 Billion
    Toyotatoyota.comUnited StatesMicrosoft Dynamics 365$256 billion
    Starbucksstarbucks.comUnited StatesOracle$35.98 billion
    Walmartwalmart.comUnited StatesSAP ERP$611.3 billion
    TerraCycle Incterracycle.comUnited StatesSAP ERP$70 million
    Ikeaikea.comNetherlandsSAP s/4HANA$44.6 billion
    Appleapple.comUnited StatesSAP s/4HANA$119.6 billion
    Hitachi solution Ltdhitachi.solutions.comJapanMicrosoft Dynamics 365$853 million
    HSOhso.comNetherlandsMicrosoft Dynamics 365$219 million

    ERP market is a dynamic market space owing to that technology as well companies are growing and expanding in no time. Therefore, it becomes very challenging for new businesses and marketers to promote their product and services catering around ERP softwares. However, with Avention media’s ERP customer list businesses can connect with potential prospects and grow their business.

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      What is an ERP customer list?

      An ERP customer list is a comprehensive contact information of companies that use ERP software systems to manage their day-to-day business process and data. Avention media’s ERP customer list consists of the most relevant ERP customers using which you can promote your business to the top level decision makers who make the purchase decision in the company or industry across the globe like USA, Europe, Canada, APAC etc.

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      Why choose an ERP customers list?

      ERP systems play an important role for businesses and industries irrespective of size. It is used to keep track of business resources and facilitate operations. Subsequently, using Avention media’s  ERP customers list businesses who serve ERP systems can connect with companies and key decision makers to market their product and services and grow their business.

      Our ERP client list consists of the following features that help you position your business in the ERP market.
      • Vigorous data analysis and report
      • Better efficiency across the team
      • Higher conversion rate and Return on investment (ROI)
      • Improved collaboration throughout the business
      • Cost-effective and affordable

      What Are Examples of ERP Software?

      Here are some of the examples of ERP software products:

      ERP Products
      Oracle cloud ERPSAP Business One
      SAP S/4HANAHelium V
      ERPNextSAP ERP
      Microsoft Dynamics 365SAP Business ByDesign
      List of ERP Products

      Which Industry Uses ERP Software?

      Industries That use ERP Systems The Most

      With the help of the manufacturing ERP module, manufacturers get complete insight of their business. They can make informed decisions on material sourcing, and planning. Additionally, ERP helps in tracking the production schedules and inventory levels in real-time while avoiding any disruption in the supply chain management.


      Schools and institutions can simplify their everyday processes such as course management, infrastructure, finance, administration, student tuition fees etc with the help of ERP software that help departments meet their business goals and improve operations within the institution.

      ERP software systems help finance teams to manage activities such as accounting, budgeting and forecasting. Further, it helps them in account payable and receivable, monitoring profits, finance planning, risk management, reporting, and compliance while reducing manual tasks contributing to increased productivity, financial transparency, and reporting throughout the business.

      With the integration of ERP hospitals can schedule appointments and track patients medical reports more efficiently. Moreover, ERP systems are highly customizable that help hospitals use ERP features according to the requirement and streamline administrative process and simplify overall patient care.

      Human resources (HR) professionals use ERP for hiring, recruiting, training, performance reviews, remuneration, company policy and other related tasks. It helps HR streamline operations, allowing  them to improve  overall employee experience in the organization, which increases productivity.

      IndustryNO. of Customers
      Project management6,662
      Software development5,324
      Digital transformation5,215
      Business intelligence5,150
      Managed services5,004

      Which Countries Use ERP the Most in the World?

      United States
      United Kingdom

      ERP customers by location

      Companies require a software system that collects, analyze, and process data to manage various business units.

      Here is a list of countries who have the most ERP system user base with real time data information. 

      Have a look into our sources of data

      Having access to credible data for B2B marketers is a game changer. It not only helps them target ideal customers but also builds a loyal customer base. At Avention media we are dedicated to providing data that is permission based and legal, while meeting all the data regulatory compliance. Here is a list of genuine and reliable networks we rely on to collect data for your business.

      All our data is sourced from reliable data networks to maintain authenticity and accuracy.

      Technological events and conferences


      Opt-in emails


      Business directories

      Website subscription


      Government directories

      Surveys and feedback forms

      Why choose us?

      • Hyper-targeted prospecting
      • Up-to-date and fresh data
      • Global compliance
      • Geo-targeted
      • 97% deliverable rate
      • Data is sourced from reliable sources
      • High-precision and responsive data
      • 100% exchangeable in case of faulty or inaccurate data

      As the technological landscape keeps growing, the scope for new ERP businesses to enter the ERP market increases. Therefore, Avention media’s list of companies using ERP help businesses connect with the potential prospects and position in the market. 

      Learn more about our ERP customer list services. Contact us via email at sales@aventiontechnologies.com or call us on + (888) 3179410. 

      Power Up Your Marketing Strategies With Our ERP Customers List And Grow Your Business

      Frequently Asked Questions

      SAP, Microsoft, Epicore, Oracle, Unit4 business software, sage, and workday.

      Sage Intacct is the most popular ERP software.

      Manufacturing industry uses ERP software the most to manage their everyday business activities.

      SAP is the biggest ERP seller that serves small, medium, and large organizations.

      28% of businesses use ERP software to manage their business processes and data. 

      Over 1, 78, 009 companies use ERP systems around the world  as of 2024 for managing overall business activities and data.

      Cloud ERP, On-Premise ERP, and Hybrid ERp are the three main types of ERPs.

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