Industry Base

Reach Companies and Decision Makers from All Industries Across the Globe

Industry Base is one of our data solutions created by Avention Media to help marketing teams, sales teams, and recruitment agencies to reach companies and decision-makers from all industries across the globe. Avention Media’s Industry Base has almost all major industries databases like Banking and Financial Services, Aerospace/ Aviation Industry, construction, manufacturing, chemical industries, and many more.

Our Industry Base Includes All Industry-Specific Data

  • 3D Printing Industry Mailing List
  • Advertising and Marketing List
  • Agriculture, Forestry And Fishing List
  • Architectural Services Mailing List
  • BFSI Industry Mailing List
  • Health and Beauty Email List
  • Biotechnology Industry Email List
  • BPO / Call Center Mailing List
  • Business Services Mailing List
  • Textile and Apparel Industry Email List
  • Chemical Industry Mailing List
  • Cloud Computing Email List
  • Computer Software Email List
  • Consulting Services Email List
  • Consumer Goods Email List
  • Defense Industry Email List
  • Education Services Email List
  • Furniture, Home Furnishing Email List
  • Metallurgy Industry Mailing List
  • IT Services Industry Mailing List
  • Luxury Goods Mailing List
  • Legal Services Email List
  • Media And Publishing Email List
  • Metal Moulding Industry Email List
  • Petrochemicals Industry Email List
  • Printing and Publishing Email List
  • Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Brokers List
  • Medical Device Distributors List
  • Sericulture Industry Email List
  • Travel and Tourism Industry Email List
  • Wine Industry Email List
  • International Importers and Exporters List
  • K-12 Schools Email List
  • Electronics Industry Email List
  • Machinery and Equipment Industry Email List
  • Wholesalers / Distributors Industry Email List
  • Packaging Industry Mailing List
  • Pet Care Industry Email List
  • Horticulture Industry Email List
  • Semiconductor Industry Email List
  • Environmental Services Industry Email List
  • Transportation Industry Email List
  • Computer Products and Services Industry List
  • Utilities Industry Mailing List
  • Leisure Entertainment Industry Email List
  • Non-profit Organizations Email List
  • Fitness Spa Clubs Email List
  • Energy Industry Mailing List

Advantages of buying a Industry Email List from Avention Media

You must be wondering, why us? What makes us different from the rest of them? How good are we? What is the authenticity of our database? Well, here are few key benefits (among others) that will help you grow your business into a mammoth in no time.

Reach a wide range of users from various industries based on your preference.

Our data scientists have gathered the data of various industries, be it oil and gas, or agriculture, or mining, or advertising, or healthcare, and the list goes on and on. Our experts have managed to gather data of almost all the industries under the sun. so choose any or every industry you like and we have the data ready to be delivered to you like hotcakes.

Regular verification of data to maintain 100% authenticity.

Our database is regularly SMTP and NCOA verified to maintain absolute authenticity, we make sure that the data delivered to you is completely error-free to ensure high deliverability. At Avention media millions of calls are made every year to verify our database and append more relevant data for your utilization.

We gather our data only from legitimate sources.

Only we know how daunting it is to collect legit data from a legit source, we source out our data from distinct online and offline business listings, yellow pages, white pages, webinar registrations, magazine subscriptions, newsletter subscriptions, and so on.

Enjoy a wide range of customization according to your preference.

We provide a pre-packaged industry database too, but where is the fun in that? That is exactly why we practice customization to cater to our customer’s requirements, we offer customized data such as industry type, industry size, revenue size, geolocation, and etc. avail a tailored database just for you according to your preference and choice.

Our database is all data laws compliant.

At Avention media, we enforce all the data laws compliance, such as ANTI-SPAM law, GDPR law, CAN-SPAM law, and any other law that is applicable to avoid any hassle to our customer.

Ensured business growth with highly responsive customer data.

You have made it to our main objective, growing your business by representing you internationally. We make sure our database goes through various verification and authenticity parameters to ensure that your message reaches the right person who would respond to you based on your marketing campaign.


We Cover All the Industries Across Globe:

At Avention Media, we offer custom marketing solutions across the globe. And, our Industry Email List is built-in and segmented based on the demographic data of prospects and clients.

Reach your targeted audience with Avention Media’s Extensive Industry Mailing List

The key aspect to grow your business by increasing your lead generation, and more customer retention, in this tough competing world, is email marketing, with email marketing you can take your business to a zenith, it is that powerful tool that will drive more leads in with reaching potential prospects and target audience.

Reaching your target audience has never been so easier before, with Avention media’s industry-specific data, reach out to your target audience in a whizz and convey your message loud and clear to top order decision-making personnel from across the globe belonging to various industries.

With Avention media’s data insights, build an intelligent marketing strategy in your campaigns, and gain heavy customer response. Well begun is have done, so begin with our mail lists to win the email marketing race before it even begins.


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