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Avention Media is the most trusted inventive and unique B2B Email lists provider in the US. B2B Mailing Lists are the large pool of email addresses of various businesses from across the globe, prepared by a team of experts that help marketers to win more sales and increase their ROI.

We are living in a digital era in which Email marketing plays a vital role in generating more sales for any business. This marketing style is being practiced by a large number of businesses across the globe. In such a scenario, having access to an accurate and verified b2b mailing list enables businesses such as yours to explore new opportunities, find your target audience, build up quality sales leads, generate more leads that follow your business plans, and expand your market space.

You Can Customize B2B Companies Lists Based on Following Selects

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Geography
  • Email Addresses
  • Revenue Size
  • Industry
  • SIC Code
  • NAICS Code
  • And Much more.!
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Avail our Targeted B2B Email List Based on Following Selects

B2B CategoriesTotal No of Counts
Healthcare Email List19,990,875
Technology Users List12,110,674
International Email List75,789,950
Industry Email List85,679,985
Professional Email List20,235,455
C level Executives Email List9,250,990
Small Business Email List30,150,877
IT Decision Makers List2,480,899
Event Organizers Mailing List132,025
 B2B CategoriesTotal No of Counts
Marketing Directors List30,000
CPA Email List36,849
Recruiters Mailing List50,400
VP Email List55,900
Hospitality Email List90,700
Construction Industry77,950
Realtor Email List863,855
Manufacturing Email List3,216,250
Insurance Companies List2,415,340

*Due to the frequent updates to our B2B Email Database, the counts may vary accordingly. Please contact for recent counts *

Get Customized B2B Email Lists And Drive Sales For Your Business

Avention Media, with 10+ years of experience in providing B2B Email List services, understands that every business is unique and has a different set of targeted audience. This requires a customized email database to run their marketing campaigns. Hence, our team strives to completely understand your business goals and prepare a unique b2b mailing lists that help you to identify your target audience precisely, explore new markets, and increase your brand visibility, all of which lead to new business opportunities.

We have a team of dedicated professionals which collects information from various resources and ensures that the data you receive is very accurate, relevant, and regularly updated. We make sure that our customer saves their valuable time and expenditure, which they might need to invest on collecting all such vital data, enabling them to make to well-informed business decisions and obtain highest ROI like never before.

Once you purchase our services, you need not further build any new email list from scratch, as you will get access to a very good collection of b2b mailing lists, which will be a very valuable asset in growing your business to new heights. Our data solutions are not limited to one particular sector or industry. Rather, we are spread across different segments, which helps you to reach a new market, grow your audience base, and reap more profit.

Benefits of Avention Media’ B2B Companies Lists

Boosts your business sales: We believe in providing the most accurate and reliable data that definitely helps our clients to win more sales for their business and generate better revenue.

Enables to effectively communicate with the global audience: Our team has direct contact with reliable resources across the globe, through which we collect the relevant data, enabling our customers to establish an effective communication with various business leaders across the globe.

Is cost-effective: The data that we provide is not only the most reliable, but is also cost-effective. In comparison with the price range of other vendors in the global market, we provide the data at the most affordable price.

Avention Media Provides Geo Targeted  B2B Email Database Including :

  • Oceania
  • Middle East
  • South America

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