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Access a Customizable Healthcare Email List with 70+ Data Fields

What is a Healthcare Email List?

One of the largest in the world, the healthcare industry has several professionals working in different fields. The healthcare email list is a collection of comprehensive data of key decision makers and healthcare professionals working within the healthcare industry. 

If you are looking to market healthcare products including medical devices, pharmaceutical products and more to the healthcare professionals like physicians, nurses, dentists, and other medical professionals who are working in hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, nursing homes etc, in various regions like USA UK & Canada & across the globe, we are here to help you to connect you with the right audience with our verified healthcare executives email list. 

At Avention Media we are determined to provide you with the relevant data that will help you connect with the key decision makers and medical professionals of the healthcare sector with our precise healthcare data. 

With a decade of industry experience we offer you with the best data solution. You get to access the regularly updated database that includes fresh contacts, that will allow you to connect with the target prospect in the healthcare industry and professionals within the industry.

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    Get 70+ Data Fields With a Healthcare Email List.

    Our healthcare marketing list that consists of 70+ data fields will allow you to choose your potential healthcare prospect for your business. Providing you with deep insights and tailored medical email databases you can market your business to the right set of audience.

    A well-segmented healthcare marketing database will help you reach the correct professionals. For instance, if you want to market your pharmaceutical products, you will likely want to contact doctors and physicians instead of manufacturers.

    Healthcare Base Covers All Healthcare Industry Divisions:

    Hospital Management



    Emergency Department



    Material Management



    Data fields of Healthcare Email List

    Our Healthcare Base Can Be Customized By Below Selects:


    Job Titles


    Company size

    Assets Size

    Geographic Locations

    Avail Our Targeted Healthcare Email List Based On Specialties With Counts:

    Run Multichannel Campaigns With Healthcare Email List

    You can also run multichannel campaigns with our healthcare email list. Multichannel marketing for your healthcare business can be a strategic move, while using various communication channels and platforms to reach and connect with the healthcare industry. This approach evaluate that industries seek and consume information through different mediums, such as:






    SMS Marketing

    Direct Marketing

    With our highly personalized and reliable healthcare email list you gain visibility and can deliver valuable information and messaging across various channels to build trust and long-term relationship with your prospect. 

      Boost Marketing with Our Healthcare Marketing Database

      We are one of the top database providers in the US that can help you generate quality leads in the healthcare sector. Our healthcare professional email lists not only cover contacts across major healthcare hubs like the USA, Canada, and the UK but also extend to other international borders.

      With our targeted healthcare mailing lists, businesses can blur geographic boundaries and market their products and services overseas. Our undergoes stringent verifications, so you can be sure to send your product samples to the correct addresses.

      Which Businesses Can Thrive with Avention Media’s Healthcare Email Database?

      The global healthcare market is predicted to reach USD 21.06 trillion by 2030. This offers significant opportunities for various businesses to expand their reach. While pharmaceutical companies, biotech firms, and medical device manufacturers are the obvious use cases, our medical email database can also benefit the following industries:

      Software engineers can use this list to promote their latest software or apps tailored for the healthcare sector.

      Marketing agencies and advertising firms can use healthcare marketing lists to create campaigns for healthcare clients.

      Medical publishers can leverage the healthcare email list to drive subscriptions and newsletter sign-ups.

      Insurance companies are healthcare service providers that can use the database to connect with their target audience.

      Non-profit organizations can focus on this sector to reach industry professionals and invite them to medical awareness camps.

      How Do We Source Data For Healthcare Email Lists?

      It is essential to communicate effectively with your customers in establishing relationships and growing your customer base. Moreover, it is crucial to understand that your prospects look for authentic and quality service. We are aware of the spams and being blacklisted hence, we curate well segmented and update information accordingly and as required.

      Avention media’s healthcare emails and mailing lists are collected in a more reasonable way such as opt-in process, government portals and other reliable sources that ensures all the leads are more responsive to your product and services.

      All Our Data Is Sourced From Reliable Data Networks To Maintain Authenticity And Accuracy.

      American Hospital Association (AHA)

      The American Public Health Association

      Health Care Provider Organizations (HPOs)

      Medical Conferences


      Trade shows and much more

      Licensing and Association Data

      Professional and Alumni Directories

      Directory of hospital associations

      Why Choose Avention Media For Healthcare Email List?

      With Avention Media’s healthcare email list, you get access to premium healthcare databases such as email address, entity type, company size, company revenue, demographic, postal data, and other specific information.

      Furthermore, to ensure that your marketing steps reach the key decision makers, we follow a rigorous process to verify and update healthcare email databases regularly. We implement automated and in-house human research and expert teams to demonstrate authenticity of data records available in the Healthcare email list such as

      Our database is accurate as it goes through various manual and technological checks to make it authentic.

      We guarantee an accuracy rate of 95% across all records through regular data verification and validation.

      We ensure compliance with data privacy laws like GDPR, CAN-SPAM, and other regulations.

      Our data has 93% of deliverable rate.

      We offer a database across the globe that allows you to reach a wider market.

      We religiously follow all the data protection standards to ensure data accuracy and authenticity.

      With Avention media stay updated in the healthcare industry by leveraging our meticulously curated healthcare email list to connect with the potential healthcare prospects and elevate your marketing through relevant databases of healthcare industry and medical professionals.

      Contact us at +1 (888) 317-9410 or [email protected] to request a free sample today! 

      Ready To Upscale Your Marketing Game Using Healthcare Email List.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Our healthcare email list is designed to serve as a primary communication channel to reach physicians, nurses, hospital executives, dentists and many other medical professionals. Its primary purpose is to help clients and broaden their reach while enhancing the chances of getting maximum sales and ROI.

      We have the most comprehensive Healthcare mailing database in the industry with millions of records specific to the industry requirements. With our database, you can expect the highest deliverability rates in the healthcare industry.

      At Avention Media, we ensure to keep our healthcare email database compliant with GDPR & CCPA law at all touch points from collating the prospects’ information to updating and validating the data records.

      Yes, our Healthcare email list can be used to target prospects across the world – the UK, Australia, Europe, Russia, and many more!

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