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NetSuite ERP is the most on demand cloud Enterprise Resource Planning software. It is the key integrating tool which is used by businesses to centralize all their business functionalities in an organization. 

At present, there are over 28,000 companies that use NetSuite ERP to enhance their business management.  These companies use NetSuite ERP to run their entire business in real time. 

As the world is inclining more towards new technologies, businesses are inching towards NetSuite ERP to achieve complete data management such as finance and accounting, procurement, manufacturing, inventory management, and more with one SAAS-based ERP system. 

Our Netsuite ERP Customer list provides precise contact information of companies using Netsuite ERP that can help businesses fast track their marketing approach.

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    Which Companies Use Netsuite ERP?

    Most of the businesses who are using NetSuite ERP have experienced a reduction in process time, enhanced collaboration, and better workflow of data.
    Thus, most businesses are opting for NetSuite ERP solutions, to achieve smooth business transactions. Top companies like Brillio, and Charlotte Tilbury make use of NetSuite ERP solutions to streamline their entire business functions.

    Shortlisting TOP 10 companies that use Netsuite ERP in the USA

    Company Name Revenue (Billion) Employee Size
    Williams-Sonoma 8.2 Billion 19,300
    Databricks 43 Billion 6,000
    Toast 2.4 Billion 5,500
    Air Methods 1.2 Billion 5,000
    Lucky Brand 0.591 Billion 1,700
    Shaw Industries 6 Billion 10,000
    Arctic Cat 0.4 Billion 2,500
    GoPro 1.3 Billion 970
    Goodwill Industries 6 Billion 105,000
    Cepheid 0.8 Billion 2,000


    No of companies that use Netsuite ERP


    No. of Total

    22,247 +

    No. of Total


    No. of Total Phone Numbers

    Netsuite ERP customer list based on revenue

    NetSuite ERP is used by the majority of small businesses that wants to coordinate all their business activities. Below is the list of companies using NetSuite ERP based on revenue

    Netsuite ERP customer list based on country

    Over 72% of  NetSuite ERP customers are in the United States, below is  Oracle Netsuite ERP Customers list according to indifferent countries:

    Netsuite ERP customer list based on industry type

    Netsuite ERP is a highly adaptable enterprise resource management software that is used by different industries, here is the list of industries that use Netsuite ERP, with their market share

    Industry Type Market Share (%)
    Travel and hospitality 60%
    Manufacturing 8%
    Retail 6%
    IT services 5%
    Construction 4%
    Food and beverages 4%
    Real Estate 3%
    Healthcare 3%

      What is a Netsuite ERP customer list?

      A NetSuite ERP customers list is an all-round database of companies that use NetSuite ERP software, which is used by businesses for B2B marketing.. This list has many contact information like, company name, phone number, email address, location, postal address, and more of NetSuite ERP clients across the world. 

      If you are a business professional or an organization that has products and services that works with NetSuite ERP, Avention Media is the ideal data provider to partner with. We give utmost priority to offer a highly responsive NetSuite ERP  customer list to businesses that want to promote their product and services to the right customers to achieve higher ROI for their business. 

      Utilize our NetSuite customers list to connect with C- level executives around the globe, who are in charge of making purchasing decisions for their respective businesses.

      Netsuite ERP Customer List

      Customize Your Netsuite ERP Customers List in Your Terms.


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      Let's take a look at our data collection Process

      Our data-collecting process includes going through various reliable and ethical sources to get credible data.  Let’s take a look at our trusted data sources

      Corporate publications

      Official business website

      Company Directories

      Government Directories

      Business listings

      Social networking sites

      Corporate events, and more!

      Which Businesses Can Use Our Netsuite ERP Customers list?

      Our Netsuite ERP Customers list is a groundbreaking resource for professionals, and organizations looking to expand their business reach and increase sales. 

      Businesses that can benefit from our Netsuite ERP Customer List are

      IT Consultants

      IT companies offering various IT services can connect with the right customers to cater their needs which can lead new business ventures.

      Alternative software companies

      Software companies that have similar ERP software solutions can increase their brand awareness by reaching their targeted audience.

      Market Research Companies

      Market research companies connect with existing NetSuite customers to gather information about market preferences.

      Get a Top-notch Netsuite ERP Customers List with Avention Media

      Getting high-quality data of your targeted customers is not easy, partner with Avention Media to access verified data of  Netsuite ERP Customers to get higher ROI for your business. We offer authentic and highly customizable data that ensures higher conversions for your marketing campaigns. 

      Key essence of our NetSuite ERP customers list

      We offer two-factor data verification to ensure authenticity

      Regular updates are made to filter out any inactive lead

      Our data enables multi-channel marketing to increase conversion rate

      Get CRM-compatible data that integrates seamlessly in your business

      We offer highly responsive data in real time at reasonable rates

      Enhance your marketing strategy with  Avention Media’s NetSuite ERP customers list and pitch your product and services to your targeted customers. Reach out to us through our official website for more business queries or you can always drop in an email or a call.

      Email- [email protected]

      Phone- +(888) 317-9410.

      Level up your marketing strategies with our intent-based NetSuite ERP customers list!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Renowned companies such as Siemens, Deloitte Digital, TORI Global Ltd, and Charlotte Tilbury use NetSuite ERP to manage their business functionalities.

      NetSuite ERP implementation costs can vary from $25,000 for small businesses to $60,000 for large enterprises. 

      At present NetSuite ERP has over 28,000 active customers, this number may change over time.  

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