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CRM or customer relationship management is a software that helps companies to streamline operations by centralizing customer data into one platform and improving access, so that every department such as sales, marketing, and customer support can access data that they require for the business process.

In today’s variable business landscape almost every business from small, medium and large enterprises use CRM to improve their business operations and provide exceptional customer experiences to retain customers and build stronger connections with real time insights.

91% of companies with 10 or more employees use a CRM. About 87% of businesses use cloud based CRM to store data, and 82% of businesses use CRM to generate sales reports and automating processes.

Companies that use CRM software for business operations like sales calls, customer assistance, and organizing records have experienced enhanced customer relations and improved efficiency.

32% of CRM customers are from services industries such as healthcare, education, finance, service, and others followed by IT and manufacturing industries, both with 13% share respectively.

The CRM market is growing rapidly, since mobile and cloud solutions are paving the way, companies are keen on real-time insights about their clients making it the key component of CRM growth. Besides this there are thousands of companies that use CRM worldwide to build better customer experience.

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    What Companies Use CRM?

    The primary goal of every organization is to provide excellent customer experience and build stronger connection with the existing and potential prospects. Hence, every small to large enterprises use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to optimize operations and maximize customer satisfaction.  Some  of the top companies like Coca-Cola, Ford motors, Deloitte and among others use CRM for business operations and improve efficiency. 

    Here is a list of top companies using CRM.

    Company NameRevenueEmployee Size
    Amazon$280.5 billion1,608,000
    Zara$13.2 billion12,589
    Tesco$56 billion242,911
    McDonalds$23.2 billion200,000
    Uber$23 billion29,300
    Xtreme Lashes$7.1 billion23,263
    Apple$156.7 billion154,000
    Wells Fargo$78.4 billion246,577
    Coca-Cola$37.2 billion79,000


    No. of companies that use CRM


    No. of Total


    No. of Total Phone Numbers

    1289,383 +

    No. of Total
    CRM Modules

    What are Some Popular CRM Software?

    Customers are the very core of any business whether a small or large scale business. And every interaction with customers is as important as customers themselves. So it becomes crucial for businesses to integrate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools that will help them centralize customer data an that provide insights to enhance customer experience and grow business.

    • HubSpot CRM
    • Salesforce CRM
    • Microsoft dynamics CRM
    • NetSuite CRM
    • SugarCRM
    • Pipedrive CRM

    CRM Market Size

    The CRM market share is anticipated to grow significantly with a valuation of 248.2 billion growth with a CAGR of 12.7% by 2024 to 2033. The US and Canada are the two biggest CRM software markets across North America. The market is dominated by giants such as Oracle, Salesforce, and Microsoft in the United States. About 50 percent of Salesforce CRM users are present in the US.

    Moreover small and medium sized businesses are also leveraging CRM, with many choosing cloud based CRM softwares. In Canada the local players like Maximizer and keystroke are leading the canadian market by providing tailored solutions.

    Therefore, creating ample opportunities for businesses dealing in CRM softwares or related services. With Avention media’s list of companies using CRM you can connect with the targeted audience and key decision makers in the field to promote and reach new markets across the globe.

    Market Share of Popular CRM Softwares

    Salesforce being the leading CRM market about 50 percent of Salesforce CRM users are present in the US with a market share of 31.67% followed by Zoho with 28.36% and Keap CRM with 13.19% market share respectively. 

    Peoplesoft CRM0.11%
    NetSuite CRM1.17%
    Siebel CRM1.46%
    Pipedrive CRM2.23%
    Agile CRM2.52%
    Microsoft dynamics CRM4.29%
    HubSpot CRM5.68%
    Oracle CRM7.1%
    Aptiva CRM13.05%

      What is a CRM Customers List?

      A CRM  customers list is an extensive database of companies using CRM software systems to simplify their business operations across the departments in the organization.

      If you are a business looking to market your product and services in the CRM space, consider partnering with Avention media, a leading data provider across the globe. We offer a comprehensive list of companies using CRM software to streamline operations and build customer relationships. 

      Using our CRM customers list you can connect with the relevant personalities and prominent leaders who make purchase decisions in the Technology industry to market your business and build partnerships.

      Other CRM tools that companies use are listed below:

      HubSpot CRM customers listSalesforce CRM customers listZoho CRM customers list
      Microsoft dynamics CRM customers listNetSuite CRM customers ListSugarCRM customers List
      Pipedrive CRM customers listZendesk CRM customers listFresh sales CRM customers list
      Aptiva CRM customers listKeap CRM customers listAgile CRM customers list
      Peoplesoft CRM customers listOracle CRM customers listSiebel CRM customers list

      Why Use our CRM Customer List?

      As a data-driven marketing company, we offer relevant businesses databases  who are looking to adopt new technology to improve efficiency and enhance their growth.

      • Geo-targeted: Target specific audience using our CRM client list that resonates with your business. Our data is geo-targeted for businesses looking to market to particular locations or regions across the world.
      • Customization: Avention media’s CRM customers list lets you customize your targeted audience according to your business needs across various data fields such as Full name, company name, company size, Pin code, location etc., to create personalized marketing campaigns to grow business.
      • Regulatory compliance: We give high importance to data protection. Therefore, all our data comply with global data protection laws such as DGPR, CCPA, and CAN-SPAM to ensure data accuracy and authenticity.
      • Reliability: For effective marketing communications, having access to a reliable database is key to connect with the right audience and enhance marketing strategies.
      • Deliverability: Our data ensures a 97% deliverability rate that reaches the relevant customers inbox, while increasing the chance of conversion.
      • Global reach: Leverage Avention media’s global database of companies  using CRM to reach your potential prospects and enter into new market avenues across the globe.
      • Consistent assistance: With our list of companies that use CRM, you get consistent assistance from our sales team and customer support throughout your business process. Additionally, we provide 100% data exchange incase of faulty or inaccurate data.
      CRM Customers List

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      What Industry Uses CRM the Most?

      CRM is an essential tool for companies to manage all of business communications with the existing and potential customers to build stronger connections. CRM is used across different industries from ecommerce, real estate, legal to non-profit organizations as these industries extensively depend on data. Other departments such as HR, sales, customer support, supply chain and marketing use CRM the most to manage operations.

      IndustryUse percentage %
      Business services10%
      • Retail sector- CRM is implemented in the retail sector to manage customer data and enhance buyer experience throughout the purchasing journey with personalized services.

      • Healthcare- Healthcare industry uses CRM to store patient care data and streamline operations in the organizations.

      • Banking and finance sector- CRM supports digital transformation in the banking and finance sector, while building customer centric software and enhancing delivery service.

      • Education- CRM helps education institutions automate and manage communication with their prospects and also track student admissions while improving collaborations in the organization.

      Where Do We Source Data?

      We make sure all the data which we collect comes from reliable and genuine networks to ensure fruitful purchasing experience. Here are some of the sources that we depend on to gather data.

      Government directories




      Trade shows and more

      Public Records and Filings

      Technological events and conferences

      Government Organizations

      Professional and Alumni Directories

      Transform your prospecting journey with Avention media. Get connected to your potential customers using our list of companies that use CRM and grow your business.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Salesforce is the largest CRM in the world.

      Microsoft, Salesforce, SAP, and Oracle are the four main vendors providing CRM solutions worldwide.

      Five-step process model, IDIC model and value chain model are the three main types of CRM model.

      Sales and marketing companies are the primary users of CRM systems.  

      87% of businesses use CRM across the world to streamline their                         business process and build better customer relationships.

      Amazon, Uber, McDonalds, Apple, Coca-Cola, and Wells Fargo use CRM software to maintain customer relationships.

      Retail, Education, Non-profit organizations, Healthcare, Marketing agencies, Banking and Finance use CRM

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