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Businesses around the globe, including leading Fortune 500 Companies are relying on ServiceNow to simplify a plethora of their complex business processes. As a renowned USA- based Software Company, ServiceNow has helped businesses in creating custom Cloud Computing Platform to manage different digital processes and carry out operations in a much more simplified way. 

With over a solid 1200+ partner network, today most of the Companies continue to incline towards utilizing ServiceNow, given that its market size is projected to increase up to US$ 164.3 Bn by the end of 2026. Marketers can take up this opportunity to start promoting their business’s cloud- related services to a large pool of Companies worldwide with our ServiceNow Customer List.  

Our ServiceNow Customer List can provide a ‘Winning Starting- Point’ for any business that wishes to sell their Cloud- related services to Companies worldwide. Our Customer List consists of a Certified Contact Database of Companies using ServiceNow, to help businesses create successful marketing campaigns, right at their fingertips!

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    Which Companies are Using ServiceNow in the USA?

    ServiceNow’s Cloud- computing Platforms have an immaculate distinctiveness in incorporating different procedures and tools such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Resources Information System (HRIS), Field Service Management (FSM), etc., which showcases its remarkable ability in integrating and customizing different solutions with proper reliability and functionality. 

    And this poses no doubt as to why some of the Renowned Companies worldwide like Microsoft, Walmart, Apple Inc, Amazon, NASA, JP Morgan Chase and more, are relying on a Cloud Platform like ServiceNow to carry out its intricate business processes. 

    Take a Look at the List of Companies Worldwide that are using ServiceNow

    Company Location Valuation (in USD)
    Microsoft United States 2.609 Tn
    Apple Inc. United States 394.33 Bn
    NASA United States 24.875 Bn
    Amazon.com United States 469.82 Bn
    Walmart United States 527.75 Bn
    Goldman Sachs Group United States 588.9 Bn
    Coca Cola United States 272.66 Bn
    Morgan Stanley United States 147.6 Mn
    JP Morgan Chase United States 406.78 Bn
    MGM Resorts United States 42.9 Bn

    25,452 +

    No of companies that use ServiceNow

    110,150 +

    No. of Total

    107,930 +

    No. of Total

    107,250 +

    No. of Total Phone Numbers

    How Many Products Does ServiceNow Have?

    ServiceNow’s Products can be divided into three categories namely: The Nonstop Cloud, The Now Platform and Cloud- Related Services. 

    The Now Platform

    It is an out- of- the- box service that provides numerous functionalities and reusable components into play across ServiceNow custom apps and cloud services. This can enable your business to build applications that operate at a much faster pace. Real- time service catalogs and notifications can be prioritized by multiple departments with ease.

    The Non- Stop Cloud

    Non- Stop Cloud consists of ServiceNow’s cloud infrastructure, and other than Customer- centric products there also exists a Multi-centric model that is specific for ServiceNow to customize its Cloud Services that align with their needs to perform upgrades that suits your business the best.

    Cloud- Related Services

    Lastly, Cloud Services take up the ServiceNow Web Products. These primarily consist of Services that are inclined towards IT, Customer Service, Security, Sales, Finance or HR apps. Together, they all form the core services that are instrumental for ServiceNow’s Market growth with over 17 million users worldwide.

      Top Industries that use ServiceNow

      Adoption of Latest Technology and Improved Digital Transformation efforts has undoubtedly led to an increased use of Cloud- Computing, which in turn has rendered it to become one of the key- drivers of ServiceNow’s Market growth.

      The ServiceNow market has been expected to increase from US$ 8.3 Bn to US$ 82.4 Bn by the end of 2032. It has also been projected that it will exhibit a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 33% during 2023- 2032.

      Uplift your Business’s Lead Generation Efforts with Avention Media’s ServiceNow Customers List

      Looking to Sell your Business’s Products to ServiceNow Customers? Make use of Avention Media’s ServiceNow Customer List to Market and Sell your Products to Profitable Prospects!

      Using a Verified Contact List of Companies using ServiceNow can work wonders for your business. Rather than centering all your time and resources in handling the tedious task of finding reliable contact information, you can make use of our ServiceNow Customers List to bring you a step closer to initiate your marketing campaigns right away!

      In addition to providing a roadmap for businesses to initiate its marketing campaigns and promote its Cloud -related solutions and services worldwide, our ServiceNow Contact Database is compliant with GDPR, CAN- SPAM and CCPA Data Regulations. 

      Our Data Repository consists of Certified Contact Database of Companies using ServiceNow in USA, Canada, UK, Germany and everywhere around the world. 

      Customize Your ServiceNow Customers List in Your Terms.


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      Solidify your Business’s Credibility, Rely on our Data Protection Guidelines- compliant Customer List

      Industry- Certified Standards can often increase the Chances of Getting a good amount of prospects, hence we at Avention Media ensure that our Customer List complies with the following Data Protection Guidelines given below

      USPS - Verification

      CASS- Certification

      Strict Adherence to CAN- SPAM, GDPR and CCPA Privacy Laws

      Perfect your Marketing Campaigns with our ServiceNow Customers List

      Taking- up a target- based marketing can level up your business’s chances of selling your products to only those who wish to buy your products, rather than sending out emails to all of the ServiceNow Clients. Our List of ServiceNow Customers can equip you with just the right solution and help you reach the Right Prospects through various Marketing Channels:  

      Email Marketing

      As one of the Result- oriented Marketing Channels, it makes it much easier for your business to connect directly and promote your products and services to the right prospects. Our ServiceNow Clients List can help you carry out an Email Marketing campaign that converts!

      Direct Marketing (Cold Calling)

      Your business doesn’t have to completely redact traditional channels of marketing, it can rather increase the chances of generating profitable leads. Our Customer List has Verified Contact Information to connect directly with targeted prospects and sell your products to them.

      Social Media Marketing

      Social Media is yet another result- driven marketing channel that can help showcase your products to businesses that may actually require your product. You will just have to merely add our Customisable ServiceNow List into the ‘Custom Audience Feature’ and wait for Social Media’s algorithms to do all the work for you!

      Market Directly to ServiceNow Users with our Credible Data Sources

      Get hold of our Certified Contact List of Countries using ServiceNow ! Our Data Specialists carry out rigorous research by going through hundreds of Trusted and Legitimate Public Data Sources and records, and gather an exhaustive list of data that is later converted to a more systemised and segmented Customers List. Our Verified Sources are inclusive of:

      Technology Professionals Web Surveys

      Tech Events

      Government Records

      Technology Conferences and Seminars

      Tech- Based Newsletters

      Opt- In Emails

      Organizational Records

      Which Businesses can use our ServiceNow Customers List?

      Businesses whose solutions and services can help Cloud- Service Users achieve any of their business requirements can make use of our List of Companies that use Servicenow in the USA and around the globe. Take a look at some of the examples:

      Software Development Companies

      Businesses that are using ServiceNow’s Cloud based Services would prefer to keep a track of their progress in a more organized manner. This is where Software Development Companies can use our List of Companies that use ServiceNow to provide Software Development Services and offer to fix their Software’s technical issues, Integration or Cybersecurity solutions to integrate or secure their systems and data.

      Software Training Institutes

      It is imminent for professionals working in a corporate setting to understand how the Software they are using actually works. And given that ServiceNow has a large customer base, Software Training can make use of our List of Companies using ServiceNow to extend their Software Training Services to them.

      Alternative Cloud- Service Providers

      Alternative Cloud Service Providers can again, take up a useful opportunity to reach out to a large pool of ServiceNow Customers. You can increase the awareness about your business’s Cloud- based solutions and services by highlighting better features, offer lower prices with the help of our List of ServiceNow Customers.

      Partnering Websites

      Partnering Websites primarily act as the middle-men in helping businesses avail a Software or Cloud- Based Product at a much affordable cost by providing Discounts and coupons. Hence, Partnering Websites can make use of our ServiceNow Clients List to offer Users with Coupons or Discounts to upgrade or install existing systems.

      Why Choose Avention Media for ServiceNow Customers List?

      Magnify your Business’s Sales and Marketing Outreach with Avention Media’s ServiceNow Customer List. 

      Our List aims to Stack your Business with :

      Accurate Contact Database of ServiceNow Users from Legitimate Sources.

      Access to Accurate Contact Data of Companies using ServiceNow, including C- Level Executives and Key- Decision Makers worldwide.

      Power- Up your Marketing KPIs, Connect with Profitable Leads with our Customizable List of Companies that use Servicenow in the USA and worldwide.

      An Actively- Managed ServiceNow Clients Contact Database with Regular 40- Days Updation feature.

      95% Email Deliverability Rate and Negligible Bounce Rate.

      A Starting Point to Amplify your Business’s ROI up to 100% with our ServiceNow Customers List.

      Get your ServiceNow Customer List in Downloadable Formats

      Your Order of ServiceNow Customers List will be delivered in 3-4 Business Days in a .xls., .csv or any other downloadable formats that inclines with your Business Requirements the best!

      You can download or integrate your delivered data in your existing CRM Software or cloud- based application. 

      Once your Customer List is delivered, our team will provide the required assistance in understanding the entire process and help you get familiarized with our Certified B2B Contact Database. 

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      Why Rely on Inaccurate Contact Information?

      Reach out to us at [email protected] or call +(888)317-9410 to get your Certified List of Companies that use ServiceNow and Start- Off your Business’s Product Sales and Marketing with our Certified Contact Database, today!

      Start- Off a Winning Marketing Campaign with our ServiceNow Customer List!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      ServiceNow’s biggest competitors include BMC Helix, Jira Service Desk, Salesforce Service Cloud, Freshdesk and Zendesk. 

      ServiceNow is actively being used by renowned brands like Accenture, Coca Cola, Amon Allianz, NASA, Adidas, ElectraNet, Automic, ActivTrades and more.

      ServiceNow is popular due to its capabilities in automating workflows, managing requests and providing real-time visibility into different IT related operations.

      Customers that are using ServiceNow include: Microsoft, a US Based MNC and Technology Company with over US$2 Tn revenue and Waltmart, a US Based Retail Organisation with more than US$ 500 Bn revenue. 

      In 2024 alone, more than 25291 companies have started using ServiceNow.

      AT&T, Walmart, CVS Health, Coca-Cola, Goldman Sachs Group, JP Morgan Chase, Microsoft and Morgan Stanley are some of the prominent Fortune 500 Companies that are using ServiceNow.  

      ServiceNow Clients  include United States Department of Defense, Walmart, Amazon.com, Apple Inc, CVS Health and many others.

      As of 2024, 85- 90% of Fortune 500 Companies are using ServiceNow. 

      ServiceNow caters to businesses of all sizes, including mid-sized, small and large organizations. It serves three popularly different departments like: Data center management, HR service delivery and Customer service management. 

      Yes, ServiceNow has a high-demand in the USA and is expected to reach a $15 Billion market by the end of 2025. 

       More businesses are opting for the major Cloud-based company like ServiceNow to magnify their digital operations, simplify complex workflows, and automate a vast number of processes. 

      ServiceNow’s target audience inclusive of Companies with $100 million in revenue. Their customer base also includes 85- 90% of Fortune 500 companies like Accenture and Adidas. 

      Currently, over 18,000 US Employees are working in ServiceNow. 

      As of 2024, ServiceNow has more than 8,100 Customers around the globe.

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