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As one of the Renowned Payroll Services, ADP (Automatic Data Processing) Payroll is actively being outsourced by businesses around the globe to take care of their Payroll processing as well as tax- filing tasks. It is being used on a large scale since it is straightforward and easy to utilize, and is also being integrated with Human Resources Related tasks to make it more stress- free. 

ADP has built its Global Reputation as a famous Cloud Solutions Provider for Human Resources Information System (HRIS) and Human Capital Management (HCM) centric Solutions. It has a wide variety of users ranging from small, medium sized as well as large enterprises across different industries ,and is currently thriving on a Payroll Software Market Share of about 8.08%. 

As an Advanced Automated Human Resources Payroll Software, it has been estimated to reach more than $15.43 Billion by 2030, which opens up possibilities for businesses to consider investing and selling their products and services in the said industry. 

That being said, this is a sign for your business to consider rolling out Successful Marketing Campaigns with Avention Media’s ADP Payroll Customers List. Our Customer List consists of 100% Original Contact Database of Companies using ADP Payroll across US, UK, Germany, Canada and everywhere across the globe! 

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    What Companies are using ADP Payroll?

    In 2024, more than 7,300+ Companies had started utilizing ADP Payroll as their Payroll Management tool. 

    Some of the Prominent Companies that are currently using ADP Payroll include: T-Mobile, a US- Based Communication Business with a revenue of $79 Bn, Philip Morris International, a US- based Consumer Packaged Goods Business with a revenue of $35 Bn, John Deere, a US- based Manufacturing Company with a revenue of $60 Bn, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), a Canada based Banking Services Company with a revenue of $56 Bn and more. 

    Let’s take a look at other Top Companies that are relying on ADP Payroll to handle and automate their Human Resources- related tasks and operations.

    Some of the prominent companies that use ADP Payroll
    Company Website Location Revenue (USD)
    Amazon amazon.com United States 574 Bn
    Dell Technologies Inc. dell.com United States 88.4 Bn
    Dollar Thrifty Automotive dollar.com United States 140 Bn
    Genesis Healthcare genesishcc.com United States 3 Bn
    Infinera Corporation infinera.com United States 1 Bn
    Vibrantz (Ferro Corporation) vibrantz.com United States 1 Bn
    United Community Bank ucbi.com United States 744 Mn
    Meritage Medical Network meritagemed.com United States 58.4 Mn
    Mount-It! mount-it.com United States 37.1 Mn
    Kodiak Robotics, Inc kodiak.ai United States 15.8 Mn
    Calabria Group calabriagroup.com United States 16.5 Mn
    Halvik Corporation halvik.com United States 15.5 Mn

    ADP Payroll Customers by Industry

    ADP’s Payroll Software has solely been developed to handle Payroll and HR related tasks and is currently serving more than 8,50,000 clients in over 140 Countries. It has the required solutions that caters to Businesses of all sizes- be it for small businesses or global enterprises across numerous industries. 

    Since the Payroll Software has played a crucial role in contributing to businesses of all sizes, it is imminent to know the different industries that it has benefitted. As per the Graph, Hospital and Healthcare (2002) takes up the majority of ADP Customers, and is closely followed by Information Technology and Services Customers (1389).  

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      ADP Payroll Customer List

      Customize Your ADP Payroll Customers List in Your Terms.


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      Other Renowned Payroll Software and Solutions

      ADP (Automated Data Processing), Gusto, OnPay, BambooHR, Paycom, QuickBooks, Paychex, Deel and Rippling are some of the popular Payroll Software and Solutions that are being used by multiple businesses worldwide for automating all of their HR related tasks and processes like Payroll, Attendance Management, Outsourcing, Integrations, Tax Filing and more. 

      Our Data Archive constitutes a Verified Contact List of ADP Payroll Customers in the USA, UK, Canada, Germany and everywhere else around the globe!

      Your Business can Sell its Products and Services in the Global Market by reaching out to Customers that are using these Popular Payroll Softwares with our following Customer Lists

      ADP Payroll Customers List Bamboohr Customers List Gusto Customers List
      OnPay Customers List Paycom Customers List QuickBooks Customers List
      Paychex Customers List Deel Customers List Rippling Customers List

      Our Contact Database is Compliant with Global Privacy Laws!

      Strengthen your Business’s Credibility! Our Contact Database is compliant with Industry- Certified Standards, as we strictly prioritize maintaining Data Integrity and Protection. We make sure that our List of ADP Payroll Customers is compliant with the following Data Privacy Laws provided below:   

      CASS- Certification

      USPS - Verification

      Strict Adherence to GDPR, CAN- SPAM, and CCPA Privacy Laws

      Multiply your Return on Investment with our ADP Payroll Customer List!

      You don’t have to sell your products to All the customers- that’s right! 

      You can target and sell your products to ADP Payroll Customers who are actually interested in buying your products or services. This is why using our Customizable Customer List can be useful in helping your Business’s Product ‘Shine-Out’ while taking up Target- based Approach. 

      Avention Media’s List of Companies that use ADP Payroll can stack your Business with the required solution to Add or Remove Data Fields, that align with your sales strategies the best! Some of the Personalized Data Fields can range from

      • Company Name
      • Official Email Address
      • SIC Code
      • NAICS Code
      • Geographical Location
      • Job Titles
      • Zip Code 
      • Tech Stack
      • Area of Specification
      • Revenue Size and more!  

      Top Buyers of our ADP Payroll Customers List

      If your Businesses products, services and solutions have the potential to be impactful for ADP Payroll Customers, then opting for Avention Media’s List of Companies that use ADP Payroll Customers in the USA and around the globe can work out for the better for your business, in the long- run!

      Let’s Take a Look at some of the Instances

      Software Development Companies

      ADP Payroll Customers, like any other businesses would ensure that their Payroll Software is functioning the way it is intended to function. So Software Development Companies can use our to provide their Software Development Services and solve possible technical issues, integration, cybersecurity solutions and so on.

      Software Training Institutes

      Every business has to make sure that their employees have a clear understanding on how to use the software to carry out their everyday tasks in a hassle- free way. And given that Payroll is a crucial task to handle, Software Training Institutes can use our ADP Payroll Clients List to and render their Training Services to them.

      Alternative Payroll Software Providers

      Numerous Alternative Payroll Software Providers can reach out to a large base of ADP Payroll Software Customers. Highlighting better Software features or lowered Software prices can increase your chances of selling more and closing more leads with our List of Companies using ADP Payroll.

      Partnering Websites

      Partnering Websites act as the middle-men in facilitating businesses to avail any Software at a reduced cost by offering Coupons and Discounts. Therefore, Partnering Sites can utilize our ADP Payroll Customer List to provide ADP Customers with Coupons and Discounts to install new systems or update existing systems at a much lower cost.

      Get 100% Credible Contact Database with Avention Media’s List of ADP Payroll Customers

      Tired of Dealing with Inaccurate Contact Information?

      Our Data Specialists carry out all the heavy- work by going through hundreds of Legitimate Public Data Sources and records to create an extensive list of prospects which is later converted into a properly segmented Customers List. 

      Some of our Trusted Sources are inclusive of

      Technology Professionals Web Surveys

      Government Records

      Technology Events

      Organizational Records

      Direct Meeting

      Tech- Based Newsletters

      Technology Conferences and Seminars

      Opt- In Emails

      Tech Magazines

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      Our ADP Payroll Customers List Offers numerous Advantages you can Profit- Off from!

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      Once you have made the purchase, your ADP Payroll Customer List will be delivered in 3- 4 Business Days in a .xls , .csv, .pdf or other downloadable formats that leans towards your business requirements the best!

      Your business can integrate or download the Delivered Contact Database in a Cloud- Based application or in your CRM Software. 

      Once your Customer List will be delivered to you, our Support Team will assist you in understanding the process and help you get familiarized with our Verified B2B ADP Payroll Contact Database. 

      Steer your Marketing Campaigns in the Right Direction with our ADP Payroll Customers List!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      ADP Payroll has over 6,243 Customers in the USA. 

      ADP is one of the Largest Payroll companies with over 1 Million Customers and with more than 50 competitors in the payroll market. 

      Over 90% of Fortune 100 Companies and more than 80% of Fortune 500 companies are utilizing ADP’s Solutions and Services.  

      ADP Payroll can help businesses of all sizes tackle their most intricate Payroll and HR related tasks and challenges.

      ADP Payroll can simplify and automate payroll processes for different businesses. It is useful for carrying out payroll calculations, regulatory compliances as well as tax deductions. It can also minimize errors and administrative burdens and enhance financial clarity.  

      ADP Payroll is being used by more than 1 Million Companies in over 140 countries.  

      ADP Payroll can be utilized by businesses of all sizes to handle all of their Payroll and HR related work. 

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