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Salesforce’s Slack previously owned by Slack technologies was developed to simplify the internal communication within the organization. It is a cloud-based team communication platform that helps employees to interact, chat, and share work related information. With its recent enhancement to Slack connect, that is, Slack Enterprise Grid-customers can collaborate with anyone regardless of whether they are Slack customers- in their Slack workspace. Slack is used everyday where more work happens.

Slack connect has 10+ million active users all over the world. About 80% of Fortune 100 companies and 60% of startups use Slack. Companies using Slack can increase their ROI by 340% as it increases communication and workflow while decreasing the productivity costs.

Companies that use Slack connect are discovering innovative ways to make their every day communication  more efficient through cross-functional collaboration, file sharing, and message searching. Moreover, Slack provides customization options according to your organization’s needs. Slack’s direct federation approach enables companies to connect their team collaboration with one another through shared channels- for its highest security and support integrations while workflow automation offers a top-notch collaboration experience. Therefore, if you want to connect with Slack customers you must require a valid Slack customer list that will help reach your target audience in the field. 

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    What companies are using Slack?

    Slack is a full circle communication platform that connects users with people and tools they work with irrespective of where they are and what they do. Over 9,412 companies use Slack connect including Airbnb, shopify, udemy, and pinterest. 

    Company Country
    Airbnb United States
    Udemy United States
    Pinterest United States
    LaunchDarkly United States
    Instacart United States
    Company Country
    Shopify Canada
    Accenture Ireland
    Bitpanda Austria
    Robinhood United States
    Zendesk United States


    No of Companies That use slack


    No. of Total


    No. of Total


    No. of Total Phone Numbers

    What is The Market Share Of Slack?

    Slack rose to popularity due its effective communication and increased productivity in the organization as well as outside the team. Slack has a market share of  21.53% in the communication market followed by the productivity market with 26. 28% market share. Slack competes with 302 communication tools in the communication platform and 115 in the productivity tools. 

    IT and Services
    0 .1%
    Computer Software
    0 .4%
    Marketing And Advertising
    0 .9%
    0 .2%
    Financial Services
    0 .5%
    0 .0%
    0 .2%
    NPO Management
    0 .5%

      Slack customers based on Industry.

      Out of List of industries using slack, computer software with 16%, Information technology and services with 12%, and internet services with 7% are the largest users of Slack.

      Slack Customers based on Employee size

      Out of List of industries using slack, computer software with 16%, Information technology and services with 12%, and internet services with 7% are the largest users of Slack.

      What Countries Use Slack?

      Slack is used by 150+ countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, India, and many more.  The United States is the Largest Slack customer with 7957 companies using Slack.

      What is Slack's Customer List?

      Slack customer list includes detailed contact information about the list of companies using Slack and key decision makers who make the purchase decision in the company. If you want to target customers across the globe who use Slack to promote your products and services that cater around Slack connect- then consider partnering with Avention media, a well known  B2B data provider. 

      Avention media offers a comprehensive database of Slack customers worldwide and they strictly adhere to the global compliance laws such as GDPR, CCPA, and CAN-SPAM so that you don’t fall into any legal troubles and can only focus on marketing efforts. 

      Slack Customer-list

      Customize Your Slack Customers List in Your Terms.


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      Company size

      What industries Use Slack?

      Slack is used by various industries across the globe. Here is a list of industries that use Slack are mentioned below:

      How Do We Collect Slack Customers' Data?

      We are highly aware of credible data for business across various industries. Hence, we are obliged to provide data that is not just valid but also legal to use. All the data that we source to create Slack clients list are gathered from 100% verified and genuine data networks to ensure data legitimacy. Once the data is gathered we put data through stringent verification processes like data encryption, and validation to check authenticity of data. 

      Some of the trustworthy data sources we depend on to collect data are as follows.

      Government directories

      Feedback forms

      Opt-in emails

      Economic Forums

      Trade shows

      Newsletter Subscriptions

      Business cards

      Yellow Pages

      Tech Conferences & webinars

      Technology Surveys


      Technology Publications

      Tech events

      Panel discussions

      Technology magazines

      Website registrations

      Which Businesses Can Use The Slack Customer List?

      Some of the businesses that can utilize Slack customer list to connect with their target audience in the Slack communication market and grow their business across the globe.

      Here are some examples of businesses and organizations that can utilize our list of companies that use Slack

      IT Consulting Firms
      Software Development Companies
      Technology Companies
      Digital Marketing Agencies
      Cloud Computing Service Providers
      Cyber Security Firms

      Power Up Your Marketing Outreach Using Slack Customer List.

      Frequently Asked Questions

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      The United States is the largest customer of Slack.

      Slack has 318,632 customers across the globe. 

      Nearly 80% of Fortune 100 companies use Slack.

      Teams is good for large enterprises, but companies choose Slack over teams due to flexibility in choosing apps and add ons and for its customizable options. 

      Slack is popular for its excellent communication and collaboration tools that can be used by everyone (non tech savvy).

       Small business and medium sized businesses use slack the most to streamline their processes and teamwork

       Companies moving to Slack because it allows businesses to choose from its more than 2500 applications and custom integration that is unique to their business needs.

       Majority of companies that use Slack with 20 to 49 employees, followed by companies with 0 to 9, and 10 to 50 employees. 

      Yes, Slack will remain a popular communication tool in startups and smaller  companies because of its innovative and user-friendly features. 

       More than 10+ million businesses use Slack to streamline their business communication in the organization. 

       Over 9412 companies use Slack connect. 

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