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mobile-responsive email design

Launching a mobile-responsive email design can increase unique mobile clicks by 15%.

A mobile-responsive email design adapts and optimizes the layout and content of an email to fit different screen sizes and devices, providing a seamless user experience. By ensuring that the email is easily readable and actionable on mobile devices, users are more likely to engage with the content, leading to a significant increase in unique mobile clicks, typically ranging from 15% to even higher percentages.

Email marketing 84%

Email marketing (84%) is the most implemented marketing tactic in B2B business.

According to the source B2B businesses, email marketing is the most widely used marketing strategy, with an implementation rate of 84%. It highlights the significant preference for email marketing as a key tool for engaging with potential clients and driving business growth in the B2B sector.

email newsletters

31% of marketers use email newsletters as a top channel to nurture leads.

Email newsletters are used to keep prospects informed, share updates about products or services, offer promotions, and establish trust and credibility with the audience. The statistic highlights the popularity and effectiveness of email newsletters as a lead nurturing tool among a significant portion of marketing professionals.

emails marketing

Each $1 spent in sending emails generated £32.28 (around $40) in sales.

For every dollar invested in email marketing, businesses generated an impressive £32.28 (approximately $40) in sales, showcasing the high return on investment this channel offers. This statistic highlights the cost-effectiveness and profitability of email campaigns, making it a valuable tool for businesses to engage with their audience and drive sales. By leveraging the power of targeted email marketing, companies can maximize their revenue and achieve impressive results.

29% marketers ROI

29% of marketers look at ROI metrics to evaluate email effectiveness.

Nearly 30% of marketers rely on ROI metrics to assess the effectiveness of their email campaigns, as reported by the DMA. By analyzing the return on investment, marketers can gauge the success of their efforts and make informed decisions to optimize their strategies. This emphasizes the importance of measuring email performance and using data-driven insights to enhance campaign outcomes.

Emails that include social sharing buttons have a 158% higher click-through rate.

Emails with social sharing buttons witness a staggering 158% higher click-through rate, highlighting the profound impact of incorporating these buttons in email campaigns. By enabling recipients to effortlessly share content, businesses can enhance engagement, expand their reach, and drive higher click-through rates, ultimately leading to improved campaign effectiveness.

Email marketing revenue

Email marketing revenue is estimated to reach almost 11 billion by the end of 2023.

It signifies the financial impact and potential of email marketing as a lucrative channel for businesses. This estimation suggests that businesses are increasingly recognizing the value of email marketing in driving sales, conversions, and overall revenue generation. It also reflects the confidence and investment companies are placing in email marketing strategies to reach their target audience effectively and achieve significant financial returns.

B2B Marketers

59% of B2B marketers say most of their revenue comes from email marketing

As is the case with B2C companies, B2B companies see great returns from email marketing. Nearly 6 in 10 B2B marketing professionals say that email marketing is a significant portion of their revenue stream.

email marketing success

51% of marketers say enriching contact data quality is their most significant barrier to achieving email marketing success.

This statistic highlights the critical role of accurate and high-quality contact data in maximizing the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns. It underscores the challenges marketers face in maintaining data quality and the importance of implementing strategies to address this barrier for improved email marketing outcomes.

Email marketing for lead generations

89% of marketers say that email is their primary channel for lead generation.

According to a study conducted by Mailigen in 2015, a remarkable 89% of marketers consider email as their primary channel for lead generation. This statistic underscores the enduring effectiveness and popularity of email marketing in capturing and nurturing leads.

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