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Fortune 500 Companies Using Salesforce

Salesforce ranks #1 among all Customer Relationship Management (CRM) resources today. CRM platforms help businesses boost their customer experience. Investing in a good CRM practice allows a firm to align its sales, marketing, and other departments.  

Salesforce has become a widely used CRM platform as it focuses on customer requirements and helps automate daily tasks. This takes away the need for an extra workforce dedicated to completing the tasks such as:

  • Follow-up Communications
  • Email Sequence
  • Chatbot Conversations
  • Lead Generation
  • Campaign Analytics
  • And more

Salesforce came into existence in 1999, and from there, it positioned itself as a leading CRM software system. The company offers solutions to over 1,50,000 clients, including eminent names like Walmart. 

Salesforce’s Customer 360 suite helps link marketing, sales, commerce, customer service, and IT functions. This way, businesses can access a unified view of customer information. Besides, it offers tailor-made CRM applications to many industries. 

It presents massive opportunities for B2B businesses to launch email campaigns targeting companies using Salesforce. In this blog, we will cover each of the top Fortune 500 companies using Salesforce. Before learning about these companies, understand why big companies prefer using Salesforce. 

Reasons Why Top Fortune 500 Companies Prefer Salesforce

In 2023, Fortune magazine stressed that the overall revenue threshold of listed firms improved by 13%, amounting to $7.2 billion. With these huge revenue-earning companies that use Salesforce as their CRM software provider our Salesforce users email list will come in handy for you to pitch your products directly to the key players.

Fortune 500 companies are selected based on their revenue. Companies need a sound CRM system to ensure growth and higher income. Salesforce provides all the necessary solutions to deliver the best-in-class CRM solutions. Below are some reasons why Fortune 500 companies opt for Salesforce as their CRM solution provider.

Time Management

With its extensive customer data and planning tools, Salesforce has everything companies need in one place. This ensures no time is wasted searching for records, making Salesforce the best at time management.

Increased Earnings

Fortune 500 companies manage large datasets every day. Without efficient CRM software, companies will maintain the data manually. Salesforce enables companies to reduce their time on administrative activities and focus more on their customers. 

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is ensured when customers deal with companies that understand them. Salesforce provides a database in its CRM system that makes companies aware of customer profiles, past purchases, and preferences.

Reliable Reports

Salesforce helps companies track their customers and generate trustworthy reports on which their decision-makers can base future decisions.

Fortune 500 Companies Using Salesforce

From financial big wigs to personal care companies, Salesforce leaves no single brand or industry untapped. For many, it is one of the best CRM partners to ensure positive customer relationships. 

Here, we list the top 9 Fortune 500 companies using Salesforce.

    1. Spotify


Spotify is an online audio streaming platform with the largest market share. Millions of listeners use the platform to access songs, podcasts, and other audio libraries. Spotify uses Salesforce CRM to keep track of every customer, and every song played, making it aware of what customers need. 

This helps Spotify curate playlists according to customers’ needs and preferences. The Spotify Wrapped users get at the end of each year is one of the features enabled by Salesforce CRM.

     2.  Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Service

Amazon Web Services is a cloud-based platform that provides numerous web services. They provide over 200 cloud services to their users. AWS and Salesforce have partnered up to offer a unifying developer experience.

Users can now create custom business applications faster. This helps curate customer data based on real-time events and simplifies service authorization, user identity, security, and data management and governance.

   3. US Bank

Us Bank

The world knows US Bank as America’s top banking company. It serves its customers in the personal, wealth management, corporate, and commercial banking segments. The financial firm uses Salesforce to ensure a unified customer experience. It helped them to install a ‘one US Bank’ mentality in their employees. 

Salesforce enabled the US Bank to use a mobile application without paying for upgrades. There was no need to buy new hardware every three years. Salesforce’s varied models allowed them access to data outside the data center.

 4. Walmart


Walmart is a retail business with over 10,500 stores across 19 countries, generating huge employment and customer service. Partnering with Salesforce has enabled Walmart to allow its retailers to enable Buy Online and Pick-Up In-Store (BOPIS) features. 

This has led to a seamless experience for customers and delivery drivers. It has also helped Walmart to manage local deliveries by enabling same-day delivery.

  5. Toyota


Being the largest automotive manufacturer, Toyota floods the markets with 10 million vehicles yearly. The company uses the power of Salesforce CRM to build and retain customer connections.  

Their single platform, Toyota Friend, is based on Salesforce Chatter. This solution revolves around private social networking with Toyota owners, enabling users to interact with their cars, dealerships, etc.

 6. BMW


BMW is a German automobile manufacturing powerhouse that designs and makes luxury cars and bikes. BMW used Salesforce to increase its customer reach. 

With the help of Salesforce’s CRM system, they have provided home-to-home virtual customer engagement tools to put together deals, send offers, and close contracts.

 7. L’Oreal USA


L’Oreal is one of the dominant cosmetics and personal care brands. It has a global reach and is adored by millions for its products. With the help of Salesforce, L’Oreal has eased the job of their sales representatives. 

The Consumer Goods Clouds enable the sales rep to work more efficiently by ensuring that retailers like pharmacies, grocers, etc., are stocked up with their products.

 8. American Express

American Express

American Express is a leading banking and financial services corporation specializing in payment cards. They deal in business payments worldwide, giving them a broad view of their customers’ spending patterns. Salesforces help to turn this information into insights to make smarter decisions.

 9. The American Red Cross

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross is a nonprofit organization (NPO). The NPO works in several verticals like healthcare, emergency assistance, disaster relief, and education. With the help of Salesforce’s solutions, The American Red Cross manages and maintains healthy relationships with its volunteers, financial donors, blood donors, and recipients.


Salesforce is a powerful cloud-based CRM platform that many global businesses trust. The above-listed companies on the Fortune 500 list use Salesforce to manage all aspects of customer relationships.

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