30 Email Marketing statistics you need to know in 2021

Email Marketing statistics

Email marketing has managed to stay relevant even today whilst the whole marketing paradigm has evolved unimaginably. After all, why not? An email marketing campaign is effective in connecting you with your target audience to endorse your brand and power up your sales.

You are here, which means either you are planning to start your own email marketing campaign or want to learn more about email marketing. These Email marketing statistics will make your jaws drop. Read on to understand the true potential of email marketing and the results. In this article I have mentioned various email marketing benchmarks as well that will help you measure the performance of your email marketing campaign.

  • There are 4 billion email users on a daily basis.
  • 64% of Small and medium-sized businesses preside on email marketing for connecting with their target audience.
  • 3-5 emails in a week are sent to customers by 35% of marketers.
  • An increase in email engagement over the past 12 months was reported by 78% of marketers.
  • 4 out of 5 marketers are willing to give up social media marketing over email marketing.
  • 74% of baby boomers believe emails are the best personal channel for communicating with brands.
  • More than 306 billion emails are sent and received every day. (Statista, 2021)
  • The average email open rate across all industries is 19.8%. (Constant contact, 2021)
  • The average click-through rate across all industries is 11.3%. (Constant contact, 2021)
  • The average bounce rate across all industries is 9.4%. (Constant contact, 2021)
  • 760% increase in revenue was noted by marketers who used segmented campaigns. ( Campaign Monitor, 2019)
  • Email marketing is believed to be the best way to nurture leads by 31% of marketers. (Content marketing institute, 2020)
  • Over 350 million dollars were spent on email marketing in the United States alone. (Statista, 2019)
  • Email newsletters are considered to be the best form of content marketing by 81% of marketers. (Content marketing institute, 2020)
  • 16% of overall emails never reach their destination. ( Email tool tester, 2019)
  • Email is considered to be the top free organic distribution channel by 87% of B2B marketers. (Content marketing institute, 2020)
  • 90% of content marketers believe email engagement is the top metric they monitor to analyze content performance. (Content marketing institute, 2020)
  • Emails that have personalized subject lines generally have 50% higher open rates. (yes lifecycle marketing, 2017)
  • Click rates can be increased by 300% by adding video to your email. (Martech advisor)
  • 49% of customers said they wouldn’t mind receiving promotional emails from their favorite brand. (Statista, 2017)
  • Emails are preferred by 59% of B2B marketers for lead generation. ( Emma )
  • 21% of emails are opened within the first hour of delivery. (GetResponse)
  • Return on investment for email marketing is 4200%, which means every 1 dollar spent on email marketing can fetch 42 dollars. (Campaign Monitor, 2019)
  • Compared to Facebook and Twitter, email marketing is 40% better at converting. ( Slideshare )
  • 7% of consumers were influenced by marketing and advertising emails. (Sale Cycle)
  • Personalization is considered the most effective technique by 62% of marketers. (Business2Community)
  • 47% of consumers admit to opening an email based on the subject line. (Optinmonster)
  • And, 69% of consumers report an email as spam based on the subject line. (Snov labs)
  • Welcome emails fetch 320% more revenue per email than other promo emails.
  • Automotive and aerospace have the least open rates – 12.6%. ( Campaign Monitor )

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