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Companies that Use Microsoft Azure

Companies That Use Azure

Microsoft Azure is a part of Microsoft’s Public Cloud Computing platform that renders a wide range of Cloud services including analytics, storage as well as networking. Businesses can pick their cloud services to develop new applications that align with requirements or run existing applications in the public cloud. It is being utilized by Top Companies to modify their on-premise servers. Its cloud services include Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) as well as Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Over 95% of Fortune 500 Companies are using Azure to build, deploy, and manage applications via customizable tools on Microsoft’s Global Cloud and Networking Platform. Azure’s numerous services have played a key role in facilitating businesses to create out-of-the-box products ranging from Azure DevOps Server, Azure Web and Mobile Applications, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN), Microsoft Azure SQL Database, Azure Virtual Machines, Azure AI Bot Service and more!

With more than 40% of the Top Customers being from the United States, the number of Microsoft’s Azure Customers worldwide is quickly catching up with the 1 Billion Mark. And given the At- Present Market Size, this statistic alone serves as a crucial reason why Businesses should start Marketing their Products and Services to Companies using Microsoft Azure. Our Microsoft Azure Customer List can help increase your business’s Products and Services Sales to Exponential Levels with our Data Repository of Verified Contact Database of Microsoft Azure Customers.

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    No of companies that use Microsoft Azure


    No. of Total

    535,215 +

    No. of Total

    460,200 +

    No. of Total Phone Numbers

    Microsoft Azure Customers - By Industry

    One of the major intricacies related to the Retail Companies is that most of their Customers Exist Online. Most of them are leaning towards convenient ways of shopping with their mobile devices and faster shipping times. Given the Demanding Circumstances, Retail Businesses required a solution that helped improve both online and offline experience for their customers. As it is evident in the graph, the majority of Companies that use Microsoft Azure are from the Retail Industry with more than 35,000 customers and it is closely followed by IT (Information Technology) with over 30,000 customers.

    Which of the Top Companies are using Microsoft Azure in the USA?

    As per a Report carried out In 2024, Microsoft Azure gained over 3,50,000 Customers while taking up 24% of the Global Cloud Market Share. 

    Some of the Companies that are Currently using Microsoft Azure include Microsoft, a US- Based Multinational and Technology Company, with a $243 Billion Revenue; Mercedes- Benz Group, with a Revenue of $163 Billion; UPS, a US- Based Transportation Business generating a revenue of $91 Billion; Progressive Insurance, a US- based Insurance Business with a revenue of $58 Billion and more.

    Take a look at other Top Companies using Microsoft Azure Cloud Services!

    Company Website Location Revenue (USD)
    Adobe Systems adobe.com United States 5 Billion
    Coca Cola coca-colacompany.com United States 273 Billion
    Pixar pixar.com United States 3 Billion
    eBay ebay.com United States 10 Billion
    Verizon verizon.com United States 33 Billion
    Delta delta.com United States 12 Billion
    Expedia Group expediagroup.com United States 3 Billion
    NewsCorp newscorp.com United States 2 Billion
    Intel intel.com United States 12.7 Billion
    LinkedIn Corp linkedin.com United States 15 Billion

    Microsoft Azure Customers - By Company Size

    Out of all the customers that are utilizing Microsoft Azure, a majority (60%) of them are from small businesses (less than 10 or 50 employees), 27% are from medium- sized businesses (with less than 200, 500 or 1,000 employees) and 13% of them are from Large Enterprises (more than 1000 employees).

    Microsoft Azure Customers - By Revenue

      A majority of Microsoft Azure Customers ( more than 70%) are small businesses that are generating a revenue of less than $50 Million, 8% of them are medium-sized businesses over 15% of them come under the large businesses category that are generating a revenue of more than $1000 Million!

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      Microsoft Azure Customer List

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      Top Buyers of our Microsoft Azure Customer List

      If your business’s products, solutions and services can fulfill crucial business requirements of List of Fortune 500 Companies using Azure, then opting for Avention Media’s Microsoft Azure Customers List can work wonders for your business’s growth!

      Take a Look at some of the Instances:

      Software Development Companies

      Businesses using Microsoft’s Azure Cloud- Services need to ensure all of their crucial day- day tasks are aligned with the Cloud- solution in a systemized way. So Software Development Companies can use our List of Microsoft Azure Clients to render their Software Development Solutions and Services to resolve technical issues, strengthen their system security and provide any integration solutions if required.

      Software Training Institutes

      Businesses need to ensure that their employees don’t face any trouble while using the Cloud Solution to carry out their everyday tasks. Software Development Training Institutes can reach out to these with our Microsoft Azure Customers Lists and offer to provide their Software Training Services to them.

      Alternative Cloud- Service Providers

      A Large Number of other Alternative Cloud- Service Providers consider selling their Cloud- Related Solutions and Services Azure Customers given that they have a large pool of Prominent Customers. They can reach out to the said Customers with our List of Microsoft Azure Biggest Customers and emphasize on providing better cloud features or lowering their prices accordingly.

      Partnering Websites

      Partnering Sites are the middle-men and help businesses avail Software or Cloud- related solutions at a much lower cost by providing discounts or coupons. Thus, partnering sites can make use of our List of Companies that use Microsoft Azure to help businesses upgrade or install new systems at a reduced cost. 

      Increase Conversion Rates with Precise Multichannel Marketing Campaigns

      Our List of Companies using Microsoft Azure can help your business get the precise direction and reach out to the Right Prospects by running multi- channel campaigns. Strengthen your Sales Outreach via with our List of Microsoft Azure Clients via:  

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      How Do We Collect Certified Contact Data of Microsoft Azure Customers?

      At Avention Media, we make sure that our Data Specialists handle all tedious- work that goes into researching hundreds of Legitimate Sources of Data to prepare an expansive list of Business contacts that is later turned into an organized and segmented Customers List. 

      Some of our Notable and Trusted Sources are inclusive of:

      Technology Conferences and Seminars

      Technology Professionals Web Surveys

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      Direct Meeting

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      Tech Magazines

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Microsoft Azure biggest customers are inclusive of Companies like Adobe, Pixar, eBay, Verizon, MSI Computer, LG Electronics, CenturyLink and Oracle.

       Over 5,62,842 Companies are using Microsoft Azure for their Cloud Services. 

      Over 56% of Companies worldwide are using Microsoft Azure

      Microsoft Azure provides numerous services, including computing, networking, databases and storage. Some of them are Azure DevOps, Azure CDN, Azure AD, Azure Data Factory and Azure Cosmos DB. 

      Microsoft Azure competitors include Cloud- Computing Services like Amazon Web Services (AWS), VMware Cloud on AWS, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, IBM Cloud and Huawei Cloud Services. 

      Over 95% of Fortune 500 Companies are using Microsoft Azure to carry out their Major Business Operations. 

       Microsoft Azure is being used by Fortune 500 Companies, Government Agencies, Start Ups, Gaming Companies, Manufacturing Companies as well as Online retailers. 

      BlackLine, Bullhorn, Arcadia, Elevate K-12, Core Digital Media, Evive, FirstBank and Evolv Technology are some of the Renowned Startups that are utilizing Microsoft Azure. 

      Azure is currently being utilized by the US Department of Defense (DoD) to help them tackle a wide range of solutions and workloads. 

      Microsoft Azure can be useful for small businesses to build and develop Affordable Cloud Solutions. It can be a good fit for businesses that are leaning towards flexibility and are expecting to grow quickly. 

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