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Best CRM Software For Small Businesses


CRMs (Customer Relationship Management Software) had always been expensive and way more complicated to be used by small businesses. It only used to fit well with the mechanics of large enterprises that had big budgets to fuel important investments. 

Fast forward to 2024, CRMs are now being used by businesses of all sizes, especially the ones that are operating on small and medium- scale. Companies that are offering Best CRM for Small Businesses have started offering competitive pricing and have also leveled-up its game by providing useful features to its users. 

What is a Small Business CRM Software?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a popular technology that is being used by different businesses to power- up their interactions and increase the number of their potential customers. Most of the businesses today have started considering CRM to track interactions with a prospect. CRM Software can be incredibly useful for Small and Medium size businesses to grow as well as utilize the ‘Sales and Customer Support’ option to solidify their customer relationships. 

As per Gartner, it has been forecasted that the CRM Software Market is about to grow over 14% through 2025. CRMs have the potential to ease the way towards performing a large number of tasks. Be it sending out customized follow- up emails, generating sales reports or keeping a track of customer interactions, it has played an instrumental role in accelerating all of these processes through the sales funnel. This provides business owners the opportunity to direct their time and energy towards building what truly matters to them and make efforts to drive their sales accordingly.

10 Best CRM for Small Businesses


Drip   Image Source

Drip is an impactful tool that can be useful to manage leads in the eCommerce industry. Users will be able to systemize their contacts by adding any custom field, with the help of its cloud-based technologies and a tagging system. Their main Dashboard centers around actionable and categorized insights. 

They create personalized benchmarks to suggest actions for business on the basis of past performance results. It has a library of templates that are pre-built for emails, pop- up functions and forms along with a visual builder. They also provide the option to design a unique SMS for your business in a personalized way. 


  • Analytics/ROI tracking
  • Workflow automation
  • A/B Testing
  • Contact management
  • Categorized List
  • Email templates
  • Dashboard


  • 3000 Contacts- $39/Month 
  • $10/Month for additional 500 Contacts up to 7,000 Contacts
  • 7000+ Contacts- Increase in Per Month Amount


ZendeskImage Source

Zendesk’s CRM helps maximize processes, productivity and overline visibility for small businesses. It aims to provide good usability to ensure that more and more businesses adopt it and help increase their return on investment. Businesses can integrate their existing systems with Zendesk’s CRM Software to improve their existent- productivity based tools, get advanced reports, automate sales activities and provide accurate analytics. 

Zendesk provides businesses with the much-needed tools and resources. Their platform prioritizes ease- of -use as well as flexibility along with a set of stand- out features like fast setup and enhanced ROI while using a simple interface. They have a mobile app built specifically to offer CRM’s full functionality to improve the sales experience at one go. 


  • Automated Workflow
  • Accurate Sales Analytics
  • Email and Lead Tracking 
  • Pipeline Management
  • Integrated Communication Channels
  • Dashboard
  • Pre-Built Templates
  • Prospecting and Lead Generation Tools
  • Forecasting
  • Mobile Support


  • Team: $19 per user/month
  • Professional: $115 per user/month
  • Growth: $55 per user/month
  • Enterprise: Contact sales

Agile CRM

Agile CrmImage Source

Agile CRM is useful in automating activities related to marketing, sales and services, all in  one location. It facilitates communication between team members and prevents the chances of business’s data getting leaked. Teams can have unified access to Customer Data, Email, Billing, etc. all at one place. 

It also has the ‘Telephony Feature’ which can allow business to avail call scripts, one-click calling as well as voicemail automation. They will also be able to automate their SMS texts with the help of personalized follow-up emails. It can provide a quick overview of email performance, render proper data and metrics in real time along with cloud- based Software Services that can be operational on mobile phones. 


  • 360-degree Contact View
  • Lead Scoring
  • Appointment Scheduling 
  • Project Management
  • Auto Dialer


  • Starter: $8.99 per user/month
  • Free: $0 for up to 10 users
  • Enterprise: $47.99 per user/month
  • Regular: $29.99 per user/month

Constant Contact

Constant ContactImage Source

As an Email Marketing Provider, Constant Contact specifically targets eCommerce brands. It can allow its users to create email coupons, e-magazines and social media marketing campaigns to get leads from multiple platforms. The software consists of a website builder that is mainly powered by AI along with a Content Delivery Network for the purpose of designing eCommerce centric websites. It also depends on how many contacts are available in the email list. 

Constant Contact utilizes one- on- one messaging tools and also automates the follow-up activities so that it can reduce all the hectic work involved in manual administrative tasks. They also provide you with a support and maintenance specialist to help out with platform training and goal setting.   


  • A/B Testing
  • Analytics/ROI Tracking
  • Image Library
  • Contact Database  
  • Social Marketing
  • Segmentation
  • Dashboard


  • Plus: $45/month (based on number of contacts)
  • Core: $9.99/month (based on the number of contacts)


HubspotImage Source

HubSpot provides a cost- free CRM Software with optional premium features that can be purchasable at a faster rate. Similar to many of  the CRM Software, HubSpot has promoted itself as an easy-to-operate software, where they can track all the sales activities at one glance. One can view and manage pipeline data on a dashboard that provides reports about productivity, sales activity as well as individual performance. 

HubSpot also offers a major advantage as it can benefit an unlimited number of users with over 1 million Contact Data without any expiration date or time limit. Their software has a ‘Meeting Scheduler’ that can help record meetings as well as connect quickly with Office 365 or Google. All of the meetings with Contacts can be carried out automatically whenever the customers take an action to request or schedule meetings. 


  • Gmail and Outlook Integrations 
  • App Marketplace Integration
  • Email Tracking and Notifications
  • Custom Support form Fields
  • Meeting Scheduling
  • Deal Tracking
  • Contact Management
  • Reporting Dashboard


  • Starter: $50/month
  • Professional: $1,600/month
  • Enterprise: $5,000/month


SalesforceImage Source

Salesforce is a vast CRM solution with a multiple number of integrations and software components. It renders an entire tech stack that is dedicated to different activities like marketing, service, sales, communication platforms and commerce. Salesforce’s high- speed automation and user- centric features makes it a widely used platform in the Software- as – a Service (SaaS) industry. 

Speaking of pricing, the plans start with $25 per user/month. Businesses will be required to update to a professional plan ($75 per user /month) in order to make the most of their CRM platform.  


  • Contact Management
  • Automated Workflows
  • Email Integration 
  • Sales Engagement
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Sales Insights
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Available Support Software
  • Meeting Scheduling


Essentials: $25 per user per month

Professional: $75 per user per month

Enterprise: $150 per user per month

Unlimited: $300 per user per month


ClickupImage Source

As a Task Management CRM Platform, ClickUp can turn out to be a powerful CRM platform for small businesses. It can be integrated with apps that are being used widely and provides its users with a personalized dashboard. It has a cost-free version which provides over 100 MB storage as well as 100 automations in a month. 

One of its important features include ‘Everything View’ that offers a ‘Single-view’ perspective of tasks across multiple platforms of a business which you can either sort, filter or save for later.  Teams and Departments can be segmented into different folders, group projects and spaces to have a systematic workflow. ClickUp can allow users to automate tasks as well as improve it by adding or removing data fields as per their preference. 


  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Dashboard
  • Performance Metrics
  • KPI Monitoring
  • Marketing Automation
  • Contact Management
  • Backlog Management


  • Free: $0
  • Business: $12 per user/month
  • Business Plus: $19 per user/month
  • Unlimited: $5 per user/month
  • Enterprise: Request a quote


FreshworksImage Source

Freshworks provides AI- powered system integrations and lead scoring for third- party platforms. The starting package is inclusive of features such as web forms, website tracking and contact management. Businesses can opt to use add- on features like access to marketing contacts and optimisation of conversion rates.

It captures information about their visitors along with other activities that are carried out by them such as page visits and so on. They also utilize AI- driven chatbots to enable interactions with website visitors on the spot. Their ‘Activity Timeline’ feature lays out the statistics for sales trends and is inclusive of predicting the contact score over a period of time. 


  • A/B Testing
  • Analytics/ROI tracking
  • Campaign Management
  • Website Tracking
  • Segmentation
  • Auto-Responders
  • Email Marketing


  • Free: $0
  • Pro: $39 per user/month
  • Growth: $15 per user/month
  • Enterprise: $69 per user/month


ZohoImage Source

As a cloud-based CRM platform for small businesses, it provides users with the ability to integrate with over 500 applications. Some of its standout features include marketing campaign management, funnel visibility as well as an AI assistant. 

It is designed to send- out notifications in real-time whenever customers tend to interact with the business. It can be useful in reaching out to customers across multiple channels, email, live chat, phone and social media. Also, forecasts can be predicted and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be tracked.


  • Dashboard
  • Sales forecasting
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Segmentation
  • Performance metrics
  • Website visitor tracking


Standard: $14 per user/month

Enterprise: $40 per user/month

Professional: $23 per user/month

Ultimate: $52 per user/month


KeapImage Source

A CRM Software Solution like Keap can offer integrations that cross over 2,500 applications that are used world- wide. It primarily appeals to businesses that prefer an interface which is straightforward and has easy- personalization options. It has a vast set of pre-written Email templates, automation tools and payment processors that receive or send payments directly in the user’s CRM system. 

It automates every task that is related to the sales activities. It could be emails, texts, call-to-action responses and more. It also assesses if the Lead qualifies as per requirements and preferences that are set by the business.  


  • Contact Management
  • Segmentation
  • Internal Forms
  • B2B Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Automation Support
  • Email Sync (Google and Outlook)
  • Reminders


  • Pro: $149 per month for 1,500 contacts and two users
  • Max: $199 per month for 2,500 contacts and three users
  • Max Classic: Request a quote

What are the Benefits of Using Best CRM for Small Businesses?

There are still many misconceptions surrounding CRM. One of them is that it can only be utilized by big businesses that are dealing with over a hundred clients, and will need to manage an overwhelming list of customers. Which is inaccurate in a majority of ways. 

As per a Study conducted by business.com, over 83% of small businesses have reported that investing in a CRM Software has impacted their Return on Investments (ROI) in a positive way. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using a Small Business CRM: 

Concentrate on Leads with Minimum Efforts

At the time of the Lead Generation process, businesses make an effort to reach out to their prospects via Email Marketing, Google Ads, Webinars and more. But in order to solidify their relationship with their prospects, businesses would be in dire need of contact management capabilities. 

CRM’s lead management feature makes sure that leads are automatically entered with the help of Emails, Web forms, chat and other channels whilst preventing it from getting lost along the way. 

Get Info about your Prospect’s Interaction at a Glance

Businesses can get access to Kanban View that has the drag-and-drop options for deals, contacts as well as different accounts. They can get a summary of customer- related activities and conversations all in one place. Small business owners can get a 360- degree view or a ‘Unified View of all the interactions with the prospects at one place, without having to spend on multiple pieces of software and tools. 

One can easily identify if the prospect has searched for their business, which products and services have they gone through and how have they interacted with their marketing campaign efforts. All of these can help in strengthening interactions with customers and close deals faster.

Automate Tasks, Drive Productivity

Businesses can automate their tasks instead of taking up hectic tasks that go into carrying out administrative work. CRMs can especially be useful in this case. They can automate tasks that center around qualifying prospects, creating deals as well as updating data fields. This allows businesses to direct all of their efforts in Sales. It can also enable them to kick up a notch and run an automated set of actions for their target audience. 

A series of steps can be executed every week. They can avail insights on whether the leads have taken any important action like downloading ebooks or scheduling a follow-up call. All of these don’t have to be sent manually since CRM will take care of the entire process. 

Interact across Multiple Platforms

Cold- calling is an important part of the sales process. And CRMs are equipped with a built- in Telephony which enables businesses to make a phone- call to the required prospects, right from their CRM software. This feature will offer you the option to automate logging and recording the calls and save you an ample amount of time in updating the CRM.

Also, your business doesn’t have to invest in multiple tools to carry out the communication process with customers and leads. You will be able to manage all the customer interactions; be it in the chat, email, phone- all in one place. It will ultimately help your business maximize its conversion rates.  

Close Deals Faster with Data and Insights

It is crucial for every business to know which of the sales activities and campaigns are driving deals and performing well.  CRMs help businesses identify which leads have the potential to be of high-value, prioritize profitable leads, and spot any potential hindrances. 

It also provides recommendations for best steps that can bring your business moments away from closing the deal. 


One shouldn’t be surprised over the capabilities of some of the Best CRM for Small Businesses. It is only logical, given that businesses of any scale can benefit from a tool that has the capability to curate and consolidate all the information related to customer interactions, at one place. 

Apart from generating revenue from businesses, CRM Softwares can truly help businesses shine out, skyrocket their Sales Figures, while getting reasonable Returns on  their Investment! 

As a CRM Software Company, if you wish to reach out to Small Business Owners, then make use of our Small Business Owners Email List to market your CRM Software across the globe, today!






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