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Twilio Inc. is an American cloud communications platform that provides various communication tools to its customers using web service APIs. Its exclusive features help Twilio customers verify, and connect with their customers globally over SMS, voice, email, chat, or WhatsApp.

At present Twilio is used globally by 350,000 active customers from 180 countries, owning 0.78% of the global market share in the communication sector. Twilio has secured $15.5 billion in market capital, developed at a CAGR rate of over 30%. They prioritize giving top-notch experience to all Twilio users. 

Most of the companies that use Twilio have noticed an increase in their customer satisfaction. Twilio’s 2-factor authentication app Authy is also used by millions of users to safeguard their applications from any security breach. 

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    Which are The Companies That Use Twilio?

    Most of the companies that use  Twilio, wants to safeguard their customer database while enhancing their customers’ experience. Renowned companies like Costco,  Procter & Gamble (P&G), and J.P. Morgan use Twilio customer data platform to streamline customer interactions for their business. 

    Listing out the companies that use Twilio in the USA

    Company Name Revenue Employee Size
    Chainlink Labs 373 Million 500-1000
    Arkose Labs 75 Million 200-500
    CallRail 63 Million 316
    American Red Cross 2.8 Billion 35,000
    Hulu 10.7 Billion 1,775
    Airbnb 10.2 Billion 6,709
    Netflix 34.9 Billion 13,000
    Lyft 4.4 Billion 4,453
    IBM 61.8 Billion 282,200
    Domino's 4.3 Billion 11,200


    No of the Companies That Use Twilio


    No. of Total

    61,601 +

    No. of Total


    No. of Total Phone Numbers

    Twilio Customers List Based on Revenue Size

    Twilio is largely used by businesses wanting to enhance their customer satisfaction. Here is Twilio customer list by their business revenue value

    Business Type Revenue Number of Businesses
    Small-scale 10M-50M 1321
    Mid-sized 10M- <1B 659
    Large-scale > 1B 211

    Twilio Customers List Based on Industry

    The majority of Twilio customers come from the Information technology and services industry. Here is a list of the top 3 industries that use Twilio along with their market share

    Industry Type Market Share (%)
    Software 46.3%
    Information Technology 20.9%
    Retail 17%

    Twilio Customers List Based on Country

    The United States alone comprises over 30% of Twilio’s customers list, contributing largely towards Twilio’s usage-based revenue generation. Here is Twilio customers list by country

      What Is a Twilio Customer List?

      A Twilio customers list is an extensive database that contains contact information of companies using Twilio to centralize their communication data to amplify their customer interactions.

      Businesses that wants to sell products or services that works with Twilio should consider using Avention Media’s Twilio customers list to reach their targeted audience. We are a leading data provider, offering result-based Twilio clients lists to businesses who wants to expand their business reach globally.  Avail our Twilio customer list to connect with professionals who can make purchasing decisions for their businesses.

      Twilio Customer List

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      From Where Do We Collect Our Twilio Customers Data?

      We collect our data from reliable and ethical sources, to ensure the credibility of our data.   Here are some of the credible sources we get our data from:

      Business Journals and publications

      Website subscriptions

      Business Directories

      Government Directories

      Business surveys and Questionnaires

      Professional networking sites

      Business seminars, events, and more!

      Which Businesses Can Benefit From Our Twilio Customer Email List?

      Businesses that sell products and services that Twilio customers use, can get a competitive edge over their competitors.B2B marketing practice becomes very easy if you have a list of companies using Twilio to enhance your marketing campaign.

      Here are some of the businesses that benefit from our Twilio customers list:

      IT companies

      IT companies who wants more lucrative business opportunities can promote their IT services to the right customer base.

      Partnering development companies

      Partnering development companies offering add-on software that works with Twilio can pitch their services to the right prospects for more engagement.

      Alternative software companies

      Alternative companies that have their customer engagement software often try to increase their customer base by strategizing marketing practices to overcome their competitors.

      IT research centers

      IT research institutes can connect with the right audience to collect insightful data and that can help in tracking market trends, and customer preferences.

      Personalize Your Twilio Customers List with Avention Media

      If you want to access Twilio customers list for B2B business, Partner with Avention Media to get a 100% opt-in database of Twilio customers. We are a certified data provider, offering authentic and ethically sourced data that ensures higher ROI for your business.

      Exclusive features of our Twilio clients list include

      Over 36K+ verified B2B contact information that triggers sales

      Intent-based data customization to reach targeted customers

      Data updation every 40 days to ensure relevancy

      Get 10X faster conversions on marketing campaigns with our global data

      Get 24/7 data accessibility from any part of the world

      Use our Twilio customers list to increase your marketing outcomes by promoting your product and services to your niche audience. For more business queries, you can connect with us via, email or a call:

      Email- [email protected]

      Phone- +(888) 317-9410.

      Top Competitors and Alternatives of Twilio

      Here is a list of the top three communication platforms that are competitors and alternatives to Twilio, along with their market share

      Technology Name Market Share (%)
      WhatsApp Business 31.5%
      Slack 21.5%
      Microsoft Office 19.4%

      Upscale Your Marketing Strategies With Our Intent-based Twilio Email list!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Twilio is used by developers, businesses, and enterprises worldwide for its unique communication features.

      Twilio has over 300,000 active customers worldwide and is used for its unique communications features that helps in enhancing customer experience.

      Twilio has a variety of features like voice, text, chat, video, and email, that are integrated into the applications of users to get communication data of business. 

      At present, WhatsApp Business is the biggest competitor of Twilio.

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