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Microsoft Dynamics NAV is now known as Dynamics 365 business central is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution developed by Microsoft to solve business management. It is flexible and designed to suit how companies work and can be customized according to your business needs irrespective of industry type and size. 

Microsoft ERP supports companies with their everyday business operations such as accounting, HR, supply chain management, inventory control, ecommerce and more to streamline operations and improve overall productivity in the organization. 

Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Business Central holds a market share of 7.26% in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) market. Over 110,000 companies using Microsoft Dynamics NAV as of 2024.  Microsoft Dynamics NAV has seen immense growth, hence many companies have seen its potential and  started investing in the software. Additionally, the market also creates ample business opportunities for those looking to enter the ERP market. If you want to connect with industry leaders and key decision makers in the companies that use Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can leverage Avention media’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers list. This list will assist you in your marketing campaign and can directly connect you with your target audience in the industry.

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    No of companies that use Microsoft dynamics NAV


    No. of Total

    74,620 +

    No. of Total


    No. of Total Phone Numbers

    Which companies use Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

    Top 10 list companies using Microsoft Dynamics NAV in the USA

    Company Country
    Harvest Health & Recreation, Inc. United States
    Avient Corporation United States
    Siemens United States
    Odyssey Systems Consulting Group United States
    Amway United States
    Company Country
    The Intelligencer and Wheeling News Register United States
    4over United States
    Moderno Porcelian Works United States
    Chippenhook Corporation United States

      What is the Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers list?

      Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers list is a well curated list of companies using Microsoft Dynamics NAV across the globe. The list provides detailed information of top professionals, key decision makers and industry leaders in the companies that use Microsoft Dynamics NA

      Business and marketers who are looking for an opportunity to network and pitch their potential products and services that cater around the ERP can use our Microsoft Dynamics NAV clients list to reach their target audience in the field.

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      Revenue size

      Job Titles



      SIC code

      Company size

      Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers list based on revenue

      Companies generating $ 200 million net revenue use Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Here is a list of companies that use Microsoft Dynamics NAV by revenue.

      No of Companies Net Revenue
      10,171 $1 million – $10 million
      7,958 $10 million – $50 million
      1,980 $1000 million
      2,413 $50 million – $100 million
      2,399 $0 million – $1 million
      2,162 $200 million – $1000 million
      1,571 $100 million – $200 million

      Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers list employee size

      Microsoft Dynamics NAV is used by various businesses irrespective of size. However, Small businesses with less than 50 employees, medium sized businesses with 50 to 1000 employees, and large enterprises with more than 1000 employees use Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  The below mentioned graph suggests that companies with 51 to 200 employees integrate Microsoft Dynamics NAV to simplify their business operations and improve efficiency. 

      Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers list based on industry?

      Microsoft Dynamics NAV  is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software used by a wide range of industries including Information Technology, Computer Software, Construction, Food and Beverages, Retail, and more. 

      What businesses can use Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers list?

      Many businesses can use Microsoft Dynamics NAV customer list to enter the ERP market and connect with the industry leaders and key decision makers in the companies using Microsoft Dynamics NAV

      listed below are some of the businesses that can leverage from our Microsoft Dynamics clients list and create tailored marketing campaigns that meet unique business requirements of their target audiences.

      IT Consultants
      Technology Companies
      Cloud computing service providers
      Cyber Security firms
      E-commerce business
      Digital Marketing Agencies
      Software development companies

      How do we collect Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers data?

      All the data we have collected to compile Microsoft Dynamics Customers data  are sourced from 100 % genuine and verified networks. After data is gathered we put data through a stringent verification process and ensure that the data conforms with  global compliance policies like GDPR, CCPA, and CAN-SPAM to maintain data legality. Moreover, all the data collated is highly responsive  and result oriented. Some of the sources that we depend on to build a list as follows. 

      ERP events and Trade shows

      Government directories

      Professional networking events

      White Papers

      Tech Conferences & Webinars

      Opt-in emails

      Web registrations

      Opt-In Emails

      Newsletter subscriptions

      Panel discussions

      Technology Publications and more

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      Strengthen Your Business Position With Hyper Targeted Microsoft Dynamics NAV Customer List.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      110, 000 use Microsoft Dynamics NAV around the world. 

      Microsoft Dynamics NAV was introduced in the year 1985 and since then the software has been in the market for almost 39 years now.

      NAV in  Microsoft Dynamics stands for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software that helps companies streamline their business processes. 

      Microsoft Dynamics is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) used by companies to carry out complex business processes more efficiently including Supply chain management, Inventory control, Human resource, Finance and more in the organization.

       Many companies across various businesses use Microsoft Dynamics 365 including Education, E-commerce, Manufacturing, Retail, and more. 

      Microsoft Dynamics 365 is used by Small, medium, and large enterprises. 

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