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BambooHR is a small business and medium-sized enterprise human resources SaaS platform. The main idea behind its creation was to make HR processes smooth. It focuses mainly on recruitment, induction, payroll, employee performance appraisal, and time tracking done by workers in an organization. In terms of fame, Bamboo HR has been experiencing continuous development over the years because it is easy to use, has features that can be changed as per the user’s requirements, and could be scaled up as well.

BambooHR is used by many organizations in different sectors for instance technology firms, healthcare industry, retail companies, banking institutions, NGOs, and educational institutions. BambooHR enables companies to track time spent at work by their employees, administer the benefits package of their workforce, do payroll from one system, and provide a fast sign-up with its automatic enrollment system.

Assume you want to market your products or services that complement BamboHR customers. In that case, you need to connect with key decision-makers, Avention Media has a well-grounded BambooHR customer list to achieve your marketing goals. 

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    5,720 +

    No of Companies That Use BambooHR

    98,120 +

    No. of Total

    97,650 +

    No. of Total

    97,990 +

    No. of Total Phone Numbers

    How many companies Use BambooHR?

    More than 20,000+ companies that use BambooHR in usa experienced healthy growth and generated $100 million in net revenue. 

    Listing out the top companies that use BambooHR:
    Company Website Employee Size Revenue
    Swisscom swisscom.com 19,000+ $11.0B
    Coty, Inc coty.com 11,433+ $1.7B
    Realty ONE Group realtyonegroup.com 10,001+ $501B
    SoftBank softbank.jp/en 63,339+ $55.372B
    Google LLC globaldata.com 182,502+ $79.9B
    DoorDash, Inc doordash.com 16,800+ $7.69B
    SAP sap.com 111,961+ $8.73B
    J.C. Penney Corporation jcpenney.com 60,000+ $37.6B
    Hitachi Vantara hitachivantara.com 10,000+ $57.00B
    Zendesk zendesk.com 6,000+ $1.58B

      What is the BambooHR Customers List?

      The BambooHR customers list is an extensive collection of contact information ranging from company name, email address, location, and more of BambooHR customers around the world. Our BambooHR Clients List is accurate and reliable for your business which will generate quality leads and increase your business revenue with more conversion rates. Marketers can use the database for multi-channel marketing and formulating personalized campaigns. Connect with the targeted audience with the BambooHR Customer List and enhance your business worldwide. 

      Customize Your BambooHR Customers List in Your Terms.


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      Companies that can obtain BambooHR Clients List for Growth

      IT companies

      IT companies can use the BambooHR customer list to conduct market research and analysis. They can offer complimentary services or solutions that meet the needs of these customers.

      Alternative HR Software Providers

      Alternative HR Software Providers can use our BambooHR Customers List to reach customers for marketing and increase awareness about their products. Also, they can have partnership opportunities who are looking to expand their reach or enhance their offerings.

      Employee training and development companies

      With this database, they can identify businesses already using BambooHR, indicating a potential interest in investing in employee development. By contacting this audience directly through emails, training and development companies can offer their services as a complementary solution to BambooHR Customers, helping businesses improve their workforce's skills and productivity.

      Payroll and accounting software providers

      The BambooHR customers list can be useful for companies offering payroll and accounting software, as they can target companies using BambooHR who may require their products and services.

      Features of BambooHR Customers list

      Comprehensive coverage

      Our BambooHR customers list includes contact details of a wide range of customers which is highly comprehensive and helpful for your business growth.

      Up-to-date information

      Our data is regularly updated to ensure accuracy and relevance are maintained. The new customers contacts were added and outdated information was removed.

      High deliverability

      The BambooHR customer list is verified and validated to ensure high deliverability rates, helping you reach your target customers with ease.

      Targeted audience

      Our database is well-segmented based on industry, company size, location, and other criteria to help you target specific customers who are all most likely to be interested in your products or services.

      Easy integration

      The BambooHR customers list can be easily integrated into your email marketing platform for excellent communication with your target audience.

      Customization options

      You have the flexibility to customize the BambooHR Clients list based on your specific requirements, such as adding only contact details or segmenting the list further based on your marketing goals.

      The data fields of Our BambooHR Customer list:

      Our BambooHR Customer List includes all relevant and up-to-date information. Customize your list based on the criteria using data fields and reach your specialized audience
      Company Name Industry Mailing Address Phone Number
      Location Zip code SIC code NAICS Code
      Employee Size Website URL Revenue And More!

      Identify where BambooHR Customer Data is Sourced From.

      All our data has been collected from verified networks and sites to assert authenticity and accuracy.
      Our BambooHR customer list data are sourced from the following platforms

      Government Directories

      Feedback forms


      DigiMarCon America

      Tech Conferences and Events

      Trade Shows - Technology


      What makes Avention Media the right fit for your company's goals?

      Avention Media’s database will help your business reach the target audience and expand your network worldwide. The following beneficiaries will make your business succeed in a short time: 

      Avention Media’s database is highly object-oriented leads to drive more conversions.

      We provide comprehensive and authentic data.

      Our data supports multi-channel marketing campaigns.

      Highly segmented and structured database to reach the targeted market.

      Our database complies with GDPR, CCPA, and CAN-SPAM.

      96% email deliverability rate.

      Get 100% data exchange guarantee in case of incorrect data.

      Download your data in formats of XL and CSV. We also provide customized data downloadable formats as per the customer's choice.

      Boost Your Business ROI With Intent-Based BambooHR Email List

      Frequently Asked Questions

      BambooHR headquarters is in the Western United States but serves customers and employees in over 190 countries.

      BambooHR customer rage is more than 30,000.

      Over 20,000+ companies use BambooHR because it allows them to track working hours, run payroll, and handle employee benefits with ease in a single platform. 

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