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There are several tech and non-tech companies that use SAP products. Are you struggling to find a reliable list of SAP companies? We offer data solutions for your needs.

SAP, a well-known company, focuses on developing advanced software solutions for businesses of all sizes. They help businesses simplify, map, and centralize their operations. Companies that use SAP can streamline and manage all their business operations on a single platform and track them in real time.

Teams in companies using SAP can easily collaborate as data accessibility and exchange becomes easier.

The SAP application services market is growing at a CAGR of 6%, expected to reach USD 64695.99 million by 2031. With a rise in SAP clients, the company expects total revenue of over EUR 37.5 billion for 2025.

SAP’s growth and expansion have created growth opportunities for businesses trying to grow in this industry, especially SAP implementation partners and businesses offering similar products. Therefore, this might be the right time to connect with SAP customers, pitch your offerings and drive business growth. 

A reliable list of companies using SAP from Avention Media can help you in your outreach efforts and boost marketing success.

Let’s explore the scope of an SAP clients list in detail.

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    No. of companies that use SAP


    No. of Total

    1,383,313 +

    No. of Total


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    What are Some Companies that Use SAP?

    SAP has a user base of over 28 million. Global corporations and businesses across several industries use SAP solutions, including manufacturing, finance, logistics, etc.

    As brands improve their business processes using SAP solutions, imagine the number of opportunities B2B businesses can acquire by using their information to build effective connections.

    That is why a verified SAP customer list can be a critical tool for your business growth.

    Companies Using SAP

    Here is a list of companies using SAP in USA that can be your target prospects for business expansion.

    Company NameRevenueEmployee Size
    Coca ColaUSD 43 billion700,000 approx
    DHLUSD 53.72 billion58,000 approx
    Ford MotorsUSD 176.2 billion177,000
    eBayUSD 10.11 billion12,300
    CitrixUSD 3.2 billionOver 8,500
    DeloitteUSD 65 billion457,000
    SamsungUSD 194 billion270,320
    AccentureUSD 64.5 billion733,000
    IBMUSD 61.86 billion288,000
    AirbnbUSD 9.92 billion6,907

      What is an SAP Customer List?

      Avention Media’s SAP customers list is an extensive database of companies that use SAP. This database is an invaluable resource that provides access to vital client information like email addresses, client company names, phone numbers, and more. This crucial data helps you create personalized messages for your marketing campaigns, increasing their effectiveness and probability of success.

      For B2B businesses, having verified and relevant data is significant in amplifying their outreach efforts. Acquiring a reliable list of companies using SAP from Avention Media can help you expand your reach to far-fetched global markets. You can increase your lead generation efforts and connect with prospects in countries like the USA, the UK, and Canada.

      Avention Media’s highly accurate list of SAP customers helps you connect with the right prospects through appropriate channels. This database’s credibility and potential are unmatched, as all the data is acquired from 100% reliable opt-in sources.

      Accelerate Campaign Efforts with a Segmented SAP Clients List

      Data segmentation allows marketers to locate their precise target prospects to boost campaign effectiveness. With a well-segmented database, you can create personalized content for various marketing channels that resonate with your prospects.

      A segmented list of companies that use SAP helps you pitch your products and services through multichannel campaigns targeted at top-level individuals in these companies. Using this versatile and segmented database, you can send customized emails, mail newsletters, product demos, etc.

      Avention Media lets you segment the list of top companies using SAP based on several data fields and SAP products per your requirements. This helps you segment your audience into specific groups to design customized campaigns.

      Customize Your SAP Customers List in Your Terms.


      Revenue size

      Job Titles



      SIC code

      Company size

      How Many Products are There in SAP?

      SAP has several innovative solutions that fulfill various business needs. Starting from analytics to human capital management and ERP, SAP helps simplify operations across organizations. SAP offers over 250 software products and applications that can streamline business processes. These software and applications evolve with the evolving needs of different businesses.

      Here is a list of SAP products

      SAP Analytics Cloud

      SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence

      SAP Business One

      SAP Business Suite

      SAP Crystal Reports

      SAP Cloud Computing

      SAP Content Stream by Skillsoft

      SAP Data Services

      SAP Enterprise and Portfolio Management

      SAP Financial Closing Cockpit

      SAP HANA Cloud

      SAP Master Data Governance

      SAP NetWeaver

      Product Sourcing Solutions from SAP

      SAP Service and Asset Manager

      SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central

      SAP Tax Compliance

      SAP Workforce Forecasting and Scheduling by WorkForce Software

      SAP Sustainability Footprint Management

      SAP Product Lifecycle Costing

      Which industries have the most SAP customers?

      Numerous sectors utilize SAP systems to manage data, streamline operations, and link business processes. Here is the list of industries using SAP solutions:

      • Manufacturing: Factories and other manufacturing organizations utilize SAP solutions for supply chain management, inspection and quality control, and production planning.
      • Retail: SAP assists retail firms with managing supply chains, inventory, and customer relationships.
      • Finance: SAP is used by financial institutions for functions ranging from risk and asset management to financial accounting.
      • Healthcare: Advanced SAP functionality makes it convenient to manage patient data, enhance operational effectiveness, and optimize the supply chain.
      • Telecommunications: The telecom sector relies upon SAP for network optimization, CRM software, and specialized billing software for the telecom sector.
      • Automobile: SAP solutions are widely used in the automobile sector to manage the supply chain, enhance production procedures, and increase overall operational efficiency.
      Here is a list of the top countries where companies that use SAP are located:
      United States

      Which countries have the most SAP clients?

      Several companies worldwide use SAP services. However, most of these organizations are located in the US.

      Breakdown of Companies Using SAP by USA State Wise

      Breakdown of Companies Using SAP by Revenue

      RevenueNo. of Companies
      > $1000 Million4310
      $201 Million to $1000 Million22,320
      $101 Million to $200 Million5,243
      $51 Million to $100 Million9,196
      $11 Million to $50 Million17,695
      $1 Million to $10 Million19,695
      $0 Million to $1 Million685

      Breakdown of Companies Using SAP by Employee Size

      EmployeeNO. of Customers
      1 to 107149
      11-50 Employees22040
      51 to 20014530
      201 to 5009540
      501 to 100012440
      1001 – 50006240
      5001 – 100004140

      Who Can Utilize Our List of Companies that Use SAP

      Avention Media’s SAP customers list is a valuable resource for marketers and decision-makers from technical and non-technical sectors. The accurate data in our SAP clients list contributes to business growth by solidifying your B2B marketing methods, improving your brand visibility, and enhancing brand recognition.

      This list of companies using SAP can be personalized by IT firms, financial consultants, or salespeople to suit their B2B strategy.

      Considering the diverse industries that use SAP, businesses of several niches can benefit from this list of SAP clients.

      Here are some examples of businesses and organizations that can utilize our list of companies that use SAP

      IT Consultants
      SaaS Service Providers
      Technical Recruiting Firms
      SAP Consulting Agencies
      Event Organizers and Brands
      Insurance Companies
      Research and Development Firms

      Ways Businesses Can Utilize Our SAP Customers List

      Avention Media offers a customized list of companies using SAP that can effectively support your marketing and sales initiatives. You can narrow your prospect search and target the ones that align with your buyer personas.

      Moreover, with this SAP clients list, you can directly reach C-level executives and pitch your offerings.

      This premium SAP customers list assists you in your personalized strategies, allowing you to create customer-centric campaigns. It helps you differentiate your business from the competitors.

      Furthermore, you can utilize this database of companies that use SAP for
      • Lead GenerationAcquire high-quality leads and engage with them to boost conversions through various channels.
      • Lead Nurturing – Launch your personalized marketing strategies to nurture your leads and push them through your sales funnel.
      • Automated Email Drip Campaigns Schedule your email chains to keep your audiences engaged throughout their customer journey.
      • Direct Tele-calling Campaigns – Connect with top professionals in SAP companies through their contact numbers and pitch your offerings.

      How Do We Compile Our List of SAP Clients?

      At Avention Media, we understand the value of reliable and authentic data. Hence, we are committed to providing the most relevant information in our SAP customers list to upscale your campaigns.

      Our data experts ensure that the information in our SAP clients list adheres to data protection laws like GDPR and CAN-SPAM. As such, we help you perform safe and responsible B2B communication, avoiding legal problems. Each piece of information in our list of SAP clients is acquired from reliable and verified sources, including

      IT conferences


      Trade shows

      Global Affiliates


      Corporate Websites

      Public Records and Filings

      Government Organizations

      Opt-In Emails

      Professional and Alumni Directories

      With our reliable and verified SAP clients list you will connect with your potential customers and generate qualified leads. Additionally, you can create multichannel marketing campaigns that will help you expand your B2B marketing across the globe.  

      Why Should You Choose Avention Media’s SAP Customers List?

      Avention Media’s List of SAP clients is a database and a valuable resource for business growth. Our SAP customers list is a gold mine of reliable information about SAP clients worldwide. We deliver results by helping our clients design meticulously targeted campaigns that can boost their ROI.

      Each data point in this list of companies that use SAP is subjected to strict verification to ensure you get an authentic resource to power up your campaigns.

      Here is why our database of companies that use SAP must be your first choice

      Our database upholds the highest data standards as every record is obtained from 100% opt-in and verified sources, which undergo multiple verification stages. As such, you reach prospects genuinely interested in your offerings.

      Our data team conducts routine checks to analyze the relevance of our databases. Our database is updated every three months to eliminate stagnant and stale data. We ensure your messages reach valid inboxes for higher deliverability rates.

      We deliver highly relevant and high-quality data to help you create personalized multi-channel campaign strategies. With the SAP customers list, you get fresh data to boost conversions.

      Avention Media ensures our clients use legal channels to reach their target audience. Hence, our list of companies using SAP is built in adherence to crucial data privacy laws like CAN-SPAM and GDPR.

      The SAP clients list is delivered in easily accessible formats like XLS, CSV, and TXT so that you can integrate it seamlessly with your existing database.

      Why let unreliable data hamper your marketing efforts? Connect with Avention Media at [email protected] or +1(888) 317-9410 to upscale your growth efforts.

      Uplift Your Marketing Campaign Using our SAP Customer List

      Frequently Asked Questions

      SAP has more than 24000 partner companies located across the globe.

      86% of companies featured on the Fortune 500 list use SAP, whereas about 92-98% of Fortune 100 companies use SAP solutions.

      SAP has over 28 million clients spanning across various industries globally, including manufacturing, finance, and logistics.

      Here are some Fortune 500 companies that use SAP:

      • Amazon
      • Apple
      • Alphabet
      • McKesson
      • Chevron
      • Costco Wholesale
      • Phillips
      • Walmart

      The top 10 companies using SAP include:

      • Microsoft Corporation
      • IBM
      • Ford Motor Company
      • General Electric
      • Johnson & Johnson.
      • Procter & Gamble (P&G)
      • PepsiCo
      • 3M
      • Cisco Systems, Inc.
      • The Boeing Company

      Amazon is one of the biggest clients of SAP.

      Here are some US companies that use SAP

      • BMW
      • Citrix
      • The Coca-Cola Company
      • DHL
      • Ford Motor Company
      • Airbus
      • Dow Chemical Company
      • eBay
      • Samsung Electronics


      Yes, 99 out of the 100 largest companies are SAP customers. These SAP customers generate around 87% of total trade worldwide.

      You can connect with the Avention Media team to get an authentic and customized SAP customer list. Once you place the order, you will receive the list in 2-4 business days.

      In 2023, SAP’s global revenue was around EUR 31 billion, equivalent to USD 33.84 billion.

      The current market cap of SAP is USD 223.89 billion, making it the 48th most valuable company worldwide.

       86% of Fortune 500 companies use SAP products and services.

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