Outreach for a Leading Healthcare Events Brand for Better ROI

Industry: Digital Consulting & Healthcare Event Promotions

Location: Europe

Challenge: Event Campaign outreach to increase product awareness

Solution: Targeted multi-channel campaigns to boost event footfall & leads

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Increase Brand Awareness

About the Client:

Established in the year 1986, the brand was driven to gauge European public opinion across the student sphere. This was the foundation that led to creating the European Space Weekend which attracts over 400 students and has been a cornerstone of their success. The core services include identifying and implementing the best digital solutions that help customers increase their competitive advantage and experience measurable returns. From about 83 experts to now a 260-strong member team the client has generated a whopping turnover of €90m. Their core services include congress organization, event organization, virtual events organization, medical publishing & education, housing bureau, business meeting facilities & end-to-end digital services.


The client services were very niche and catered to a specific audience segment. The current database was barely giving them any engagement and traction, it was outdated and did not have multiple fields that can assist multichannel campaign performance. The client was looking to maximize their event campaign promotion and increase quality leads for their upcoming healthcare event.

Solutions Offered:

  • The prospective audience was segmented into different clusters
  • The data offered was built based on different clusters
  • Along with contact data, we helped them run email campaigns to increase leads and engagement
  • The content was hyper-personalized across various creative forms & templates to ensure multi-channel efficiency

The Results:

  • The Click-through rate with the very first campaign was 13%
  • The Click-through open rate was 8.9%
  • The overall engagement rate through all the multi-channel campaigns was 21%
  • 5 out of 12 leads through the event were converted into successful deals
  • The client is now looking to replicate the same structure for their upcoming medical events

Client Testimonial:

We were struggling with our event promotions and were barely getting results with our previous data records. With TargetNXT on board, we were able to see remarkable results with our very first campaign. We are now discussing our global healthcare campaign initiatives with their team. We highly recommend their services to result-focused organizations looking to make the most of their campaign initiatives.

– Nick Carlton, Chief Marketing Officer

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