Email marketing has been in the business since the day it was born. It has paved ways for every other business, media, and platform to grow and stand till today.

If you have thought about marketing, email marketing is where you can start. We will see how email marketing has stood its ground despite the ongoing around the world, it’s checklists, its success rates, pros, and cons through the present era:

  • It is cheaper and easier to produce in a larger and bulker format.
  • It can reach a mass population at the same time, saving time and effort.
  • ESP keeps us updated on our progress and how we can improve.
  • People can understand the organization better.

What is the state of email marketing during COVID-19?

Email, the platform that stands foundation for every other media. It never dies, it grows with time and holds every world wide web within. Email marketing has been a source for business, applications, social media, and every existing outlet to reach their clients across the world for years now. The present condition of the world does not draw any judgments on the height email marketing can attain. It has been effective and still remains to stand powerful surpassing every other social media platform’s marketing capacity. It aims to create a bond of loyalty, trust, assurance, and awareness to their users. It plays a major role in analyzing its users and setting a market appropriately. The growth of the market is all thanks to the emails that have clogged the consumer’s feeds.

A pinch of change

Especially in this COVID era, the technique used for email marketing can be slightly amended to suit its diverse audiences. Using strategies with a little pinch of sensation, relevance and impact can change the response of the audience. It is important to keep certain ideas in mind before you begin your mail.

1. Understand the audience

Think about the product from the consumer’s perspective, and what would grab their attention in a state of lockdown. This basic strategy can be customized to the present situation by adding a few in-home facilities, safety precautions, or just anything that can change their mood.

For example, A clothing company can send an invite to their app holders for a virtual meet with the brand ambassadors and attach their new products to it. This would allow the recipients to install the app, and also get the view of the newly launched products.

2. Don’t oversaturate the Situation

Do not emphasize the negativity in the situation. Although COVID has attained the highest place in the search engine, let your email marketing focus on making a suitable opportunity out of the situation and not about the situation:

  • Allow them to see the possibilities beyond the pandemic and the lockdown
  • Give them an option to experience the usage of the product from home
  • Keep them updated about any changes in your services or solutions

This helps them decide and make better choices, increasing the publicity at the same time. Incorporating a lot about the crisis is less interesting because it just adds to the news updates. Try to keep it minimal but provide the audience with a ray of sunshine through your products.

3. Context of the mail

Keeping the mail simple and relevant is important. Updated and exclusive information interest people. Satisfying people’s needs and quenching their thirst for new launches, sales, offers, and other desires through one mail, can work magic. Giving them an insight before the launch, keeps them awaiting and on their feet. Always keep the subscribers posted and updated. Since every platform will be using email marketing, make creative headings, that help them not to resist the tap. Give them a brief description, that saves their time and also directs them to press the CTA key.

4. Reaching out

Allowing the consumers to have a chance to help people in need, charity, service, and other activities to help the affected and the ones in need is an interesting approach. It allows the users to be a part of the organization and perform a good deed without losing anything. Understanding the users and marketing to serve their situation puts a cheer in any recipient’s heart.

Checklist for better reach

  • It is important to stay aware of the clicks, unsubscribing of mails, and other recipient actions through ESP (Email Service Provider).
  • Find a suitable time when the users will access their emails or will be available to check their notifications. During this time, people are constantly on their phones which makes this analysis susceptible.
  • Follow the ethical code of marketing, prevent vulgarity, defaming, and other things that could reduce the quality of the brand. Keep it vibrant, simple, and crisp.
  • Aim not to let your mail get lost in the spams. Keep it professional and intriguing.

What is the success rate of email marketing during the current crisis?

This has been evaluated based on open rates. It has increased from 11.5% in 2019 to 20.2% in 2020. This is partially due to the pandemic that has allowed an increase in the usage of mails. It has allowed people to open unread messages.

The COVID pandemic has made email marketing grow, as people spend more time on their phones and laptops to earn money and education themselves. It has become easier to pop notifications and pull them into the marketing net.

On a whole, email marketing in 2020 has improved and expanded its boundaries through the pandemic, which allowed increased recipients and subscribers. The suggestions for a COVID-featured email marketing, adds a flavor of relevance and empathy to the users. Through the general advantages and disadvantages, we learn that email marketing is of relevance and not about its pros and cons. The checklist keeps us on guard and allows professionalism to undertake the email.

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