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AdvancedMD is a full suite cloud-based EHR and billing software that can be used by solo entities to large groups of healthcare practices. It offers highly capable reporting and billing platforms along with a market leading EHR, practice management, and patient engagement for clients. With over 800 employees and serving 40,000 practices across 13000 practitioners, and 850 medical billing companies, AdvancedMD generates 3.5 million insurance claims each month. 

AdvancedMD is designed to meet the requirement of outpatient practices of all sizes as it offers a unified suite of solutions for companies to automate and streamline EHR, scheduling, billing, and patient engagement. Hence, making it the feasible software for patient management and billing software. Companies using AdvancedMD range from small to large healthcare practices including Millennium Physician Group, ThriveWorks, LifeStance Health, Blue cross blue shield,Pediatrics on Demand, and Global Payments Inc. 

List of Other Companies That Use AdvancedMD in the USA

Company Name Country
Cooper University Health Care United States
Riverchase United States
SYNERGEN Health United States
Practice Management Resource Group United States

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    What is The Market Share of AdvancedMD?

    AdvanceMD is significantly growing amongst its competitors with an estimated market share of 4.52% in the Electronic Health Records (EHR) and has been ranked 5th in the EHR category.  With over 40000 customers base across the globe, 99.69% of AdvancedMD customers come from the United States alone. AdvancedMD caters to 10000 practices, 825 medical billing companies, and 60000 practitioners in the US. 

    As a result the rapidly growing AdvancedMD market offers some significant opportunities to the businesses looking to promote their products and services or looking to connect with the companies using AdvancedMD to enter into the global markets like the US, UK, Europe, Australia, Canada, Japan, APEC, and more. To do so businesses need robust datasets of AdvancedMD customers. Avention media offers a comprehensive AdvancedMD customers list that enables direct communication with the key decision makers in the industry. 

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      What is an AdvancedMD Customer List?

      AdvancedMD customer list includes complete contact information about the list of companies that use AdvancedMD and key decision makers who hold the decision making authority in the company. If you want to target customers across the globe who use AdvancedMD to promote your products and services that cater around AdvancedMD software then consider connecting with Avention media, a leading B2B data provider. 

      Avention media offers an extensive database of AdvancedMD customers worldwide and they strictly abide by the global compliance laws such as GDPR, CCPA, and CAN-SPAM so that you can focus on marketing efforts and not worry about any legal concerns. 

      AdavncedMD Customers list

      What Companies Use AdvancedMD?

      AdvancedMD is used by many solo entities to large healthcare practices to enhance their outpatient practices, billing, and patient management . List of companies using Advancedmd are mentioned below. 

      Total System Services (TSYS)
      Global Payments
      DHR Health
      Legacy Health
      Path Mental Health
      Medstar Health
      The George Washington University Hospital
      TDS Telecommunications

      How Many Products are There in AdvancedMD?

      AdvancedMD offers various products each with distinct features that can be used to streamline patient management and billing systems. Mentioned below are some of the products of AdvancedMD.

      Products Of AdvancedMd

      Which Industry Uses AdvancedMD the Most?

      AdvancedMD is used across various industries including Healthcare services, Medical Specialities, Hospitals & Physicians Clinics, Mental Health & Rehabilitation Centers. AdvancedMD offers cloud-based medical softwares like EHR, billing, and Patient management and is used in various healthcare specialties. Psychiatry with 21%, Mental health and Depression with 17%, and 16% respectively, followed by Laboratory, Physical medicine, Primary care, and Obstetrics and gynecology. AdvancedMD has specially developed a software dedicated to OB-GYN. 

      Which Countries Use AdvancedMD Most?

      The United States is the largest customer of AdvancedMD. 825 medical billing companies use AdvancedMD in the US. Here is a statistical representation of countries using AdvancedMD. 

      How Do We Collect AdvancedMD Customer Data?

      We understand the importance of data credibility for businesses across various industries. Hence, we are determined to provide data that is not just accurate but also credible to use. All the data that we source to compile the AdvancedMD clients list are gathered from 100% genuine and reliable data platforms to ensure data legitimacy. Once the data is collected we run through stringent data verification processes like data encryption, validation and data auditing processes to check data authenticity, integrity, and confidentiality. Some of the reliable data sources we depend on to collect data are mentioned below. 

      Government directories

      Feedback forms

      Website registrations

      HealthTech magazines

      Tech events

      Opt-in emails

      Economic forums

      Trade shows

      Newsletter subscriptions

      Business cards

      Yellow pages

      Tech Conferences & webinars

      HealthTech Surveys


      Technology Publications

      Panel discussions

      Competitors List of AdvancedMD?

      AdvancedMD provides unified workflow experience with relevant information that can be accessed across various departments in the healthcare practices and ensures productivity and reduced data risk. However, the company faces fair competition from other EHR and patient management softwares. Here is a list of AdvancedMD alternatives.






      among others.

      Propel Your Business With The Help Of AdvancedMD Customers List.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      AdvancedMD has over 40000 customers worldwide out of which 99.69% of customers are based in the United States. 

      AdvancedMD is a full circle cloud-based software platform that offers Electronic Health Records (EHR), billing, and patient care management tools to streamline operations. Its robust features provide tailored workflow solutions, technology enabled patient flow, data export, automates workflow, safeguard data, and ODBC (open database connectivity interface) lets companies  access data at any time.

       Healthcare services, Physicians, Mental health & Rehabilitation centers among others use AdvancedMD to streamline billing operations and patient management. 

      Yes, AdvancedMD provides robust billing, reporting and analytics tools including EHR and patient engagement.

      40,000 practices across 13000 practitioners, and 850 medical billing companies use  AdvancedMD. The United States has the largest customer base with 10000 practices, 825 medical billing companies, and 60000 practitioners. 

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