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VMware is a cloud computing software and service provider. It offers virtualization, networking, storage, and security management tools for hybrid cloud computing businesses. VMware enables businesses to run multiple virtual machines (VMs) on a single physical server. Each VMs can run its own operating system, which means each operating system can run on one physical server. 

VMware is one of the most demanded and leading cloud-computing software in the virtualization industry. With over 500,000 customers worldwide and 44.8% market share, VMware stands out  as a leader in the virtualization space. According to analysts 80% of virtualized workloads are run on VMware technology. Companies that use VMware include 22nd Century Technologies Inc, Arvato Systems, Columbia Sportswear, Praise North Health, Meridian Credit Union, Lakeridge, Netease Games, Hermes, and Solvay. 

With  44.8% market share VMware faces fair competition from 66 competitor tools in the virtualization sector. Some of the top alternatives of VMware are Citrix Workspace app with 15.8% market share, VMware vSphere with 11.2%, and VMware ESXI with 5.99% market share respectively.  To target such a vast market businesses must need a thorough database of companies using VMware

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    No of companies that use VMware

    1,375,250 +

    No. of Total

    1,374,216 +

    No. of Total


    No. of Total Phone Numbers

    What companies use VMware?

    VMware is used by some of the most prominent and innovative companies from Fortune 500 to Fortune 100 companies to transform their physical IT infrastructure to virtualized and cloud environments, including Apple, Amazon, IBM, and Intel. 

    Company Country
    Apple United States
    Amazon United States
    IBM New York
    UnitedHealth United States
    FedEX United States
    Intel United States
    Pepsico New York
    Company Country
    Pfizer New York
    AT&T United States
    Costco United States
    Target India
    Microsoft United States
    Lowe’s United States

      List of industries using VMware in USA

      VMware is a virtualization technology company that is used by many industries in the USA. Industries using VMware in USA include

      Target customers using VMware customers list by country

      VMware is a popular virtualization technology used by companies across the globe including USA, UK, Canada, and Germany. With 64.22% USA is the largest customer of VMware. 

      VMware customers list based on employee size and revenue

      VMware serves across 5,00,000 companies around the world including Fortune 500 to Fortune 100 companies. 22,849 companies with 20 to 49 employees deploy VMware, followed by 18.8999 companies with 10 to 40 employees, and 12,545 companies with 1000 to 4999 employees use VMware software service. Here is a list of companies using VMware based on company size and revenue.

      Company Employee Size Revenue
      Adobe 29,239 $19.40 billion
      ADP 63,000 $17.4 billion
      Accenture 743,000 $64.6 billion
      Acxion 4,482 $2.7 billion
      Acens 2,480 $103.2 million
      Alliant 9,100 $3 billion
      Amazon 1,525,000 $574.8 billion
      AmBank Group 8,000 $971.6 million
      American Red Cross 20,000 $3.4 billion
      Axon 2,821 $1.4 billion

      What is the VMware customers list?

      VMware customers list an all-inclusive database such as Name, email address, phone numbers, geographical locations, pin code, and other important information of companies that use VMware. Using this database businesses can connect with key decision makers like CEOs, CTOs, CMOs, CFOs and other C-Suite professionals who make purchase decisions in the company. If you are a business serving in the cloud computing and virtualization technology partner with Avention media and avail VMware clients list to reach your potential audience in the field. 

      VMware Customer List

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      How do we collect the VMware customers' data?

      VMware customers’ data is a carefully curated list of companies that use VMware gathered from trustworthy networks. Moreover, the data is collected after multiple verification processes and is regularly updated to deliver only relevant and accurate data to our customers. You can either choose from a pre-crafted data or customize your VMware customer list according to your business requirements to target VMware customers who are in high ranking  positions like C-level executives, IT professionals, Project managers and other key professionals. 

      Here are some of the reliable sources we depend on to collect data of companies that use VMware

      Government directories

      Website registrations

      Feedback forms

      Opt-in emails

      Technology magazines

      Business cards

      Trade shows

      Newsletter subscriptions

      Economic forums

      Business cards


      Conferences & webinars



      Tech Publications

      Panel discussions

      Which businesses can use the VMware customers list?

      VMware customers list can be a valuable asset for connecting globally with VMware clients. This data can be used by various industries to find new business opportunities. Some of the business that can benefit from VM clients list are mentioned below

      Segment your VMware customers using list of VMware products

      Segment your list using VMware customers list to personalize your marketing campaigns that addresses your target customers specific requirements. Here are some of the VMware products list  using which you can segment your target audience and pitch your business offerings.

      VMware vSphere App Volumes
      Tanzu Service Mesh vSAN
      Cloud Management VMware Fusion
      Horizon Dynamic Environment Manager
      VMware Player NSX Data Center
      VMware App Defense VMware Horizon
      VMware Cloud VMware ESXi
      Infrastructure Horizon Cloud
      vRealize Suite Network Security
      Virtualization Integrated Openstack
      Telco Cloud Modernization Theory
      Hyper Converged Infrastructure NSX

      Partner with Avention Media for the VMware Customers list!

      Connecting with key decision makers for any marketer is like hitting the jackpot. However it doesn’t seem easy as it sounds. Therefore, we know the struggle and we are here to help you overcome that hurdle and bridge the gap between you and your target customers with our data service. We provide authentic and permissible data, which means you can target customers who are genuinely interested in your products or services. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today to avail an accurate VMware customer list.

      Supercharge Your marketing Efforts Using VMware Customers List.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Companies that are using VMware include 22nd Century Technologies Inc, Arvato Systems, Columbia Sportswear, Praise North Health, Meridian Credit Union, Lakeridge, Netease Games, Hermes, and Solvay. 

      VMware has over  5,00,000 customers worldwide.

      Nearly 90% global companies use VMware products and services including Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies. 

      Apple, Amazon, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, UnitedHealth, FedEX, Costco, Pepsico, Pfizer, Lowe’s and AT&T use VMware. 

      Over 103,860 organizations have started using VMware as of 2024. 

      100 % of Fortune 500 and 100% Fortune 100 companies use VMware. 

      More than 500,000 businesses use VMware across the globe. 

      Citrix Workspace app with 15.8% market share, VMware vSphere with 11.2%, and VMware ESXI with 5.99% market share are the biggest competitors of VMware. 

       Companies use VMware to build virtual machines on their servers to improve resource management and boost efficiency.

      About 41,477 companies use VMware in the United States. 

       VMs are important because they save cost, provide agility and speed, security, disaster recovery and improve scalability. 

      Apple, CVS Health, FedEX, PepsiCo, Amazon, Walmart, Costco are the top customers of VMware. 

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