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Data Hygiene

Identify and Replace Dead and Duplicate Emails, Phone Numbers, Addresses, Fax Numbers, and CRM Data of your existing clients

Avention Media’s Data Hygiene is the most accurate data cleansing solution with its real-time data validation, hygiene, and enhancement process. We, at Avention Media, de-duplicate, replace, correct, delete, organize, validate, modify, classify, and format your data and ensure your marketing and sales teams connect your customers without any hassle.

Why Choose Avention Media’s Data Hygiene Solution?

  • Improving the relevancy and accuracy of the data.
  • Increasing customer engagement via marketing campaigns.
  • Error-free data for flawless sales execution.
  • Improve segregation and organization of data.
  • Enhance affordability and turn-around times.
  • Suppressing information against industry standard files such as MPS, GAS, TBR, NSF, etc.
  • Identifying and removing duplicate records.
  • Identifying and revising irrelevant, inaccurate, incomplete, missing, spurious, invalid, corrupt, or obsolete data.
  • Identifying key variables and suggest new variables to enrich a database.
  • Updates the data to reconnect with lapsed contacts.
  • Adding missing details such as first and last names, date of birth, telephone numbers, and postal codes.
  • Removes data with opt-outs.
  • Enhances the database with additional records.
  • Rectifying discrepancies with respect to spellings, abbreviations, and type errors.
  • Converting CRM systems from a set of records, tables, or databases.

We Cover All the Regions across the Globe:

Our Data Hygiene helps in detecting gaps in the database, verifying information, maintain the data quality, and fill the void in the database with accurate information to save the marketing costs with precise marketing data.



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