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Sage is an innovative accounting software powered by the latest AI, cloud solutions, and machine learning tools that help businesses centralize all their accounting operations such as cash flow management, invoicing, bank overdrafts, and inventory management in real-time.

In the current business scenario companies using Sage range from startups to large enterprises that use Sage software with its robust features to get a complete accounting and financial solution.

Owning over 25.9% global market share in the IT sector,  Sage serves more than 6 million customers worldwide,  generating above $2 billion in revenue. The demand for Sage accounting service is at an all-time high, as more and more companies are coming forward to keep a keen eye on their financial standings.

Most of the companies using Sage and Sage 50 are in the construction industry and are mainly based in the USA. 


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    Which Companies Use Sage Accounting Software?

    The top priority of any organization is to maintain a profitable ratio of finances for economic business. Thus, every small, medium, and large business enterprise uses Sage and Sage 50 to achieve smooth financial transactions for their business. Top companies like eBay, Fujitsu, and PrimeFlight Aviation Services use Sage accounting services to streamline the financial handling of their business. 

    Here is a list of top companies using Sage in the USA:

    Company Name Revenue Employee Size
    California State University, Stanislaus 1.5 Million 63,357
    HTC Inc. Consultants 1.14 Billion 11,000
    Deloitte 64.9 Billion 457,000
    McAfee Corp 1.9 Billion 2,361
    NORMA Group 1.33 Billion 8,000
    Cornell University 5.11 Billion 700

    12,235 +

    No of companies that use Sage

    40,212 +

    No. of Total

    28,770 +

    No. of Total

    25,621 +

    No. of Total Phone Numbers

      Sage Customer List by Business Revenue Size

      Sage is an ideal software for small businesses that wants easy access to all their accounting activities. Here is the Sage customer list by business revenue value:

      Business Type Revenue Number of businesses
      Small-scale 10M-50M 5,106
      Mid-sized 10M- <1B 1,247
      Large-scale > 1B 1,233

      Sage customer list by country

      With the United States leading the Sage customer base, here is a list of countries that has the most number of Sage customers:

      Sage customer list by Industry type

      Various companies from different industries use Sage software, here is a list of industries that use Sage along with their market share:

      What is a Sage Customer List?

      A Sage customers list is a comprehensive database that contains contact information of companies using Sage accounting software systems to simplify their business operations.

      Businesses looking to bring innovations into the accounting space can consider the pros of partnering with Avention Media. We are a global data provider that offers an intent-based Sage customer list to businesses who want to market their product and services to the right audience.

      Use our Sage customer list to connect with prominent leaders who are in a position to make purchasing decisions related to technology investment for their businesses.

      Sage Customer List

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      What is The Product List of Sage Software?

      Sage software offers a wide range of exclusive products to its customers. These are the exclusive software applications that Sage sells:

      Products Of Sage

      Which Businesses Can Use our Sage Customer List?

      The rise of technological advancements has led to fierce market competition among businesses, Sage customer email list can enable businesses to reach out to their potential prospects in the tech industry to grow their brand visibility. 

      Here are some of the businesses that can use our Sage customers database to outreach their competitors:

      IT companies

      IT companies promoting different IT services such as cloud services, software services, consulting services, and backup solutions, can increase their business reach by connecting with the right customers.

      Partnering development companies

      Partnering development companies that offer add-on software like payroll etc, need to pitch their services to their target customer base.

      Substitute accounting software companies

      Due to the increase in competition, alternative accounting software companies can enhance their marketing strategies to attract targeted customers.

      Software research centers:

      Software research institutes looking to collect insightful data that can connect them with the right audience to gather information to understand market trends, and customer preferences, to closely track competition.

      From Where Do We Collect Our Sage Customers Data?

      Our data collection process includes going through our trusted sources to provide high-quality B2B data that resonates with your business goals. Use our data to plan intent-based marketing strategies. We prioritize collecting our data from reliable sources to ensure the credibility of our Sage customers database.

      Technical Journals and publications

      Website subscriptions

      Technology directories

      Government Directories

      Surveys and questionnaires

      Technological conferences, events, and more!

      Why Should You Choose Avention Media Sage Customers Data?

      If you are a business or professional who wants to get access to Sage 50 customers list, Avention Media is a leading data provider that offers global data of Sage customers. We offer global data that can be tailored to resonate with your marketing strategies to ensure higher ROI for your business. 

      Some of our key features include:

      100% opt-in and email-verified data to ensure the validity of our data

      Connect with professionals and businesses from the UK, USA, Canada, Asia, and many more countries

      Frequent data updation to maintain the authenticity and accuracy of data

      Large selection of data to drive multichannel marketing campaigns

      CRM-compatible data designed to ensure seamless integration

      Object-oriented data ensuring high conversion rates for B2B marketing campaigns

      Use our Sage customers list to increase your business reach by promoting your product and services to the targeted customers. Reach out to us today and connect with our experts for more business queries, you can also get in touch with us via email or call for more details:

      Email- [email protected]

      Phone- +(888) 317-9410.

      Increase Your Business Prospects With Object-Oriented Sage Customers List.

      Which Businesses are Recommended to Use Sage?

      Sage UK, offers Sage and Sage 50 accounting packages that has their own targeted market base. 

      Sage is typically recommended for small businesses, whereas Sage 50 targets medium-sized businesses. Fundamentally, Sage 50 is the advanced version of Sage offering more advanced accounting software to its customers.

      Comparatively Sage 50 has more advanced features and is more flexible to use, while Sage accounting contains basic accounting features. 

      Which accounting software are the competitors and alternatives of Sage?

      Here is the list of the top three Sage Accounting Software competitors along with their market share:

      Technology Name Market Share (%)
      QuickBooks 37.4%
      NetSuite 8.6%
      Cognos 5.9%

      Frequently Asked Questions

      A sage accounting system is used by businesses to manage the overall accounting and financial activities of their business.

      Currently Sage has over 6 million clients worldwide, who use Sage software to streamline their accounting and financial activities.

      From small, and midsize enterprises to many large companies, various categories of companies use efficient features of Sage accounting software.

      Over 20,000 companies of different sizes and industry types use Sage 50, this number may vary as their customers list can change over time.

      The market share of Sage in the USA amounts to more than 42%, with the IT sector taking center stage.

      Sage 50 is the right choice for businesses who wants quick and easy access to track the financial footprints of their company.

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