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Top 10 B2B Database Providers in USA

Investing in data is indeed a big one, and being an efficient marketer, you can never allow your investment to go in vain. Inaccurate and outdated information is of no use. Instead, data fuels your revenue engine to run smoothly without any hindrance. This is where a topmost B2B database provider plays its role.

A good B2B database provider acts as a true savior for the marketing and sales department. Without correct data, these departments cannot recognize, target, and link with the potential prospects and bring in the best outcomes.

But the whole market is now full of B2B database providers, so how do you select the best database provider among them?

To make your work easy, here in this article, we have gathered a list of the ten best B2B database providers who can assist in boosting your marketing efforts positively. But before going to the list, it is good to have a clear idea of who B2B marketers are and how they can help your business.

B2B and B2C Organizational Goals

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What is B2B Database?

A B2B database is a collection of your prospect’s contact information. An accurate dataset is a practical toolkit for businesses with a strong desire to receive strong consumer engagement.

B2B database usually focuses more on firmographic data of the target audience. This data entails all needed attributes of any prospect organization.

Those who provide such valuable data are the B2B data providers. They are well-equipped with end-to-end solutions that ensure proper functionality and help the entire sales team identify, engage, and sell products to potential buyers.

Every business must depend on various data sources to maintain a diverse and perfect database. Before you decide, it is recommended to explore and assess a lot of data providers.

Different types of B2B Database

  • Paid B2B Database: A kind of database of some potential contacts procured rapidly and easily from any external vendor. It is ready to use database.
  • In-house Database: It is a database that is generated and managed by a business rather than buying from a third-party source. But the business has to take care of data enhancement and enrichment for cleansed data through various online tools. Therefore, it is a time quite time-consuming and a well laborious option.
  • Consensual Database: The data is gathered through varied business bonding and interactions. The business gives their contact information through sign-ups, which can be later obtained from data vendors. Such B2B databases have a moderate engagement level and rate of conversion.

Why Is B2B Database Important for Marketers?

B2B is an essential asset for increasing sales and lead pipeline by generating a segregated list of lead data by utilizing technographic data. In addition, searching for new buyers and sourcing B2B comprehensions is essential for all businesses. In short, B2B is necessary for innovative and better marketing.

  • Marketing professionals can make use of B2B datasets for
  • Generating a perfect consumer profile.
  • Enhancing demand generation
  • Increasing lead generation
  • Taking data-driven decisions
  • Knowing the target audience better

B2B marketing is more important than B2C. It’s what that drives the economy forward, not just outward” Tom Grattan, CEO, Growth Intelligence

List of 10 chosen B2B database providers in the USA

1. Zoom Info: A global leader in offering market intelligence solutions, and they hold specialization in lead generation, sales intelligence, enhanced prospecting, and account-based marketing. They generate profiles of business people and companies, gather all business information, and mix various mentions of the same company. Multiple publications have named it a top choice for offering B2B solutions.

2. Avention Media: Avention Media provides personalized B2B database solutions targeted to businesses, demographics, etc. It includes campaign targeting data to enhance the lead generating process of varied organizations and strengthen the marketing and sales department.

3. Salesify: An international market leader in demand generation. They provide a personalized email database, appending services, lead generation, and CRM cleansing. In addition, they give the data driving marketers essential data, thereby helping them get their target audience and obtain business goals.

4. Leadspace: An efficient provider that assists in building demand-creating technology and processes. They offer intelligence solutions for proper data management, inbound and outbound leads, and account-based marketing. They focus more on practicing efficient sales and marketing practices with the help of their B2B consumer data platform. They assist in getting ideal consumers through the right and customized engagement system.

5. Data Axle: It is highly recognized as high quality, comprehensive and perfect data solution provider for most business applications. Data Axle business data easily connects with many customers and businesses daily. A reputed compiler of business and customer data, Data Axle has created a classy data sourcing, gathering, and accumulation process depending on familiar knowledge of years of experience and raw sources. As a result, maximum data is provided through a real-time data-delivering platform.

6. LeadShift: One of the best providers of complete intent data. They provide daily offerings of meaningful leads extracted from information that is available publicly. They are a sales intelligence platform that creates leaders from the public web. They offer businesses and companies’ intent data and assist you in tracking the people showing intent to other competitors. They also help in email nurturing prioritization and customization.

7. Easy Leads: It assists you in powering sales growth using business data. They develop a perfect and personalized B2B database with competitive tools. They help recognize the right prospects, get in touch with decision-makers, and track sales signals. You can enrich and authenticate business profiles with them and get associated with leads and contacts. They have an accuracy level of over 95% and offer premium quality delivery.

8. Dun and Bradstreet: A prominent provider of B2B databases, insights and AI-powered platforms that assist organizations across the world to grow and sustain. It generates solutions and provides insights that enable consumers to increase their revenue, enhance margins, develop strong bonds and help in staying in compliance.

9. DiscoverOrg: A competent provider of data-driven solutions and contact data for marketing, recruiting, sales, and operation teams. It assists your business or company make contact with the right buyer at the right time with some of the actionable B2B intelligence. Identify prospects and create more leads with some real-time purchasing signals.

10. Experian: A reputed global data services company offering data and analytical tools to clients of more than 65 countries. Right from the management of credit risk to prohibiting fraud and enhancing marketing targeting offers to automation of decision making. Being a trusted provider, they address your business objectives while providing consultative ways to assist you in achieving short-term and long-term goals.


For any marketing and sales team choosing a perfect B2B database provider is a big decision. It is because contact and account data assist in fueling daily sales methods. When you select the right B2B database provider, you get the best data required for your business growth.

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