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Fortune 500 Companies Using ServiceNow

Any of the brands coming under the list of Fortune 500 Companies would definitely consider investing in Solutions that provide them with groundbreaking results. ServiceNow is one such solution that has created a buzz and been credited as ‘One of the Best’ Software Solutions that are contributing by bringing huge changes to renowned organizations. 

As per Statistics provided by Tech Report, ServiceNow has helped over 90% of Fortune 500 Companies to digitally transform their services with the help of a plethora of software solutions that were rendered by the software company. Transforming the workplace digitally is one of the monumental focuses of these Companies, and they have no plans to redirect their focus for some time given the continuous increase in ServiceNow’s subscription rate in the past year. 

What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow happens to be a Cloud- based platform that provides automated workflow to businesses. As a platform, it automates a large number of business processes right from start to end by managing requests that may be related to IT Services, Customer Service Management and even driving results all in a single platform. 

ServiceNow’s Software Solutions has played an instrumental role in managing and coordinating all the functions, activities and data for HR, IT, Customer Service, Finance and Security Departments. This is one of the exact reasons why ServiceNow is being used by different businesses. Also, businesses can utilize this platform to carry out their digital operations in a much smoother manner while saving on costs and improving productivity. 

How Does ServiceNow Work?

ServiceNow organizes, tracks and automates service- related activities across different business departments. It allows personnel to prioritize what matters rather than involving themselves in hectic tasks that could hinder their productivity. Let’s consider the following: 

Let’s say Alex, who is part of your team, needs a new computer. He will log into the ServiceNow portals and fill up the form with all the information such as software needs, models, processor requirements, etc. ServiceNow will forward this request automatically to the appropriate IT team. After they approve it, they will order their new computer and continue to track the progress. 

Alex can also start tracking the progress and when the new computer arrives, he can be notified to pick it up. With the help of this, ServiceNow can organize, track and automate service based requests. As a whole, ServiceNow has the ability to transform old ways of working into the latest digital workflows.  

So it is safe to assume that ServiceNow can transform manual, old ways of working into most recently updated workflows. This can help the employees make the most of increased service quality, productive gains as well as faster resolution time. 

Software Solutions Provided by ServiceNow

The most important solutions provided by ServiceNow are as follows: 

IT Service Management (ITSM)

IT Service Management (ITSM) is a systematic approach that involves integration for delivering as well as managing IT Services whilst aligning it with the business’s requirements. After following (IT Infrastructure Library) guidelines and standards, it ensures that the right services are assigned to the right people at the right moment. Which thereby results in improved quality of service. 

IT Operations Management (ITOM)

It is a particular subset of ITSM that is useful for controlling the efficient operation of all of the technology stack at the company and the strides to fix everything when they are not working efficiently. Some of its key-features include taking care of network infrastructure while facilitating the operations involved in the help desk as well as administering devices and servers. 

IT Asset Management (ITAM)

They mainly deal with the library system that tracks the progress of the business’s IT assets like hardware, software as well as cloud resources. ITAM is useful for looking after the resources which are being utilized, maintained properly, replaced or disposed-off.    

Customer Service Management (CSM)

CSM is packed with features that assists businesses with improving and managing their customer service- related activities. Issues concerned with customer requests can be handled more effectively by setting up tasks related to customers, relevant teams and customer service teams.  

Integration Hub (IH)

It helps businesses to connect with ServiceNow with the help of external platforms by utilizing well-known protocols such as APs, PowerShell, JDBC, etc. This helps in visualizing the data from third- party to the ServiceNow platform which renders it to be a reliable source. Also, IH can easily automate the process involved in exchanging data among other systems and ServiceNow. 

Legal Service Delivery (LSD)

LSD helps manage all the workload for legal teams. It helps replace manual tasks like emailing and spreadsheet processes with digital experience to make sure that most of the legal requests of employees are handled on time, and with utmost professionalism. 

Field Service Management (FSM)

FSM plays an instrumental role in helping businesses deliver their experiences related to field services to both the customers and employees, all in one single solution. It is useful at the time of assigning a field agent who has the required skills and can reach the right location at the right time. 

Valuable Benefits of ServiceNow’s Software Solutions

If the solutions were to have an accurate description, then it would have something commendable related to its ability to integrate with a business’s existing system. It is widely being recognised for its ability to bring together various procedures and data resources in one platform all together, and has initiated efforts for improved collaborations and operations throughout the company. 

This explains why ServiceNow’s subscription renewal conversion rate has reached the peak of up to 98%. Let’s take a look at some of the Significant Benefits provided by ServiceNow’s Software Solutions:  

Adaptable to Different Data Sources

Handling a large amount of data is not the easiest task that is out there! Since ServiceNow is a Cloud- based platform, it doesn’t restrict itself to a specific local resource. Your business can scale and extend its system to their preferred network. It provides businesses with the versatility that other cloud-based applications are likely to provide. 

They will be able to improve the agility of their processes by reducing expenses and integrating with existing applications. The service management software solution can be used easily by its users. 

Amplify Chances of Return On Investments

The Software Solution’s architecture helps businesses to get maximum return on investments. This is mainly possible with the help of the existing software’s ability to integrate with different software resources and technologies in order to create a new set of data pipelines, operations, and analytics. 

It ensures that better outcomes are being generated by the given software tool. 

Superior Integration Capabilities

The software’s integration capabilities are least to say commendable given that it has been useful in digitally transforming businesses around the globe. It is an ideal solution for different departments within a business be it for IT Management, Security Operations, Customer Service Management, HR Services, etc. Businesses are being equipped with the capability to their existing software applications and third- party applications with the help of ServiceNow. 

These system integrations are developed in a way that can help reduce costs involved in  investing in new programs, transferring of data or training the resources.

  • Increased Productivity

A business’s productivity can undoubtedly undergo a gradual increase if all of its administrative tasks are automated. They can also eliminate the requirement for manual responses from other employees or team members. With the help of a ServiceNow’s properly- aligned workflow automation, the system can notify to fix errors before it goes out of hand. 

This reduces the possibility of interruptions or prolonged waiting periods to help boost the business’s overall productivity levels.

  • Less Infrastructure Costs

Cost Reduction is also one of the crucial goals of businesses of all sizes. ServiceNow helps businesses achieve this goal by helping them overcome service outages or possible downtimes. Their automated software solutions can reduce errors by optimizing service desk and IT back- office operations. 

A lot of costs involved in the upkeep of data centers can rather be saved and thereby avoid the requirement for servers, removing software costs and save on time as well for a lot of employees. 

  • Improved Decision- Making and Customer Interactions

ServiceNow’s software solutions can significantly improve the decision- making process as it provides accurate reporting capabilities. It helps keep the communication between leaders, team members and stakeholders intact. It also serves as a centralized software which can help track and resolve queries of customers at one go. 

Business’s customer can utilize the software’s self-service portal to monitor the status of their queries and acquire pertinent data.  

List of Fortune 500 Companies using ServiceNow

Businesses that come under Fortune 500 List are also known to be renowned Global Leaders in their respective Industries. We are showcasing you a List of Fortune 500 Companies that have opted for ServiceNow as their Software Service provider. 

CompanyLocationWebsiteValuation in ($ Billion)
Microsoft Washingtonhttps://www.microsoft.com/en-in$2.609 Trillion
Goldman Sachs GroupNew Yorkhttps://www.goldmansachs.com/$588.9 Billion
JP Morgan ChaseNew York https://www.jpmorganchase.com/$406.78 Billion 
Coca ColaAtlantahttps://www.coca-colacompany.com/$272.66 Billion
Morgan StanleyNew Yorkhttps://www.morganstanley.com/$147.6 Million
MGM ResortsNevadahttps://www.mgmresorts.com/en.html$42.9 Billion
AccentureDublinhttps://www.accenture.com/us-en$15.8 Billion
AdidasGermanyhttps://www.adidas.com/s/adidas-US$44.21 Billion
NASAWashington D.C.https://www.nasa.gov/headquarters/$24.875 Billion
BestsellerDenmark https://bestseller.com/$37 Billion

1. Microsoft

MicrosoftImage Source

As an American Multi- National Technology Company, it has been one of the crucial players in the Information Technology Industry and has acquired dominance in the operating systems market over the years with MS- DOS and Windows. 

2. Goldman Sachs Group

Goldman SachsImage Source

Goldman Sachs Group is one of the renowned global securities, investment management and investment banking businesses that renders a large number of financial services to a diversified and substantial client base that is inclusive of financial institutions, corporations and government.

3. JPMorganChase

JP Morgan ChaseImage Source

J.P. Morgan Chase is a leading financial services company that offers solutions to world’s renowned governments, corporations and institutions in more than 100 countries. They stand for their capabilities in promoting economic inclusiveness, workforce readiness, financial capabilities and development of small businesses.

4. CocaCola

Coca ColaImage Source

Coca Cola represents a non- alcoholic beverage company that primarily manufactures and sells soft drinks like carbonated beverages, sports drinks, fruit juice, etc.    

5. MorganStanley

Morgan StanleyImage Source 

Morgan Stanley is one of the reputed financial institutions in the world. As one of the top global leaders in acquisitions, mergers, investment management, IPO underwriting and wealth management, it also takes philanthropic efforts by making useful contributions to the economy and the society. 

6. MGM Resorts International

MGM Resorts InternationalImage Source

MGM Resorts is a hospitality company that operates on a global- level. At the moment, they are carrying out their business in casinos, non- casino resorts and other projects worldwide and their operations mainly centers around hospitality, entertainment and gaming activities. 

7. Accenture

AccentureImage Source 

Accenture is a Global Consulting and Management firm that renders professional services to organizations and businesses that centers around technology implementation, management consulting, digital transformation, outsourcing, etc.

8. Adidas

AdidasImage Source 

Adidas is a multinational Company based in Germany that manufactures, designs and sells sportswear, sports accessories and athletic apparels, and has played an instrumental role in contributing to the sports industry worldwide. 


NasaImage Source

NASA is a Space and Aeronautics Administration based in the United States that serves as the center for their country’s civilian space program, aerospace research and aeronautics. It is currently one of the top-level agencies in the Space Industry around the world.  

10. BestSeller

Best SellerImage Source

Bestseller is one of the leading multinational fashion and clothing companies that is responsible for owning and operating renowned fashion brands around the globe. 

Case Study

The CCBA organization in the African Continent had identified that they should intensify their Distribution Channels and Marketing Efforts at one of the required locations. Their stakeholders had confirmed that the consumption rate of their product was relatively low as compared to different other countries. It was crucial to increase their brand visibility while simultaneously fixing the concern related to flow of communication within the establishment.

ServiceNow’s software solutions helped in integrating two different systems that could be utilized in South Africa as well as in the rest of Central Africa. Considering the requirement, ServiceNow had launched a contact center named Genesys which was functional with the help of a mobile app, and served as a self- service portal and knowledge management. The second product, Bizframe, was primarily being utilized for asset management and other major things. With the help of this, the organization was able to analyze the given data and discovered all the threats that ensured hassle- free flow of communication. 


Digital Transformation and Productivity are the two ground-breaking catalysts that help uplift businesses and ServiceNow’s Software is dedicated to providing just that! With all that we have learned so far, it can help businesses eliminate the possibility of potential bottlenecks whilst expediting operational processes. 

ServiceNow’s impact, however, expands beyond Fortune 500 Companies. Our ServiceNow Customers List has a Contact Database of Businesses who are using ServiceNow, which can be useful for your business to sell the products to the Right Prospects.

From Banking to Healthcare or the eCommerce Industry, ServiceNow has revolutionized the way Businesses have aligned with the Digitally Fast paced world, and will continue to do so for some time!


Which top companies are using ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is being used by renowned Top Companies like Microsoft, Goldman Sachs Group, JP Morgan Chase and so on.

Which Fortune 500 companies use ServiceNow?

 ServiceNow is being utilized by Fortune 500 Companies like Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, MGM Resorts and so on.

What percentage of the Fortune 500 use ServiceNow?

About 85- 90% of  Fortune 500 Companies are using ServiceNow’s Software Solutions. 

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