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How To Sell Software To Companies

Being comfortable or stagnant with anything that you are familiar with can hinder your way to taking initiatives for different Software Marketing strategies. 

So the question arises, how do you reach out to those big companies? Let alone selling your software products and solutions to them?

Larger companies tend to have more purchasing- related processes as compared to businesses operating on a small-scale. So naturally, there would be a lot more people involved in the decision- making process. 

It is important to experiment with different things, discover what else can be presentable and keep up with everything that is trending. 

And all of these efforts can help bring your Software Marketing strategies on the right track!

Overview- Software Development Market Size and Scope

There has been a booming demand for Software Development Services across different industries. As per Statista, the revenue in the Software Development Market has the possibility to reach up to US $170bn by the end of 2024. 

Today, large enterprises are always looking for Software Development Services that are in-tact with their specific business processes and can be incorporated easily. They wish to inculcate innovative features into their existing system to help increase overall productivity rates in their organizations. Also, considering the current market price, they are also looking for cost- effective software solutions that provide good customer support and assistance.

In European countries, due to increased adoption of cloud- based solutions and mobile- based applications, the market has been expected to grow in the upcoming years. In the US, various Software Development Solutions have been instrumental in uplifting the retail, healthcare as well as the finance industry. Speaking of Asia, heavy investments in technological infrastructure have served as a driving- force behind an ever- increasing demand for Software Development solutions. And in African countries, despite their issues revolving limited access to resources, they have somehow managed to inculcate the use of software solutions in some of their important industries such as in the Finance and the Healthcare industry. 

Given that the digital world has been moving at a faster pace over the years, let’s take a look at some of the industries where the Software Development Services and Solutions are being utilized economically are as follows: 


 Use of Software Development Services across Different Industries

Software Development Market Size Image Source

The use of Software Development Services has expanded across the IT Services/Consulting and the Marketing, PR and Advertising in a major way. The point here is that reaching out to Key- Decision Makers and C- Level Executives of these industries can go a long way in marketing and selling your Software products.

Keep reading to know how your business can reach out to renowned companies around the globe!

How does General Product Marketing differ from Marketing Software Solutions?

Product Marketing Differs Software MarketingImage Source

Marketing software products can usually be different from marketing products in general. So the question arises: ‘how different?’ Marketing software solutions generally include a large number of influencers, buyers; long deal cycles, complex pricing models and more. So yes. There’s notably a vast difference. And all this will require a different skill set and approach. 

Software Solutions are being purchased by businesses, like almost everyday, which renders launching a whole new Software- based product an even more daunting process.  

Even if you are making all these efforts to help your Software Product shine out, you’re not sure if it is working out for the better. You may have even considered relying on Physical Advertisements (like use of bill- boards), and although it’s not completely wrong, today most of the Software Companies are preferring to invest in Digital Channels to carry out their Marketing Campaigns. 

And now that you have made up your mind to Market your Software Products via Digital Channels, let’s take a look at some of the effective steps to sell your Software Services and Products to Companies:  

How do I Sell Software Services to Companies?

1. Know Your Target Audience

Know Your Target AudienceImage Source

Firstly, it is crucial to identify what problems can possibly be solved with the help of your business’s software. Let’s say your Software has the capability to bridge communication gaps, then your target audience may consist of people who work in teams or in a business setup in general. Other factors that could be taken into consideration can be age range, gender, geographical location, customer journey, needs as well as wants. 

2. Identify Your Competitors

Know Your CompetitorsImage Source

Your Target Audience has options! They could look up several Software Companies that might solve their specific business problem or offer Software Services at a much lower price. So it becomes imminent to research and understand what your competitors are offering to their target audience. There could be a possibility that your competitors’ services could be similar to your business’s software services in terms of its key features. This is where you can take the Key Features and analyze how your Software Service and Solutions does it in a better way .

Other pointers that can be taken while researching your business’s competitors can include, Price and Payment option, Offers provided to their Customers, Paid or Free Versions, Integration with Software, Navigation and Accessibility Capabilities and more. 

3. Contact Potential Companies And Businesses

Contact Potential BusinessesImage Source 

By making use of your Ideal Customer Profile, find out the various industries, businesses and C- Level Job Roles these people work in. Start preparing a list of Potential Contacts of Large Enterprises and Businesses that your business is determined to sell your product to. You can also make use of an Authentic Contact Database of Companies with the help of a B2B Email List to help your business reach out to C- Level Executives and Key- Decision Makers of Large Enterprises, around the globe. 

For example, if you plan on selling your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software to businesses, then you can connect directly with Top- Level Managers and Key- Decision Makers from businesses across different industries. 

4. Market Your Software Product With a Video 

Market Software Product With VideoImage Source 

Videos tend to grab the attention of people with the blink of an eye. They are not just interactive but they are also useful in communicating vital information in a shorter period of time. And since it is also entertaining, it can help people connect with the story almost immediately. Your Business can create a high- quality video with captivating visuals while agitating a pain point and provide a Visual explanation for how your Software Solutions can solve their complex business problem. 

So it is safe to assume that adding captivating factors like voice, music, colors, animation or real to your Software Marketing efforts can create a lively-yet-informative experience for your customers.  

5. Create a Strong Online Presence

Create Strong Online PresenceImage Source 

Your Software Company doesn’t just require a website, it also requires an Active Social Media profile across all Social Networking platforms. Although websites can work wonders in selling your Software Solutions to Large Enterprises around the world, ignoring the creation of Social Media presence can hamper your business’s digital visibility. It can help your business connect directly with their target customers as it places your Software Services at the forefront in the form of Images, Videos and Informative Statistics and Infographics. You can also promote your offers via Social Media to get more businesses interacting with your Software Company. 

Speaking of websites, your business can work on making it more captivating and convincing by including elements like Videos, Images Of Software in use, List of Values and Benefits, Pricing Models, Client Testimonials, Provision of Free Trial and more.  

6. Plan Out a Digital Marketing Strategy 

Plan Digital Marketing StrategyImage Source

Creating and publishing content on numerous channels can be useful in promoting your product and form a strong foundation for your digital marketing strategy. The marketing strategy mainly centers around advertising with the help of infographics and videos so that your customers can learn more about the product. 

Your business can also incorporate digital ads across different social media platforms, so that your Software Company can get the visibility it deserves right in the user’s feed. Make sure to highlight important features of your Software solution while making it as creative as possible. Other strategies can also include publishing a blog, partnering with other blogs of your industry and planning out various other marketing campaigns. 

7. Give Away Software Solutions For Free (Trial)

Give Away Software Solutions For FreeImage Source

As per a SaaS metric report, about 27% of Software as a Service Companies got 25% of customers with the help of free trials. If you look at it in a positive way, your customer would be delighted to try your software solution for free while it points out that your product is functional, and can solve their business problems flawlessly. But if you can’t convince them and lose a conversion rate, it is a good time to get their feedback and improve your product, and do it the right way next time!

Also, it is important to note that B2B Companies, especially B2B Software Development Companies would definitely require a functioning proof that your product is worth investing in; and that they have been developed to solve their complex business problems as a whole. So it’s safe to say that free trials are the perfect way to showcase that your software functions the way it has been said ‘on the box’. 

Popular Software Development Services

Take a Glimpse at some of the popular Software Development Services that are in-demand, at present: 

SaaS – Software as a Service

SaaS involves a cloud- based software that renders services based on its user’s subscription fees. Software as a Service marketers direct their promotional efforts towards selling Web Application- based software to new as well as existing clients. 

Marketers promote their services by offering the option to upgrade their existing solutions or encouraging their clients to make the most of their existing plans. The SaaS- market provides an opportunity to businesses to build their ROI up to 100% given the demand and market size as a whole. 

Some of the important solutions provided by SaaS includes:

  • Data Security
  • Collaboration Platforms
  • Email Service Providers
  • Calendar and Time Management Applications
  • Document Creation Applications
  • File Storage and Management
  • Creative Design Applications
  • Abandoned Cart Management Services 

Mobile Application Development Services

We are all familiar with the fact that applications are also operational on Smartphones, Mobile Devices as well as Tablets. These are popularly known as Software- based Mobile Applications. Speaking of the development process, it involves a series of procedures centering around creating software for wireless, compact devices such as tablets, smartphones and other hand- held devices.

Least to say, it is similar to the web application development process, and has basic characteristics of traditional software development. Mobile Application marketers have a great scope given the size of the software development market. Some of the Mobile- Application based software that are being sold includes: 

  • Social Media Platforms 
  • Note- Taking Applications
  • Gaming Applications
  • Financial Management and Banking Apps
  • Creative Design Applications


DevOps involves combining Software Development (Dev) as well as IT Operations (Ops). DevOps centers around simplifying the time- consuming process of systems development lifecycle (SDLC). 

Your business can implement technologies and processes such as virtualization while simultaneously delivering fixes, features and updates. The systems are integrated while maintaining a close alignment with business objectives. 

E- Commerce Software Development

E- Commerce Software Development helps in creating platforms that are similar to websites or mobile- based applications. It can be useful for your business to sell its services as well as products online. Some of its highlighting features are inclusive of payment processing, inventory management, customer relationship management as well as order fulfillment. 

Retail companies can simplify their operations and render their web presence to be more effective, efficient and secure. It also equips customers with a much easier way to buy items and allow them to shop from any place and at any time. 

Wrapping- Up

If you believe that your business’s Software Product is capable of creating an impact, then it is crucial for your Software Company to plan out a clear roadmap to market your products to the right prospects, anywhere, at the right time. 

Following winning Marketing Strategies can work wonders for your business! However, it is important to remember that these approaches aren’t the quick path to overnight success. So you can try speeding- up the process of finding profitable prospects by opting for the services of a good B2B Database Solutions Provider and help your business get direct access to Certified Contact Database of Companies and Professionals across different industries. 


1. How do I market my software to companies?

You can market your Software Solutions to Companies by targeting the right prospects. You can start- off with getting Verified Contact Information of Companies and Large Enterprises with a B2B Email List. 

2. Is it possible to sell software?

Yes, you can sell Software Services and Products by providing software development services and developing software solutions that can help solve complex business problems. 

3. Who buys software in a company?

C- Level Executives and Key- Decision Makers of any Business carry out the purchasing decisions for buying any software service or product for their Company.   

4. What type of software sells the most?

 As per Statista, Enterprise Software has been gaining more numbers and has been projected to reach over  US$292.00 Billion by the end of 2024.  

5. What type of software is in high demand?

DevOps, Mobile Application Development, Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), CyberSecurity and Internet of Things (IoT) are some of the Software Development Services and Solutions that are currently in high- demand. 



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