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Direct-dial numbers are the phone numbers using which you can seamlessly connect to an individual over the phone with whom you wish to communicate.

In the corporate world, these phone numbers have significant importance. They enable you to connect easily to the key decision-makers of the industry and convey your message. There is no denying the fact that building up a database of accurate direct dial numbers is a tedious task to do. It requires you to invest considerable time and effort.

Connect with Key-decision makers of various industries using direct dial list

Without having an experienced team and a great sense of direction, it can be a never-ending process. Avention Media, being an AI-powered data solution provider, come to your rescue in such a situation. We have set up teams comprising various subject experts that strive to connect with the most reliable resources from across the globe to compile a database of a large number of direct dials. These data resources help marketing professionals to quickly reach various business heads from across the globe and showcase them their business products and services. 

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Advantages of using our direct dial numbers

Having a direct dial number list can prove to be very beneficial to your marketing team. These phone numbers help you explore new markets for your business, quickly identify your target audience, create brand awareness for your product or services. In this way, you can reap more return on your investment.

Few additional benefits of these phone numbers are:

  1. Improves connect rate: These calling lists enable organization improve their connect rate, which is termed as the average number of calls your sales team has to make to get connect with one prospect over the phone. Improved connect rate means more conversations per year, which eventually results in more sales.
  2. Help to motivate your sales team: This calling list will boost the confidence of your sales team and motivates them to seamlessly connect with various business heads, helping them save a lot of time and energy.
  3. Enhances your profit: Connecting easily with your customers means you are spending lesser money on acquiring new leads. Direct dial numbers empower you to reduce your cost of lead acquisition by a huge margin. In this way, it helps you to enhance your profit.

If any marketing professional or business vendor struggling to connect with business heads, then we recommend them to contact us to get access to a comprehensive database of direct dial numbers and win more sales for their business.

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