Revamp Your Email Marketing Tricks to Get More Lead Treats This Halloween Season

Revamp Your Email Marketing Tricks to Get More Lead Treats This Halloween Season

You will be surprised to know that Email Marketing began back in 1978. And it is truly astonishing how even after 40 years, it has managed to stay relevant with the latest trends and, in fact, rule the marketing paradigm.

This Halloween, increase your lead generation by tweaking it to resonate with the Halloween festival. This article contains simple tips and tricks to skyrocket your sales. Before we jump right in, let us have a look at these mind-boggling email marketing statistics.

Cool Trivia:

Companies have recorded the highest open rate when they send just two emails a month.

89% of marketers use email marketing for generating leads

In 2019, the total email users globally summed up to 3.9 billion users, and the numbers are expected to rise to a staggering 4.3 billion users (that’s literally half of the earth’s population).

Marketers who segmented their email list experienced 39% higher open rates and 28% lower unsubscribe rates.

Say Goodbye to Dead Data

Data is an essential element of an email marketing campaign. It determines where your emissaries, i.e., your emails, are headed. But one drawback of data is that it gets outdated with time. Meaning, over time, your subscribers are likely to change their jobs, email addresses, mobile numbers, making the existing data obsolete.

Therefore, we suggest you scrub your email list and keep it updated and fresh to use. The B2B market is quite dynamic. A marketer cannot afford to use outdated data lest he wants his marketing campaign to incur heavy losses. Old data will lead to a decrease in the email delivery rate.

One-size won’t fit all (Personalize)

Do you know what makes a subscriber unsubscribe from your email campaign? The answer is – Irrelevant Content. Yes, irrelevant content is the last thing you want to send your prospects. Remember, we are in the B2B infrastructure where primary prospects are C-Level Executives or other Key decision-makers. And these people run short on time. If your emails struck the annoying string even a little bit, either they will unsubscribe from your email newsletter or make it worse by marking your email as spam.

So, deliver content that provides something of value to your subscribers. When I say personalize an email, that is not just limited to mentioning their name in the email. Personalization is much more than that. Deliver content that relates to your subscriber’s current buyer journey. Also, keep the tone of your content friendly, learn how to sell without sounding very salesman-y.

Give your Email Theme a Halloween-y Touch

Indeed, the B2B audience is different from B2C. The tone of the emails is usually more business-oriented and formal. But it does not necessarily need to be like that. There are no rules carved on any stone that your email campaign must be formal and grumpy, but that does not mean you write silly content.

This Halloween, customize your email themes to resonate with the Halloween festival. Lite-hearted and fun elements will make your emails more engaging.

Create Entertaining Content Around the Halloween Theme  

Good content is the key to subscribers’ happiness. When a subscriber is happy, he is more likely to purchase from you. So, try creating content that serves both the purposes – educating and entertaining your subscribers.

Create content that matches your Halloween theme and worry not about the formal tone of a B2B sales pitch. Give your subscribers a break from the usual boring promotional message. After all, CEOs too are humans. Once in a while,

content that tickles the funny bone will influence the subscriber to learn more about your product/service.

Spook your Subscribers with Crazy Discounts

You are almost there; by creating a custom Halloween theme and Halloween-inspired content, you can provide your subscribers a time-sensitive Halloween festival discount or sale to up notch it up a bit. Just as mentioned above, keep your emails fun inducing, but do not overdo it. Well, this is another way to do keep it subtle and simple.


Email marketing is not just about sending random emails to random people. It is about maintaining consistency and brand awareness properly. Which includes few best practices and other mistakes that need to be avoided at any cost. (Regardless of the festive season)

Hence, below are few things you need to avoid as an Email Marketer:

Making your Emails Complex to Read

As mentioned above, B2B Paradigm has a different set of audiences. This audience is quite busy and does not like to waste their time reading and understanding complicated content in an email. A CEO would never spend more a lot of time understanding an email. Instead, write simple content that is to the point and easily comprehendible.

Remember that you are trying to solve your prospects’ problems by offering them solutions through your product/service and not proving your literature skills. Writing email content is not the right time to bring out the hidden Shakespeare in you.

Despising Unsubscribe Rate

Unsubscribe rate is not as bad as you think. Probably every business has a certain amount of unsubscribing rate. Generally, an unsubscribe rate below 0.5% is considered to be okay and nothing to worry about. But if your unsubscribe rate is more than the said rate, you need to tweak your email campaign.

What if I tell you that you can make unsubscribes work for your advantage?

What you can do is, ask your unsubscribers the reason for unsubscribing from your newsletter. And use it to improve your email campaign. Often the reason for unsubscribing is due to over-sending emails and irrelevant content. You can rectify the mistake due to which your audience is unsubscribing from your email newsletter.

Not Optimizing your Emails for Mobiles

Did you know?

48% of emails are opened on a smartphone, and 75% of Gmail users access their accounts through mobiles.

The above statistics say enough to start making your emails mobile compatible if you have not done it yet. The world is moving towards “doing things on the go.” Since the increased adaption of smartphones by the masses has revolutionized the way, emails are consumed today. Many people prefer to open their emails on their smartphones rather than starting their PCs or laptops for reading emails. In fact, I like to open emails on my iPhone. This must be enough to emphasize the importance of optimizing your emails to be mobile compatible.

Wrapping Up

The Halloween season brings marketers an opportunity to sell their products in a fun and lighthearted way. The best way to sell more products is by not trying to sell. Provide your subscriber’s solutions through content that solves their problems. Keep your users happy by giving them something of value, and they will be loyal to your brand for eternity. Grab the opportunity this Halloween to boost your sales and improve your brand awareness using spooky discounts, Interesting Halloween-themed emails, and content.