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At present, SAP CRM is one of the most preferred customer relationship management (CRM) software tools in the world, with its employees hailing from 157 countries around the world. Globally, companies that use SAP CRM have surpassed $22 trillion in consumer purchases. 

With a global market share of 3.5%, SAP CRM is known for dealing with customer management, enabling companies to grow their audience, build trust, and personalize customer relationships based on transparency and personal data control. 

SAP CRM customers list is a large one, from corporate giants like IBM to General Electric (GE) to small and medium-sized enterprises, SAP CRM serves all businesses. Moreover, over 86% of companies on the Forbes 500 list and 92% of the Forbes Global 2000 Companies represent the companies that use SAP CRM software. 

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    How Many Companies Use SAP CRM?

    Globally, at present over 7,772 companies are active customers of SAP CRM, who are using their software system. For reference,
    here is a list of leading
    companies that use SAP CRM to escalate their business ventures.

    Company NameIndustry typeRevenue ($)Employee Size
    SaskPowerElectric utilities3.37 billion3,000
    Microsoft CorporationTechnology198.3 billion220,000
    The Walt Disney CompanyEntertainment and media88.9 billion225,000
    General Electric (GE)Conglomerate68 billion125,000
    QinetiQScience and Engineering1.95 billion8000
    IBM CorporationTechnology61.86 billion282,200
    Sydney WaterWater Utilities2.8 billion3,200
    AvantorBiotechnical research6.86 billion14,500
    CuatrecasasLaw firm380 million1000-5000

    Which Are The Industries That Use SAP CRM In The USA?

    The USA alone has 39% of overall SAP CRM customers in the world, which indicates that most of the companies that use SAP CRM are in the USA, here’s the list of industries that use SAP CRM in the USA: 

    Which Countries Use The SAP CRM Most In The World?

    The top three countries that use the SAP CRM most in the world are:

    United States
    United Kingdom

    What is the SAP CRM Customers List?

    The SAP CRM customers list consists of Companies that use SAP CRM software, this list contains the data of the management professionals, and top-level business executives across various industries that are the customers of SAP CRM. From their email address to their fax numbers, every contact details of these business professionals are available in the SAP CRM customers list.

    Data Fields of SAP CRM

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      Who Are The Businesses That Can Make Use of Our SAP CRM Clients List?

      Businesses that are looking to connect with SAP CRM customers can make use of our exclusive database. You could connect with the decision makers and top-level professionals and pitch your products and services to them, to increase your business prospects. Here’s a list of companies that can benefit from our SAP CRM customers list:

      Development companies that are planning to launch a new CRM software, can use the SAP CRM clients list to pitch their services to their target customers.

      Software companies can promote their software services that can be easily integrated with SAP CRM, increasing their business prospects.

      Training firms that provide training programs to companies can use SAP CRM client lists to connect with their target audience to upscale their businesses.

      SAP CRM Modules

      Where Do We Collect Our SAP CRM Customers Database From?

      At Avention Media, we aim to provide the best-in-class B2B data that aligns the most with your business goals. Equipped with our data, you can plan your marketing strategies as per your business requirements. We mine our data from credible sources, ensuring the authenticity and accuracy of our SAP CRM customers data.

      All our data is sourced from reliable data networks to maintain authenticity and accuracy.

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      Technical Journals

      Website subscription

      Technology Directories

      SAP CRM white papers

      Government Directories

      Surveys and feedback forms

      Technology Summits and conferences

      Why Should You Choose Avention Media SAP CRM Customers List?

      If you are a marketer, professional, business, or enterprise, planning to connect with C-level professionals and decision-makers of companies using SAP CRM, getting a list of companies using SAP CRM can simplify your task for you. Avention Media, a key data provider, gives you access to the SAP CRM customers list worldwide, to help you reach potential prospects to foster effective business relationships.

      Our exclusive features include:

      95% data accuracy to reach your target audience.

      Our data gets updated every 40 days to ensure accuracy.

      Result-based data that increases your deliverability rate.

      Higher ROI with improved customer engagement.

      Consent-based data mined from reliable sources.

      Use our SAP CRM customers list to promote your product and services to expand your business outreach. Connect with our experts to know more about our solution services, for more details get in touch with us via:

      Strengthen Your Business Position With Hyper Targeted SAP CRM Customer List.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Over 7,772 companies are using SAP CRM as their customer relationship management software tool.

      SAP CRM is used in business activities involving customer building, increasing sales, improving customer services, and increasing the overall business profitability.

      SAP CRM is used for various functions such as looking over the company’s sales, and marketing activities, looking after the e-commerce and other services of the business.

      From big companies such as IBM, Walmart, General Electric (GE), and others, to medium-sized businesses, to small-sized enterprises, all types of businesses use the services of SAP CRM.

      The four CRM vendors that are ruling the market are, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, and SAP, respectively.

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