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CCPA is an acronym for California Consumer Privacy Act. It is a state-wide data privacy law introduced by the state of California of the United States that regulates how businesses from different parts of the world are allowed to handle the personal information of citizens of California.

What is California Consumer Privacy Act?

California Consumer Privacy Act is a consumer privacy act introduced in the state of California, United States. This new privacy law encourages the residents of California to know what personal information companies collect about them, how they use it and share. This landmark law brings in several restrictions on the collection and also to sell the consumer’s personal information.

What is considered personal information under CCPA?

Under CCPA, every information that identifies, recognizes, relates to, and could be linked to a consumer or household, is treated as personal information. The personal information includes an individual’s full name, email address, records of products purchased, geolocation data, fingerprints, internet browsing history, IP address, home address, National ID card, Passport number, and much more.

Which company does the CCPA affect?

CCPA applicable to every company that belongs to any of the following criteria:
It applies to all such companies that serve the California residents and generates annual revenue of at least $25million
Companies that derive 50% or more of their annual revenue by selling the consumer’s personal information
Companies that buy, sell or share the PI of over 50,000 consumers.
However, companies need not have their physical presence in California, nor they need to have their base in California or any other part of the United States to comply with CCPA law.

What is the right to opt-out?

Right to opt-out is the option given to citizens of California to request the businesses to stop selling their personal information. Once businesses receive an opt-out request from you, then they cannot sell your personal information with few exceptions unless you allow them to do so again.

What is your right to delete personal information?

Right to delete enables you to request businesses to delete personal information which they collected from you. However, there are few exceptions that permit businesses to keep your personal information.

Does the CCPA require a Data Protection Officer?

No, it is not mandatory to have Data Protection Officer under the CCPA law.
What is the difference between GDPR and CCPA?
The basic difference between these two data privacy laws is GDPR is based in the European Economic Area, while CCPA is based in the state of California of the United States. Both laws aim to protect data and privacy guidelines. GDPR protects the data of European Union users whereas CCPA protects the data privacy of residents of California.

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