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AWS is a cloud computing platform that offers over 200 services including computing,analytics, networking, databases, storage, developers tools, mobile, management tools, security, and IoT. Ever since its establishment in 2006, AWS is used by millions of companies across the globe from startups, large enterprises to government agencies.  

AWS offers incredibly unique and reliable software services. AWS products including Amazon deep lens, Amazon sumerian and Amazon sage makers are ahead of its competitors in terms of innovation. AWS has spent a long time innovating and refining its products and services. The company constantly updates and releases services that meet the requirements of all industries and verticals. 

AWS has significantly dominated the cloud computing market space for a long time now. Developers in the companies that use AWS prefer using AWS rather than any other softwares.

What Companies Use AWS?

Companies that use AWS range from startups, large enterprises to Fortune 500 companies for their cloud computing requirements, benefiting from its fully empowered infrastructure and services.

Here is a list of companies that use AWS

Walt Disney Capital one
Netflix Twitter
Adobe Comcast
Airbnb Apple
Facebook LinkedIn

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    No of Companies That Use AWS


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    7,823,420 +

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    What Is The Market Share of AWS?

    AWS has 1.45 million customer base worldwide with a market share of  50.1% among its top 10 cloud service providers including Microsoft Azure and Google cloud computing. North America is the largest  customer of AWS- Clocking in at 53%. The widespread adaptation of AWZ across industries irrespective size shows the popularity of AWS in the cloud computing market space. 

    AWS is one of the leading and most popular cloud service platforms with customers exceeding 1,000,000 worldwide. Amidst the multitude of cloud service providers AWS tops the cloud market share with 32% in the cloud infrastructure industry.

    The dynamic AWS market opens ample opportunities for businesses looking to partner or collaborate with AWS using companies. Companies and services providers offering products and services that integrate and work with AWS cloud platforms, and other Technology businesses who want to connect with the AWS clients can utilize a list of companies using amazon web services to grow their business in the cloud infrastructure industry

      What is The AWS customers List?

      AWS customers list provides a wide range of contact details such as Full Name, Phone Numbers, Email Address, Company Name, Employee Size, Mailing Address and more of key decision makers, C-level executives, industry leaders in the companies using AWS. Moreover, with Avention media’s AWS database you can customize your AWS clients list according to your marketing needs and create personalized marketing campaigns that resonate with your target audiences in the cloud providers market.

      AWS Customer List

      AWS Customers List Based On Revenue and Employee Size

      AWS customers list is growing as the company continues to offer feasible and reliable cloud services across various departments in the different industries irrespective of size. However, the internet industry represents the largest AWS customers with 123,000 customers and Media is the second largest user with 48087 customers. Here is a statistical representation of companies using AWS by revenue and company size. 

      AWS Customers List Based Employee Size

      AWS Customers List Based Revenue

      Customize Your AWS Customers List in Your Terms.


      Revenue size

      Job Titles



      SIC code

      Company size

      What Industry Uses AWS?

      Here is a list of industries that use AWS.

      Some of the Businesses That Can Make Use of the QuickBooks Clients Database Are Mentioned Below.

      Media and entertainment
      Hi-tech and electronics
      IT and services

      Which Businesses Can Use the AWS Customers List?

      Many businesses can use AWS customer list to enter the cloud market and connect with the key decision makers in the companies that use AWS

      Mentioned below are some of the businesses that can benefit from the list AWS customers and craft compelling marketing campaigns that resonate with their target audiences. 

      IT consulting firms
      Cyber Security firms
      Software development companies
      Technology Companies
      E-commerce business
      Cloud computing service providers
      Digital marketing agencies

      How Do We Collect AWS Customers Data?

      All the AWS clients data we have collected are sourced from genuine and 100% verified networks. Avention media ensures to abide by privacy policies like GDPR, CCPA, and CAN-SPAM to maintain data legitimacy. Additionally, all the data collected is highly qualitative and result oriented. Some of the sources that we rely on are listed below. 

      Government directories

      Professional networking events

      White papers

      Conferences & Webinars

      Opt-in emails

      Web registrations

      Newsletter subscriptions

      Trade shows

      Publications and more

      Segment Your AWS Customers List By Products And Service

      Segment your AWS clients using various AWS products and services using Avention media’s AWS customers list. The list provides companies that use different products and services offered by the Amazon Web Services for various business purposes. Here is a list of AWS customer list by products and services. 

      List of AWS Products and Services

      Amazon Bedrock Amazon EC2 Amazon Simple Storage Services (S3) Amazon Q Developer
      Amazon CloudFront Amazon CloudCatalyst Amazon Lightsail Amazon DynamoDB
      Amazon SageMaker Amazon Security Lake AWS Identity & Access Management Amazon API Gateway
      Amazon Comprehend Amazon GuardDuty Amazon Lambda Amazon RDS
      Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) Amazon Elastic Block Store Amazon CloudSearch Amazon Kinesis
      AWS Supply Chain Amazon ElastiCache AWS AppSync Amazon VPC
      Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) Amazon OpenSearch Service Amazon Connect Amazon Redshift

      Partners with Avention Media for AWS Customers Data!

      Choose Avention media as your B2B data partner. Let us help you empower your business outreach in the AWS market with our robust AWS customers list.  Enter the global market and build a strong customer base. Contact us today to know how you can benefit from our AWS database. 

      Get Accurate and Authentic AWS Customers List From Avention Media.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      AWS is widely used across various industries of all sizes including startups, large enterprises to fortune 500 companies around the world.

      There are multitude of cloud service providers in the cloud market. Microsoft Azure and Google cloud platforms are considered to be the biggest competitors of AWS. 

      AWS is dominating the cloud service market with 32% market share, whereas Microsoft Azure and Google cloud combinedly share 31% cloud service market space.

       AWS has many  fastest growing services including, Amazon Aurora, Amazon EC2, Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS),and AWS Systems Manager. 

      AWS has the largest cloud market share of 32% in the cloud infrastructure industry compared to its competitors. 

       Many companies use AWS cloud services from large enterprises to Fortune 500 companies including Adobe, Airbnb, Facebook, Netflix and more. 

      AWS customers are present across the world. It has millions of active users in 240 countries, and 31 regions.

      The most AWS users regions include North California, North Virginia, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Frankfurt, and Ireland. 

       Internet industry is the largest customer of AWS with 123,000 customers base.

       AWS  offers a wide variety of cloud computing services. Some of the popular and majorly used services include, AWS Lambda, Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC), Amazon CloudFront, Amazon DynamoDB, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, and Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS). 

      About 90% of Fortune 500 companies use Amazon Web Services across the globe.

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