Role Base

Reach Decision Makers Based on Their Roles in the Organization

Role Base is a data solution that provides decision-makers datasets to help marketing teams, sales teams, and recruitment agencies to outreach and to boost up customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty. Avention Media provides you a rich database to connect with your targeted audience, be it Accountants, Healthcare Professionals, Lawyers, Attorneys, and much more.


We Cover All the Regions across the Globe:

At Avention Media, we offer custom marketing solutions across the globe. And, our Professional Email List is built-in and segmented based on the demographic data of prospects and clients.

Grow your business to heights unseen before with our extensive Professionals Mailing List

In this competitive world, with businesses struggling every day to improve their ROI, expand their customer base, build their brand awareness, it is today a totally different ball game than it was a few years ago. That is where we come in!

Our main objective at Avention Media is to represent you globally, you can disseminate your message to thousands of working professionals from different organizations.

High-profile professionals, specialists, executives, VPs, and all the other key decision-makers just a few clicks away, reaching them has never been easier.

With Avention media on your side, you can boost your business with new leads, more customer retention, and build your brand’s value.

We provide a comprehensive list of details of specific personnel based on their job title, just let us know your requirement, and we will aid you in reaching any prospect of your liking.

Our Role Base Can be Customized by below selects:

  • Company size
  • Revenue Size
  • Geographic Locations
  • Industry
  • SIC Code
  • NAICS Code
  • Job Titles/ Functions
  • Technology Used
  • Assets Size

We Provide Following Professional Email Lists Including:


  • Librarian Email List
  • Facility Managers Email List
  • Event Organizers Email List
  • Recruiters Email List
  • Designers Mailing List
  • Software Engineers Email List
  • Stock Broker Email List
  • Financial Advisors Email List
  • Medical Director Email List
  • Architect Email List
  • CIO Email List

Key benefits of having Avention media as your data partner

Reach out to role-specific prospects

From CEOs to top executives, reach out to the decision makers of an organization to unlock a pivotal aspect to develop a new lead. Use our role-specific mailing list to deliver your message to the right person.

All data collated from legitimate sources

We at Avention media only compile data from legitimate sources to avoid inaccuracy, our data experts utilize online and offline business listing, webinar registrations, magazine subscriptions, yellow pages, white pages directories, and various other data collection partners to compile useful data just for you.

100% verified and accurate data

All the data collected by our data miners go through a multi-tier verification process both manual and automatic to avoid errors and misleading information. Our database is SMTP and NCOA verified at regular intervals to ditch any discrepancies.

Profoundly high deliverability rate

Being in the business for quite some years now, we take care of our database keenly, regular verifications, sourcing legit data, leads to a very high deliverability rate. Ensuring your message has been delivered to your target audience.

Customization options that will impress you

We at Avention media offer our customers a wide range of customization as per your preference and choice. We understand the objective of our customers and strive to help them with the best of data and customization. Choose from a heap of distinct details like name, phone number, email address, organization, company type, company size, revenue size, and much more

We adhere to all data policies

Our entire database is compliant with all the data policies applicable today, we adhere to policies like CAN-spam, ANTI- SPAM, CCPA, GDPR. in order to reduce any hassle to our customers.

Competitive data at a very competitive price

Refer to our customer testimonials to get an understanding of how we leave no stone unturned for the sake of customer satisfaction, we provide the best in class data at an amazingly affordable price.



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