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Salesforce is a number #1 cloud-based CRM software company providing customer relationship management solutions (CRM) to companies. It helps manage sales, marketing, customer service, e-commerce, automation, analytics, and application development  for the businesses.

The company was founded in the year 1999, in America. Ever since its establishment it has offered high quality products and services and has grown exponentially in the respective market.

Owing to the growth, the global Salesforce CRM services market is expected to reach USD 28675.97 million by 2028, with a CAGR of 14.19%. The biggest salesforce market is the USA with over  59% of companies that use salesforce CRM are present in the USA alone.

Salesforce’s global dominance is undeniable with over 150,000 customers and 80,000 employees worldwide, the CRM giant is present in every corner of the world, assisting companies simplify their business operations, improve overall customer experience, and accelerate growth. 

Nearly 30% of companies using salesforce come from the professional service industry. Here is a breakdown of salesforce customers by industry with real-time data. 

The salesforce CRM is used 34.3% in service industry, 15.5% in finance, 13.9% and 13.6% in retail and transport each and followed by manufacturing industry with 6.9%. The list of salesforce customers is growing, simultaneously with prominent companies such as the U.S. Bank, Walmart, Toyota, Amazon implementing Salesforce CRM to strengthen their business operations.

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    10,23,246 +

    No. of Total

    10,21,182 +

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    What Are The Companies That Use Salesforce?

    Salesforce is used by various businesses and industries and from small startups to Fortune 500 companies. It offers affordable pricing, and a team of sales experts and customers support for guidance throughout the way.

    Some of the top companies that use salesforce CRM software for their businesses are as follows.

    Companies Using Salesforce

    List of Top Companies That Use Salesforce CRM by Revenue

    Amazon.comwww.amazon.comInternet services & Retailing538 billion
    McDonaldswww.mcdonalds.com/us/en-us.htmlFood Services23 billion
    Macy’swww.macys.comGeneral Merchandisers24 billion
    Comcastbusiness.comcast.comTelecommunications121 billion
    McKesson corporationwww.mckesson.comWholesaler: Healthcare276 billion
    Walmart Inc.corporate.walmart.comGeneral Merchandisers611 billion
    UnitedHealth Group Inc.www.unitedhealthgroup.comHealthcare: Insurance & Managed Care357 billion

    Amazon and Walmart Inc. are the largest users of Salesforce CRM amongst the top companies with revenue of $538 billion and $611 billion respectively.

    Salesforce Market Share Stats of 2024

    The primary reason for salesforce incredible growth is that it provides a range of ready-made CRM applications that are tailored to specific needs of various industries and business departments.

    Factors driving salesforce dominance in the CRM market is

    The Salesforce services market has been a vital source for various industries over the years. With an intricate web of technologies, it has significantly evolved and promises more innovation and advancement in the future with AI being the focal point.

    Therefore, salesforce will become an irreplaceable tool that can be extracted not just for sales data, but for customer behavior, support history, product performance, and analytics in the near future.

    Empower your business dealing around salesforce products and services with Avention media’s Salesforce customer list to reach potential prospects and grow your customer base worldwide.

      What is Salesforce Customers List?

      A Salesforce customer list is an all-inclusive database of companies that use salesforce CRM.  Avention media’s salesforce client’s data is equipped with intricate contact information of top decision makers and industries using salesforce CRM in countries like the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, and APAC.

      If you are a business selling similar products and services and want to market your business, then this information will help you reach your potential prospect across the globe.

      Using Avention media’s salesforce user email list you can segment your audience based on various data fields such as company name, email address, geographical location, pin code etc., additionally you can customize your marketing message according to your target audience and business requirement.

      Segment Salesforce CRM Customers List Based on Criteria

      Having access to a well segmented salesforce CRM customers list allows you to target potential customers. Avention media’s responsive database of companies using salesforce helps you segment your potential prospects based on various aspects. This information is essential when you want to take a more personalized approach towards the target customers.

      Segmenting customer data into geographic, demographic, and behavioral categories will allow you to create more targeted and personalized experiences. With Avention media’s salesforce customer list you can leverage data customization and make more personalized marketing strategies and build a loyal customer base. 

      Salesforce Customer List

      Customize Your Salesforce Customers List in Your Terms.


      Job Titles


      Company size

      Assets Size

      Geographic Locations

      What Products Does Salesforce Offer?

      Salesforce provides a wide variety of products that caters to different needs of the organizations and businesses. It offers customer relationship management software (CRM) that help companies to manage business processes like contact management, sales, customer service, marketing automation, and analytics.

      Salesforce allows regular workflow in the organization that is recorded in one place and helps employees to focus on their tasks so that everyone is working on the same document and when needed the work is assigned automatically to the respective people. This significantly reduces the time and ensures effectiveness of workflow.

      List of salesforce products and services

      Which Industries Use
      Salesforce the Most?

      Salesforce CRM is used across various industries from private equity to commercial real estate, and from educational institutions to non-profit organizations.

      IndustryIndustry Percentage of use
      Wholesale trade2.9%
      Public administration6.9%
      United States
      0 .8%
      0 .7%
      0 .9
      0 .2%
      0 .8%
      United Kingdom
      0 .9%
      0 .6%

      Which Countries Use Salesforce the Most?

      About 61.8% of Salesforce customers are from the USA, majorly from California (9,018 customers), and around (3.913) customers from New York, (3891) users from Texas regions. followed by customers from the UK and France around (13,6%), (4.9%) respectively.

      Salesforce Customer List Based On USA States

      Salesforce Customer List Based On Revenue

      RevenueNo. of Companies
      Below 1M9276
      1M to 10M62810
      10M to 50M43450
      50M to 100M10435
      100M to 200M3562
      200M to 1000M15158
      > 1000M7832

      Salesforce Customer List Based On Employee Size

      EmployeeNO. of Customers
      1 to 1022790
      11 to 5052052
      51 to 20029150
      201 to 50017189
      501 to 10007929
      1001 – 500011485
      5001 – 100007414

      Who Can Use This List of Companies Using Salesforce?

      Businesses that sell similar services or products, salesforce partners, supportive services or marketers can leverage companies that use salesforce CRM to market their product and services.

      Businesses that can benefit from salesforce customer list are

      CRM software providers
      Sales and marketing agencies
      IT service and support providers
      Salesforce consultants
      Data management and integration services
      E-commerce and Retailers
      Analytics and business intelligence providers
      Training and education services

      Where Do We Source Data For the Salesforce Customers List?

      At Avention media our only motive is to provide you with a verified and 100% authentic B2B database that aligns with your business objective. With this data you can customize your marketing strategies according to your business requirements.

      Avention media meets all the data protection requirements. But just following the compliance law is not a tick box for us, we go beyond industry standards with vigorous security measures. It’s an ongoing commitment to earning your trust and serving you with the best data that caters to your business growth.

      All our data is sourced from reliable data networks to maintain authenticity and accuracy.





      Opt-in emails

      Business directories

      Website subscription

      Seminars and conferences

      Government directories

      Surveys and feedback forms

      With our reliable and verified salesforce clients list you will connect with your potential customers and generate qualified leads. Additionally, you can create multichannel marketing campaigns that will help you expand your B2B marketing across the globe.  

      Why is the Avention Media Salesforce Customers List the Best Choice?

      Avention media’s salesforce client list is an abundant source of reliable contact information of salesforce customers worldwide that will help businesses create targeted marketing campaigns and enhance business ROI. 

      Every data in the list of companies that use salesforce is obliged with strict verification to ensure authenticity and accuracy.

      Here is why you should consider our database of salesforce customer list

      Our database complies with the highest data protection standards as all information is gathered from 100% verified sources and opt-ins, which undergo vigorous verification processes. As a result, you connect with prospects that are genuinely interested in your offerings.

      Our team of data experts conducts regular testing to analyze the precision of our databases. Furthermore, the data is updated every three months to eliminate inaccurate and incorrect data that will reach right inboxes for higher deliverability rates.

      We make sure to offer you highly relevant and quality data to help you create personalized marketing messages for the target audience. With our salesforce customers list, you get fresh data that generates leads and helps you build a loyal customer base.

      We ensure all our clients use legitimate channels to reach their targeted customers Hence, our list of companies using salesforce is created with utmost adherence to crucial data privacy laws such as CAN-SPAM and GDPR complaint.

      Our salesforce clients list can be easily downloaded in XLS, CSV, and TEXT formats that seamlessly integrate with your existing database.

      If you are a business finding it difficult to source reliable data to market your products and services. Worry not, let us take care of your data search. Contact Avention media’s sales team for further details at [email protected] or call on +1(888) 317-9410 and grow your business

      Strengthen Your Business Position With Hyper Targeted Salesforce Customer List.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Around 80% of Fortune 500 companies use Salesforce to strengthen customers relationships and boost their business.

      Salesforce has over 1,50,000 customer bases worldwide.

      Walmart, Toyota, L’oreal, Spotify, Puma, Razorpay, Macy’s, and Amazon.

      Amazon, and Walmart Inc. are the biggest clients of Salesforce.

      If you are looking to market to Salesforce users, get in touch with Avention media, a leading data provider. With our Salesforce customer email list, you can reach your potential customers worldwide.

      The global salesforce services market was USD $14.1 billion in 2023 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 19.2%.

      The comprehensive CRM solutions provided by Salesforce that contributes to overall productivity of the organization is what made it popular amongst its competitors.  

      Salesforce is the number one CRM provider from the US.

       Salesforce offers a wide variety of products which includes AI, Sales, MuleSoft,Service,Slack, Marketing, Commerce, Data Cloud, Heroku, and Net Zero.

      A Salesforce CRM integrates with other applications easily to provide a seamless back-end experience. One of the ways Salesforce CRM helps in integration is with AppExchange. Each app can be installed with ease so the team can use it in the salesforce products

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