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Stripe is a white-label payment solution used by organizations of all sizes. It simplifies the payment process for businesses to achieve zero downtime during data migrations and offers seamless financial management options. At present businesses in over 51 countries are using Stripe to build a more profitable business.

Stripe owns over 21% of the global online payment market share. Being one of the most sought-after payment solutions, Stripe, a fully integrated platform contributes substantially towards the revenue management, payment process, and launch of new business models to reduce the cost of running a business. 

Leverage our Stripe customers list to access a highly responsive database of companies that use Stripe to select the targeted customers for your business to kickstart your marketing campaigns.

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    What Major Companies Use Stripe?

    Stripe software is popular among most businesses around the globe. The major companies that use Stripe  include Amazon, a USA-based multinational tech company with revenue valued at $590 Billion, AliExpress, a China-based online retail service platform with revenue valued at 3.6 Billion, and many more.

    Listing Out The Companies That Use Stripe

    Company Name Revenue (Billion $) Location
    Apple 90.8 United States
    Etsy 2.7 United States
    Walmart 611.2 United States
    Farfetch 4.4 United Kingdom
    Target 107.4 United States
    Wayfair 12 United States
    ASOS 4.5 United Kingdom
    CDiscount 0.5 France
    Samsung 194 South Korea
    Newegg 1.5 United States

    Stripe customer list by Country

    Companies that render the use of Stripe payment solutions are mainly located in the USA and UK. With over 50% of Stripe customers being in the United States, followed by the United Kingdom at 8%. Here is the Stripe customers list by country:

    Stripe Customer List By Employee Size

    From small and medium businesses to large enterprises, most businesses use Stripe to achieve seamless payments. Here is the Stripe customer list by employee size:

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      Stripe Customer List

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      Other popular online payment solutions that can enhance your business outreach

      Paypal, Stax, Square, WePay, and Adyen are some of the most popular online payment solutions that are used by businesses to streamline their financial transactions globally. 

      Reaching the customers using these payment gateways can be challenging, we’ve got you, use our customer lists to directly connect with your targeted customers.

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      Our list of companies that use Stripe rolls out precise contact information as we ensure our data sources are credible and trustworthy. Businesses can upscale their marketing practice without the hassle of collecting authorized data, as we smooth the path for them. Our genuine data sources include

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      Which businesses can utilize our Stripe customers list?

      Due to the fierce market competition among businesses, reaching potential prospects in the tech industry is essential for businesses to grow their business. Our Stripe customers list can be used by businesses that have products and services that can be used by payment platform users to attain better financial management for their organization. Beneficiaries of our Stripe customers list include: 

      IT companies

      Businesses that use online payment software to manage their financial transactions need their data to be handled properly. IT companies can promote IT services such as cloud services, software services, consulting services, and more to increase their business reach by reaching the right audience.

      Supplementary software firms

      Add-on software is another way of enhancing the efficiency of existing payment software. Supplementary software firms that offer extensions can reach out to businesses who wants to overhaul their daily financial transactions to expand their business.

      Alternative payment software companies

      Alternative accounting software companies can market their software among Stripe customers to increase their brand awareness. Presenting better and more affordable payment options to businesses can lead to an increase in overall sales.

      Software training institutes:

      Handling the financial aspect of a business using online software requires a proper understanding of how the software works. Therefore Software training institutes can render their expertise to businesses that are looking to upskill their employees to increase their business opportunities.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Companies that use Stripe payment software to manage their financial activities are Stripe’s customers, this list includes Google, Shopify, and many more.

      There are over 25,308 customers in the USA that use Stripe to make payments, this number may vary as more customers are inclining towards online mode of payments.

      Countries such as Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Syria can’t use the Strip, this can be due to various reasons such as legal, contractual, or commercial. 

      PayPal is Stripes’ biggest competitor in the global payment solution field.

      No, Stripe does not work for all countries, at present it can be used by 46 countries around the world.

      Corporate giants such as Amazon and Google use Stripe payments. 

      From small and medium companies to large enterprises, overall 100 companies use Stripe. 

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