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Shopify is a Canadian e-commerce platform that is used by top businesses to build and maintain an online store. It is a business platform that enables other businesses to sell their products and services all across the globe. 

With a global revenue valued at $4.9 billion, Shopify holds over 16.36% of the global e-commerce share. On average, Shopify has 2.1 million daily active users, operating 4.8 million online stores worldwide. 

Companies that use Shopify hail from 175 nations worldwide, with 50% of total Shopify customers operating their businesses from the USA.

Which Companies Use Shopify?

Over 1,000,000 million businesses run on the Shopify platform, where the average revenue of businesses per shopper is $90. Big e-commerce businesses like Kylie Cosmetics and Adored Vintage use Shopify to streamline their business operations.

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    Here’s a List of the Top 10 Companies That Use Shopify in the USA:
    Company Name Revenue Employee Size
    Tesla Inc $96.7 Billion 100,000
    LVMH $93.7 Billion 196,000
    Nestle $93 Billion 270,000
    Pepsi Co. Inc $91.4 Billion 318,000
    Anheuser-Busch InBev $59.3 Billion 154,540
    Kraft Heinz Co. $26.6 Billion 37,000
    Lindt & Spruengli $4.9 Billion 14,500
    Whole Foods Market $574.7 Million 90,000
    Red Bull GmbH $6.3 Billion 17,848
    Hyatt Hotels Corp. $6.6 Billion 206,000

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    No of companies that use Shopify

    1,540,550 +

    No. of Total

    1,539,250 +

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    Shopify Customer List By Country

    The United States is the leading country that has the maximum number of e-businesses operating on Shopify. Here is the list of countries that have the largest numbers of Shopify customers:

    Country Name Number of Shopify Stores Market share (%)
    The United States 26,900 60%
    The United Kingdom 3,244 8%
    Australia 3,017 5%
    Canada 2,807 5%

    Shopify Customer List By Revenue (%)

    On average most of the companies using Shopify have nearly $100 million in revenue collection. Here are the businesses that own most of the market share:

      What is a Shopify Customer List?

      A Shopify customers list is an extensive database that has contact information of the companies using Shopify to streamline their business operations on e-commerce platforms.

      Businesses who wants to market their products and services to Shopify clients should consider using Avention Media Shopify customer database to enhance your business ROI. We are a global data provider that offers real-time database to businesses who wants to connect with their targeted Shopify customers.

      With our Shopify customers list you can pitch your business directly to decision-makers among the Shopify clients, who are in a position to make such purchasing decisions for their businesses.

      Shopify Customer Lists

      Customize Your Shopify Customers List in Your Terms.


      Revenue size

      Job Titles



      SIC code

      Company size

      Our Data Mining Process Includes

      We mine our data from authentic and reliable sources, as we prioritize offering high-quality and credible  B2B data that increases your business ROI.  Here are some of the credible sources we get our data from:

      BusinessJournals and publications

      Website subscriptions

      Business Directories

      Government Directories

      Business surveys and questionnaires

      Professional networking sites

      Business seminars, events, and more!

      Which Businesses Can Use Our Shopify Customers list?

      Shopify is a business platform that is used by most businesses that wants to sell products globally. Here is a list of companies who are the beneficiaries of our Shopify customer list:

      Product Manufacturing Companies

      Product manufacturing companies can pitch their products to decision-makers to increase their overall business turnover. Here is a list of companies that can make use of our Shopify customer list:

      • Textile manufacturing companies
      • Apparel manufacturing companies
      • Electronics manufacturing companies
      • Furniture manufacturing companies
      • Food product manufacturing companies and more!

      Service Provider Companies

      Service provider companies can promote their services to various Shopify customers to increase their profit margin. Here is a list of various service provider companies that can benefit from our Shopify customers database:

      • Software services provider companies
      • Event management companies
      • Training provider companies
      • IT security service companies
      • Consultancy companies and more!

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      If you are a business, professional, or an Enterprise who wants to access Shopify customers list, partner with Avention Media to get the global database of Shopify customers. We are a leading data vendor, offering personalized data that can be customized to increase your marketing efficiency. 

      Benefits of Our Shopify Clients List Include:

      Higher conversions leading to increased ROI for your business

      Global data that helps you expand your brand recognition

      40-day data updation policy to provide authenticity and accurate data

      Large selection of opt-in data to connect with targeted customers

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      Data personalization according to your marketing requirements

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      Which Platforms Are The Top Competitors of Shopify?

      Here is the list of the top e-commerce competitors of Shopify along with their market share:


      E-commerce Platform Name Market Share (%)
      WooCommerce 44.69%
      Squarespace Online Stores 14.95%

      Woo Themes 14.67%

      Enhance your marketing strategy with our highly customizable Shopify customers list!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Gymshark, The Economist and Kylie Cosmetics are some of Shopify’s biggest customers

      Avention Media is the best place to find an authentic Shopify customers list for effective B2B marketing campaigns.

      The total number of companies that use Shopify is over 1.7 million customers.


      Shopify is mostly used by small businesses, but many large businesses also use this e-commerce platform to increase their business reach.

      Over a million small businesses use Shopify to sell their products and services.

      The United States has the most number of companies that use Shopify, from Red Bull, and Steve Madden to Fitbit most of the businesses use Shopify to run their online business.

      From across the world around 175 countries use Shopify, either to sell or purchase products and services online.

      With maker capital valued at $104.6 billion, it is safe to say Shopify is quite popular among buyers and sellers in the USA.

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