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Companies That Use AthenaHealth

Athenahealth is a top American company that offers cloud-based services with an aim of enhancing the efficiency and performance of the healthcare system. Founded in 1997 by Jonathan Bush and Todd Park, the firm provides various healthcare services including electronic health records (EHR), practice management, patient engagement tools, medical billing, revenue cycle services, population health management, and telehealth solutions. 

AthenaClinicals assists with keeping medical records and making medical decisions, while AthenaCollector handles financial management. AthenaCommunicator involves patients in using portals, reminders, and secure messaging, and their tools for analyzing data and coordinating care, help enhance patient health results.

Notable companies that use Athenahealth include Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Allied Universal, and Dell. Athenahealth’s cloud technology provides scalability, interoperability, regular updates, and security for data. After being purchased by Veritas Capital and Evergreen Coast Capital Corporation in 2018, Athenahealth has placed its attention on advancements such as AI and machine learning. 

The company offers extensive training and support, creating an environment for sharing knowledge and working together, and remains committed to advancing healthcare technology and assisting medical practices in a challenging industry.

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    What companies use AthenaHealth?

    AthenaHealth is used by many companies for managing their healthcare needs. Around 6,749 companies make active use of AthenaHealth.

    Here is a list of companies that use AthenaHealth

    Company Region Country
    Slalom Consulting Washington United States
    Allied Universal California United States
    UMass Memorial Health Care Massachusetts United States
    Nuance Communications, Inc. Massachusetts United States
    Orlando Health Florida United States
    Dell Texas United States
    Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. New York United States
    Dignity Health California United States

    2,550 +

    No of comapanies that use Athenahealth

    7,410 +

    No. of Total

    4,480 +

    No. of Total

    5,750 +

    No. of Total Phone Numbers

    What is the Market Share of AthenaHealth?

    With a significant market share of 23.29%, Athenahealth is firmly established as a leading company in the healthcare technology industry. It is in the top position with a 

    customer base of over 6,750. The majority of its EHR services are utilized in the United States, where it holds a leading position in the market with 6,599 customers, making up 98.23% of its user base. 

    Therefore, targeting the dynamic healthtech market is an extensive task all together. So if you are a business offering products and services in healthcare technology you must need a proper database that will connect you with key decision makers in the healthcare industry. At Avention media we have curated a list of companies that use AthenaHealth that is accurate and directly connects you with industry leaders and decision makers in the healthcare technology industry. 

    AthenaHealth Customers List based on Revenue

      Companies using AthenaHealth based on Employee Size

      The majority of AthenaHealths customers in the electronic health records (EHR) category consist of companies of different sizes. The majority of companies have between 0-9 employees, with 3,061 companies, followed by 20-49 employees, with 1,289 companies, and 10-19 employees, with 889 companies. This distribution underscores AthenaHealth’s capacity to effectively meet the needs of healthcare providers of varying sizes, ranging from small clinics to mid-sized organizations.

      AthenaHealth Customers List based on Country

      AthenaHealth’s electronic health record (EHR) services are primarily used in the United States. Moreover, AthenaHealth provides services to 37 clients in India (0.55%) and 24 clients in Canada (0.36%). This distribution highlights the company’s significant presence in the U.S. healthcare sector and its increasing impact in global markets, particularly in India and Canada.

      AthenaHealth Customers List based on USA state-wise

      The distribution of AthenaHealths customers in the United States varies from state to state. Below is a summary of companies using AthenaHealth is categorized by state within the United States:

      AthenaHealth provides services to a substantial number of clients in California, with medical practices and healthcare organizations throughout the state reaping the benefits of its cloud-based solutions.

      Texas also has a significant number of AthenaHealth customers, as many healthcare providers in the state rely on the company’s electronic health records (EHR) and practice management services.

      AthenaHealth has a strong presence in New York, where it is utilized by a wide variety of medical practices and healthcare facilities, indicating its significant popularity and widespread adoption by providers throughout the state.

      In the state of Florida, AthenaHealth’s solutions are employed by a diverse array of healthcare organizations, ranging from small clinics to large hospital systems, in order to improve operational efficiency and enhance the quality of patient care.

      Michigan is home to a diverse array of healthcare providers who utilize AthenaHealth’s full range of solutions for electronic health records, practice management, and patient engagement, resulting in substantial benefits.

      Illinois boasts a significant number of AthenaHealth customers  who depend on its technology to effectively oversee their clinical and administrative operations.

       In Pennsylvania, healthcare professionals utilize AthenaHealth’s EHR and practice management solutions to improve the delivery of patient care and maximize the performance of their practices.

      AthenaHealth, with its headquarters located in Massachusetts, maintains a significant presence in the state by providing a wide range of cutting-edge cloud-based services to many healthcare providers.

      In Ohio, medical practices and healthcare organizations rely on AthenaHealth to assist their operations and enhance their efficiency and productivity.

       AthenaHealth has a strong presence in North Carolina, serving a wide range of medical specialties and practice sizes. Providers in the state rely on AthenaHealth  technology to deliver high-quality care.

      Which Industries use AthenaHealth for their needs?

      Here is a list of industries using AthenaHealth are as follows,

      Medical Practices
      Multi-speciality Groups
      Hospital Systems
      Ambulatory Care Centers
      Community Health Centers
      Specialty Care Providers
      Large Healthcare Organizations

      What is athenahealth customers list?

      AthenaHealth Customers list is a robust contact database of top management professionals including C-level executives, key decision makers and industry leaders in the healthcare technology industry.  If you are a business or service provider catering around the AthenaHealth software system and looking to target C-suite professionals in the industry then consider opting for an accurate database from Avention media. Avention media provides relevant AthenaHealth customers list that will help you enter into global markets and grow your business.

      Athenahealth Customer List

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      Which Businesses can use AthenaHealth customers list?

      Several businesses can make use of AthenaHealth customers list and benefit from it. Some of them are as follows,

      Market Intelligence Firms

      AthenaHealth customer list data could potentially be utilized for analyzing market trends, detecting patterns in healthcare technology adoption, and obtaining insights into competitors' market share and customer base.

      Technological Solution Providers

      These companies could use AthenaHealth clients list to gain insight into the market, discover potential partnership possibilities, and customize their own products to fill gaps in the healthcare technology industry.

      Talent Acquisition Agencies

      AthenaHealth customers list might be used to focus on healthcare-related organizations for recruitment services like finding the talented individuals for the job.

      EHR Competitors

      Rivals in the Electronic Health Records (EHR) industry may examine AthenaHealth clients list to gauge their market positioning, find ways to stand out, or target potential customers for their own products.

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      Are you interested in expanding your business? Collaborate with AventionMedia for a reliable and comprehensive database  of AthenaHealth customers list to reach the key players in the industry to grow your business. Get in touch with us today to discover how our data solutions can assist you in reaching your business objectives.

      Strengthen Your Market Position In The Healthcare Technology Space.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      AthenaHealth provides services to more than 6,750 clients in a range of healthcare fields such as hospitals, clinics, and individual practices.

      AthenaHealth has a considerable market share of 23.29% in the healthcare technology sector, and it provides cloud-based services to a large customer base.

      Many healthcare professionals use AthenaHealth, however, exact figures for just physicians are not available. The company has a client base of more than 6,750, many of whom are physicians.

      AthenaHealth faces competition from eClinicalWorks, which holds 15.81% of the market share in the Electronic Health Records (EHR) sector, as well as from Meditech, with a 12.22% market share, and Epic Software, which holds 7.78% of the market.

      As of my most recent update in January 2022, AthenaHealth was a widely utilized electronic health record (EHR) system, catering to over 160,000 healthcare professionals in different roles. Nevertheless, the precise statistics on the amount of doctors utilizing AthenaHealth may fluctuate over time as a result of shifts in their user demographic and industry patterns. 

      More than 6,750 companies utilize AthenaHealth. Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Allied Universal, and Dell are among the noteworthy companies.

      AthenaHealth is used by numerous companies to manage their healthcare requirements. Examples include:

      • Slalom Consulting (Washington, United States)
      • Allied Universal (California, United States)
      • Nuance Communications, Inc. (Massachusetts, United States)
      • Orlando Health (Florida, United States)
      • Dell (Texas, United States)
      • Goldman Sachs Group, Inc (New York, United States)
      • Dignity Health (California, United States)

      Businesses that can benefit from AthenaHealth customers lists include:

      • Market Research based companies
      • Tech-solution providers
      • Recruitment Agencies
      • Skilled Labour Suppliers
      • Competing companies in the EHR field

      Data about AthenaHealth customers is collected through:

      • Analysis of AthenaHealth’s official website and press releases
      • Industry reports and reputable news articles
      • Research on forums, discussion boards, and user testimonials
      • Examination of customer registration procedures, online forms, surveys, usage analytics, and data from external sources
      • Emphasis on data privacy and security compliance, including adherence to regulations like HIPAA

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