If you have been associated with sales for any time, you might know that your success depends on the quality of sales prospect lists. Like if you are one of the skilled salespeople of your company, but you are getting in touch with the wrong people, your selling skills will have a negligible effect on their wish to buy your product.

Even though sales is just a number game, many professionals restrain from forming a wide net in the hope of catching a sale. Rather, present-day sales professionals look for success by generating and getting in touch with highly targeted lists of only competent prospects.

Recognizing the right people and the best way to reach them is not easy. It needs an in-depth understanding of various products and services, strong familiarity with the consumer base, and access to required tools and data.

Before knowing about ways to build sales prospect lists, you must know about sales prospect lists in detail.

What is the Sales Prospect List?

A sales prospect list is simply a list of important clients. They are people who can benefit from the products and services of your company, and they are your best clients.

They are the clients who fit best to your ideal purchaser persona, qualities, and traits that assist you in identifying important clients for your products and services.

Ideal buyer personalities are generated by the marketing team and involve points such as

  • Size and location of the company
  • Revenue of the company
  • Role of prospects in the organization
  • Age, gender, and character traits of prospect
  • Goals of prospect
  • KPI

But these are all just initial points for understanding the buyers who fit best and building up a prospect list. You are also required to have a strong understanding of your product or services.

6 Ways To Build a Sales Prospect List

There is no precise formula that will guide you through generating your sales prospect list. Rather, sales professionals must clearly understand their consumers, their products, and various channels for building a prospect list.

1. Know your offerings

Before you recognize who are your best prospects, you should understand what you will sell. The sales department primarily has an extensive onboarding process. But to be an exceptional sales representative, knowledge about your offerings must pass all basics and go deep into the specified use case, feature sets, and complex success stories.

It will enhance your knowledge about your product and enhance your capability to identify potential prospects. Start the process by asking the following questions:

  • What issue is your product designed for alleviating?
  • Is there anything about your product that causes you to close deals?
  • What does a valuable consumer say is the most annoying part of your product or service?
  • Are you comfortable using a product that you are selling in daily life?

2. Know your Buyer

Just like you need to understand your product and its role in the market, you should also have a clear understanding of your buyers and all factors that drive them to make a purchase. This information helps in narrowing down the prospect list even more. For generating a sales prospect list, you must take a fresh look at your best consumers instead of depending on old profiles generated by the marketing team. There are several ways for conducting prospect and consumer research, such as

  • Analysis of manual data
  • Market intelligence tools
  • Consumer surveys

3. Establish your Intel

At this stage, you will have two data sets. One consists of relevant information about products and services, and the other consists of vital information about ideal prospects and the best consumers. Now you can merge them to start your B2B prospect list. Finally, in order to build the final sales prospect list, you should identify the real companies and purchasers who perfectly fit into the mold you have made.

4. Recognize your Key Players and Accounts

Now when you have gathered and analyzed your data, you have a good idea of what you are looking for in a good prospect. But where will the search start? A mix of the following channels, tools, and outlets helps prepare a comprehensive prospect list.

  • Social media: It has penetrated maximum aspects of the modern world. Take into consideration each social media platform by considering search functionality.
  • Google alerts: It offers you notifications about important trigger events, brand mentions, etc.
  • Historical consumer and prospect data: It assists you in recognizing deals that have fallen through without any reason. Follow up with some incomplete deals, long prospects, and former consumers.

5. Give Priority to Dynamic Data

When you have a list of companies and names, do you think your work is done? But no, in this era of digital data, there is no static data. People will change jobs, companies are sold and bought every day. Such changes decay rapidly. When your sales data does not keep up, your sales team will also not. This is the reason you should give more priority to dynamic data.

6. Build a Target Prospect List

When you have figured out the potential audience, it is time to build your sales prospect list.

There are two important ways for building your prospect list:

Build it manually by following the below steps:

  • Look for companies that fit your ICP
  • Look for the decision-makers related to these companies
  • Find the email addresses of these decision-makers
  • Authenticate your email data

Outsource to a lead-generating company: If you want to outsource to any good agency, you can offer them your Ideal consumer profile, and they will look for prospects that match your ICP.

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No one formula will guide you through the whole process of generating your sales prospect list. Rather sales professionals should comprehend their customers, product, and several channels required for building a sales prospect list.

Building a sales prospect list could be the hard part of your outreach process, but you know its importance. Even cold emails will not deliver outcomes when you do not have the perfect list of prospects.

So if you want good results from your campaign, the important thing is to spend your time recognizing the right prospects.

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