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Cerner Millennium is a cloud- based Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) Software solution. It is being used in Healthcare facilities to simplify complex administrative processes and render the best healthcare services. Today, it provides solutions to over 40 different specialities within the medical field.

Cerner Millennium has 25% EHR market share. As one of the best Electronic Health Records (EHR) software, Cerner Millennium plays an instrumental role in uplifting medical facilities, hospitals, clinics and institutions to keep a track of processes related to patient record management, on a global level.

Our Cerner Millennium Customers List offers a Certified Contact Database of Companies using Cerner Millennium to help businesses prepare a Winning List of Prospects and initiate their Product Marketing and Sales efforts at one go!

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    List of Companies Using Cerner Millennium

    Most of the Established Companies around the world have been using the Cerner Millennium software. The list is inclusive of McKesson, a US based Professional Services Business with a revenue of $310.13 Bn, Kaiser Permanente, a US-based Healthcare Organisation with a revenue of $95.40 Bn and Independence Blue Cross, a US- based Insurance Business with a revenue of $27.40 Bn and many others.

    Take a Look at the List of Top Companies using Cerner Millennium.
    Company Name Location Revenue
    CommonSpirit Health United States 33.9 B
    Universal Health Services United States 13.4 B
    ScionHealth United States 7.3 B
    Emory Healthcare United States 3.1 B
    Barts Health NHS Trust United Kingdom 2.5 B
    Aultman Hospital United States 920.1 M
    Central Maine Healthcare United States 440.4 M
    UZA Belgium 382.1 M
    Grand River Hospital Canada 326.4 M
    Michael Garron Hospital Canada 147.9 M

    What are some Popular Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software?

    Cerner, Kareo, eClinicalWorks, AthenaHealth, CareCloud, AdvancedMD, Epic, MEDITECH and PracticeFusion are some of the popular Electronic Health Record (EHR) Softwares that are actively being used by healthcare providers for automating clinical workflows and managing patient records. Your Business can reach out, and Connect Directly with Customers using these Popular EHRs with our Customer Lists:

      Cerner Millennium Customers by Products and Services

      Cerner Learning Health Network, one of the popular Cerner Solution, has acquired more than 50 more companies in 2020 that are representative of more than 100 Mn patients around the world. It is an extensive digital archive of patient’s health information that provides medical history that consists of information about the patient’s healthcare journey. 

      Given that Cerner’s EHR Software has benefitted the Healthcare Industry in a major way, it is crucial to know different services that it has benefitted. Rehabilitation Service providers (148) cover the major percentage of Cerner users, and are closely followed by Surgical Service Providers.

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      Our Data Archive constitutes Verified Contact Database of Companies using Cerner Millennium in USA, UK, Germany, Canada and everywhere around the globe.

      Customize Your Cerner Millennium Customers List in Your Terms.


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      Our Verified List of Companies using Cerner Millennium can help magnify your business’s ability to run numerous multi-channel campaigns and solidify its outreach. Your Business can connect directly with List of Cerner Customers via:

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      Adding Cerner Millennium Client List to your Business’s Prospects List can turn out to be a profitable lead for your business given that you have communicated about your product, software solutions or services in a proper way.

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      Which Businesses require Cerner Millennium Customers List?

      Businesses whose products and services can help Healthcare Product Users achieve any of their business requirements or goals can use our List of Cerner Millennium Customers in the USA and around the globe. Some of the examples include:

      IT Services and IT Consulting Companies

      Businesses that are using Healthcare Software are more inclined towards carrying out their services in a more systemised and organized manner. This is where IT Services and IT Consulting Companies can use our Cerner Millennium Client List to render their Digital Transformation Services, ranging from Software Development to fix the Software’s technical issues and Cybersecurity Solutions to secure medical data.

      Software Development Training Institutes

      Be it in a Corporate Setting or in a Medical Setting, it is important to help working professionals get a thorough understanding of the Software. Since they will be using it to carry out day- day tasks and get important reports. So, Software Development Training Institutes can use our List of Companies using Cerner Millennium to connect directly with the Users and offer their Software Training services to them.

      Alternative Healthcare Software Providers

      Offering better features or lesser prices can go a long way in creating a winning Software Product Marketing and Sales tactic. Alternative Healthcare Software Providers can use our List of Oracle Cerner Millennium Customers to reach out Cerner Healthcare Software users to market and increase awareness about their product.

      Partnering Websites

      Partnering websites are always on the lookout to help businesses avail a Software Product at a Discount by acting as the middlemen and providing coupons. So these Business websites can use our List of Cerner Customers to offer them a Discount or Coupons for installing or upgrading existing systems.

      Target Cerner Millennium Users with Our Compelling Data Sources

      Our List of Oracle Cerner Millennium Customers constitutes Accurate Contact Database as it deals with rigorous research to prepare a list of trusted sources of data. Your business can avoid all the heavy- lifting when it comes to collecting legitimate List of Companies using Cerner Millennium, and avail it right away at your fingertips! Our Verified Sources are inclusive of:

      Tech Events

      Government Records

      Organizational Records

      Conferences and Seminars

      Technology Professionals Web Surveys


      Opt- In Emails

      Add or Exclude Data Fields as per your Marketing Strategy

      Your product needs to stand- out especially if you are planning to take up a target- based approach in marketing your products and services to Companies using Cerner Millennium, Key- Decision Makers, Industry Professionals and C- Level Executives.

      This is where Avention Media can equip your business the option to Customize different data fields in your Cerner Millenium Customer List. You can add or remove data fields that align with your marketing strategies the best. Some of the customizable Data Fields can range from Company Name, Official Email, SIC Code, NAICS Code, Geographical Location, Job Titles, Area of Specification, Revenue Size and more! 

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      Build your Product’s ROI! Use Avention Media’s Cerner Millennium Customers List to expand your Marketing and Sales Outreach. 

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      Get your Order of Cerner Millennium Customers List in 3- 4 Business Days in a .csv, .xls format or any other Preferred downloadable formats that suits your business the best.
      In order to access your delivered data, you can integrate it or download it with your cloud- based application or existing CRM.
      After delivering your required Email List, Our team will assist you in understanding the process and help you get familiarized with our Verified B2B Database.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Cerner is used by over 14,000 Companies. Our Cerner Millennium Customer List can provide contact databases of most of the companies.

      Cerner Millennium is an Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software and also an extensive form of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software


      Both Cerner and Epic are popular EHR (Electronic Health Record) Vendors with over 30% and 34% Market share respectively. Cerner EHR and Epic EHR provide significant contributions in improving healthcare delivery and patient care.  

      Cerner has over 14,000 customers across the globe.

      Over 29.4% of Hospitals are using Cerner and will continue to grow by the end of 2024.

      Cerner is operating with the help of over 29,000 employees around the globe. Around 13,000 employees are working in their headquarters in North Kansas City, Missouri

      More than 2,000 hospitals are using Cerner EHR in the USA.


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