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Google Cloud is a full suite cloud computing service platform that provides a range of products and services including compute, storage, Big data, networking, IoT, cloud management, AI and machine learning, security, and developer tools. Google cloud also offers various collaboration tools like Gmail, google chat, google calendar, google docs, google drive, google sheets, and google meet. 

Google cloud platform has over 960,000 customers and is the second largest company in the world. Many prominent companies use Google cloud to digitally transform their business. The companies that use Google cloud include Suraasa, tokyo university of science, Spot on chain, GFAI, Eureka, Inspectorio, HDFC ERGO, Macquarie Bank, Markle Science, UDN.com, HK Express, APMIC, Orient Cement, Tapatalk.io, Totality, Sheba Medical Center, Katonic, Paper, Toppan, LG electronics, SeaArt, CheQ, Ethlas, and SeABank has seen immense increase in ROI, productivity, and growth. 

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    No of companies that use Google Cloud Contact


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    87,870 +

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    Which major companies use Google Cloud?

    Google Cloud Platform offers a variety of tools to startups and small businesses to encourage innovation and growth. Small companies that use Google Cloud for startups include JumpingMinds, GO-JEK, Brandfolder, 6Degrees, naPorta, unerry, Suvera, and FixIt. Additionally Google also offers Google for startups programs that help them build and scale their business using Google Cloud.

    Here is a list of top 10 companies using Google Cloud in the USA are mentioned below.

    Company Country Company Country
    eBay United States PayPal United States
    Etsy United States Coca-Cola United States
    The Home Depot United States Intel United States
    Kroger United States LinkedIn Corp United States
    Verizon United States Twitch Interactive United States

    Here is a list of industries that use Google Cloud include gaming, automotive, manufacturing, and media & entertainment.

      What is the market share of Google Cloud Platform?

      Google cloud is widely used across various industries. About 60% of google cloud is used by funded gen AI startups, nearly 90% of gen AI unicorns use google cloud and more than 60% of 1000 largest companies are Google Cloud customers. Google Cloud Platform has  generated $26 billion in revenue In 2022, which estimates to 9% of Google’s total revenue. Google Cloud sales increased from  $7.5 billion in first-quarter 2023 to $9.6 billion in the first quarter of 2024, marking the highest year-over-year sales growth rate. Google cloud service platform has a market share of 10% in the cloud infrastructure service market and has secured 3rd position behind Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure. 

      Here is a graphical representation of Google Cloud customers by country

      The United States is the largest Google Cloud customer with 74.45% of companies using Google Cloud in the state. Followed by the United Kingdom with 6.05% and Canada with 4.72% respectively. 

      What is the Google Cloud customers list?

      Google Cloud customers list contains all the necessary contact information such as Name, email address, phone numbers, geographical locations, pin code, and other information of companies that use Google cloud. With  this database businesses and marketers can  directly connect with key decision makers, industry leaders and other C-level executives who are in the position of making purchase decisions for the company. If you are a business serving in the cloud computing technology space looking to connect with your target audiences in the field, collaborate with Avention media and gain access to an accurate Google cloud clients list to reach your potential audience and grow business.

      Google Cloud Customer List

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      How do we collect the Google cloud customers' data?

      List of companies that use Google cloud gathered from genuine and  trustworthy networks. The data  collected undergoes  multiple verification processes and is regularly updated to deliver  accurate and reliable data to our customers. You can get pre-crafted data or  you can customize your Google cloud customer list as per your marketing requirements.  With this data you can target professionals in the high ranking  positions like  chief technical officers, chief financial officers, cloud engineers, IT professionals, Project managers and other prominent leaders. 

      Here are some of the trustworthy sites that we rely on to collect data of list companies using Google cloud. 

      Government directories

      Opt-in emails

      Technology magazines

      Economic forums

      Trade shows

      Business cards

      Yellow pages

      Conferences & webinars


      Newsletter subscriptions


      Tech Publications

      Panel discussions

      Technology events

      Which businesses can use the Google cloud customers list?

      Google cloud customers list can be an invaluable resource for businesses and marketers looking to connect globally with Google cloud customers. This data can be used across various industries to crack unique business opportunities. Some of the business that can benefit from Google cloud clients list are mentioned below

      Recruiting Agencies
      Finance consultants
      Real estate
      Software service providers
      IT service
      Marketing & Advertising Agencies and More.

      Segment your Google cloud customers list by google cloud products

      Segment your list using Google cloud customers list to create personalized marketing campaigns that resonate with your target customers’ specific needs. Here are some of the Google cloud products list using which you can tailor your marketing message to promote your products and services.

      Partner with Avention Media for the Google cloud Customers list!

      Our Google cloud customers list provides real-time information of companies using Google cloud using which you can connect with the key decision makers and pitch your business offerings. We are your trusted partner for all your B2B needs.

      Tell us what B2B data you are looking for. Our data experts will help you find the right data for your business. Contact us today. 

      Power Up Your Marketing Outreach Using Google Cloud Customers List.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Google Cloud is used across various industries including healthcare, retail, finance, manufacturing, marketing, real estate and more. 

       Google Cloud is available in over 200 countries.

       eBay, PayPal, Intel, Verizon, Deloitte, Chevron Corporation, and more are the major customers of Google cloud.

      Google cloud platform has over 960,000customers across the world. 

      Yes, many big companies use Google cloud to digitally transform their business. 

      Twitch Interactive, Verizon, CenturyLink, NewsCorp, LinkedIn Corp, SAP, Intel, Facebook, Inc,Yahoo, and Marriott International use Google cloud.

      Nearly 2.3 billion people use Google’s personal cloud like Google drive, Dropbox, iCloud and more

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