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Companies That Use SAP ERP

SAP ERP software is used across various industries from small to large enterprises to manage core organizational processes.

SAP ERP centralizes business data into one that can be easily accessed across all the departments. The access to information enables businesses to seamlessly facilitate sales processes from collecting raw materials to producing finished products to the customers.

Companies using SAP ERP for the first time or migrating from the existing one to the cloud, with the help of SAP ERP they can get a complete modular solution with AI and analytics capabilities to grow and expand their business.

SAP ERP is one of the leading ERP solution providers, because of its higher market share. It is used across 39,668 companies with 75,000 customers around 120 countries.

SAP ERP emerges as a fundamental element, transforming how companies strengthen their processes, unify functions, and make use of the data-driven insights to improve efficiency and move forward.

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    No. of companies using SAP ERP

    2,15,494+ +

    No. of Total


    No. of Total

    2,13,634 +

    No. of Total Phone Numbers

    Who are the customers of SAP ERP?

    SAP ERP enables businesses to identify unique challenges of business while providing in-depth insights based on real-time data to make informed decisions. Additionally, SAP ERP is a flexible and adjustable system helping users to revamp their tasks and adapt quickly to changing developments. Here is a list of top companies that use SAP ERP.

    Companies That Use SAP ERP

    List of Top Companies That Use SAP ERP by Revenue

    CompanyWebsiteEmployee sizeRevenue
    Ciscocisco.com51,480$ 50 billion
    Delldell.com115,262$ 105 billion
    FEMAfema.gov189,000$ 1000 million
    Burger Kingbk.com63,918$ 1.81 billion
    Skullcandyskullcandy.com250-500$ 266 million
    Lorven Technologieslorventech.com33$ 10-50 million
    Univera.Incunivera.com51$ 1 – 10 million
    Coca-Colacoca-cola.com100,798$ 41.322 billion
    Tyson Foods.Inctysonfoods.com3841$ 47 billion
    Johnson & Johnsonjnj.com43,900$ 93 billion

    Market size of SAP ERP

    SAP ERP market is growing rapidly with a market share of 10.76% percent. Further the market is expected to reach USD 154.44 billion by 2030.

    The growing SAP ERP market creates many opportunities for marketers and businesses who are dealing with ERP software or services to connect with the key players in the field and grow business. 

    Whether you are a tech giant or local business, data-driven marketing will help you achieve your business objectives and drive success. So gather, analyze, and leverage data to elevate your marketing outreach and reach the global market with avention media’s list of companies using SAP ERP to grow business, build connections, and earn recommendation from the key market players and prominent leaders.

    SAP ERP Market Share

      What is a SAP ERP customer list?

      A SAP ERP customer list is an extensive database of companies using SAP ERP worldwide. Avention media is a leading data provider, helping businesses looking to promote their products and services dealing with ERP softwares or other related services to the target customers with our SAP ERP customers list to grow business.

      SAP ERP Customer List

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      What are SAP ERP products?

      • SAP S/4HANA cloud
      • SAP commerce Cloud
      • Concur Expense
      • SAP Ariba strategic sourcing suite
      • SAP integrated business planning for supply chain
      • SAP success factor employee central
      List of SAP ERP Products

      Which are the industries that use SAP ERP the most?

      SAP is used across different industries to perform different business activities such as supply chain management, inventory control, finance, HR and payroll and many more. Here is a list of industries that use SAP ERP the most.

      • Manufacturing: SAP ERP is hugely used in the manufacturing industry to manage production planning, quality control, and supply chain management.
      • Retail: Retail sector utilize SAP ERP for inventory, supply chain, and customer relations to improve overall buying experience.
      • Healthcare: In the healthcare industry SAP ERP is used to manage patients records, manage administration and overall operations.
      • Finance: Financial sector uses SAP ERP for accounting, asset and risk management.
      • Automotive: Automotive industry uses SAP ERP to manage production, supply chain, and overall business operations.
      • Telecommunications: Telecommunication industry leverage SAP ERP to maintain billing systems, network operations and enhance customer relations.
      • Pharmaceuticals: Pharma companies use SAP ERP to manage regulatory compliance, supply chain management and boost overall business operations.
      • Oil and Gas: Oil and Gas industry use SAP ERP to deal with production, exploration, and supply chain management.
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      Professional And Financial Services
      0 %
      Distribution and Wholesale
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      Non Profit Public Sector
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      Which country has the most SAP ERP Customers?

      SAP ERP is one of the most commonly used ERP tools among top companies  across the globe. The United States majorly depends on ERP solutions, hence has the largest ERP market share. With over 7675 customers that is 47. 09%  of SAP ERP users are from the US alone, followed by India with 1076 customers (10.47%) and Germany with 1661 customers  (10. 19%) respectively.

      Companies that use SAP ERP by State in USA

      Companies that use SAP ERP are small businesses with 20%(10-20) employees, medium-sized businesses with 44% (50) employees,  and 36% large enterprises (1000) employees respectively.

      Companies that use SAP ERP by Employee size

      EmployeeNO. of Customers
      1 to 106,292
      11 to 505,698
      51 to 2004,070
      201 to 5003,885
      501 to 10003,698
      1001 – 50003,685
      5001 – 100003,652

      Companies that use SAP ERP are small businesses with 20%(10-20) employees, medium-sized businesses with 44% (50) employees,  and 36% large enterprises (1000) employees respectively.

      Companies that use SAP ERP by Revenue size

      EmployeeNO. of Customers

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Over 39,668 companies in 120 countries use SAP ERP.

      About 79% of Fortune 500 companies use SAP ERP to manage critical business operations and data insights.

      Manufacturing industry uses SAP ERP to manage supply chain management, production planning and inventory control.

      Salesforce has over 1,50,000 customer bases worldwide.

      Amazon, BMW, Coca-Cola, Walmart, Apple are the biggest customers of SAP ERP.

      SAP ERP is popular because it centralizes all the inclusive data of the organization into one which can be easily accessible by the different departments for business processes.

      Manufacturing, Retail, Finance, Healthcare, Education, Banks, and among others use SAP ERP to simplify operations and enhance productivity.

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